Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review/Thoughts

It’s been a little while, but I’m back for now. So I finally graduated from college, I mentioned briefly that I was struggling with writing and keeping up with homework in school so yeah! It took 5 years but I finally graduated from college which now I’m stuck in a state of “what now?” I’m sure I’ll figure it out, all I know is I want to write for a living so maybe I’ll find something around there. I might start releasing short stories on here as well. Anyway I want to talk about this movie first. So I already watched this film twice, once with friends and the second time with family which was also the first time I think I’ve seen a movie with all of my family in a while so that was pretty sweet. Okay anyway here are my thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 without spoiling anything of course!



Alright so let’s get right to it! The first Guardians of the Galaxy film was one of my favorite marvel films when it came out a few years ago in 2014. I thought it was funny, had a fantastic soundtrack, great characters, and overall just an entertaining movie. I’ve watched it too many times, my family absolutely loved the first film laughing out loud to scenes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them laugh that much during a movie so yeah pretty funny film. I said let’s get right to it and here I am talking about the first film instead of the sequel. The reason I’m talking about how much I loved the first film is because I honestly thought the sequel was just as good IF NOT better. I mean that. I saw reviews before going to see the movie for the first time, and most of the reviews were mixed, some were good and some were bad. Most of the complaints were the same and I respect their opinions but I actually think I enjoyed this film a little more. The beginning of the movie has action and good music as well as some funny jokes with the returning characters we loved from the first film. Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax, Star Lord, and now Baby Groot who was actually pretty funny to watch. I liked adult Groot from the first one but Baby Groot was entertaining and yeah a lot of people in the theater both times were going “awww” which I figured because I mean he is cute but I don’t know I thought the scenes with Baby Groot were funny, I guess that’s really it. I really hope they don’t milk it and just sell a lot of Baby Groot stuff, they most likely will but that was one reason I thought the Minions were annoying, people thought they were cute so they sold A LOT of merchandise. Anyway, Baby Groot is cute in the movie and entertaining at moments, I don’t think they really overused him like I was scared of. All I’m saying, is for the movie it worked. One thing I LOVED about the movie is the characters were more developed and I mean the film really makes you care about the characters, at least I did, I started tearing up at moments. A lot of reviewers I’ve noticed said this, but I have to say it as well. Yondu became more interesting. He was awesome in this movie, he was one of my favorite characters here. The big blue alien played by Michael Rooker or Merle Dixon from The Walking Dead was an awesome character. I don’t know, he was just the redneck alien pirate with a flying arrow in the first movie, but they really made him interesting and developed his character more. Another character that was actually developed more was Nebula and that was one complaint I heard was that she acts really intense but I thought it was alright, I mean she delivered a couple jokes in the film too and I thought she was good. I found her character interesting as well. I’m repeating myself a lot saying characters are interesting but a lot of this film looked at what makes the characters who they are and I just really liked it. Drax of course had the best one liners and was probably the funniest. I thought the story was surprisingly good as well although another complaint I heard that I completely agree with is the Gold people. They were literally there to set up future films I feel like. They were just sorta there. No threat, no reason for them being there. I saw no point to them at all, but whatever I guess it happens. The soundtrack once again is pretty good. I loved the soundtrack although I don’t know which movie had the better soundtrack here because there were some really good songs used here. Chris Pratt as Star Lord was once again awesome but I felt like other characters stuck out more although the plot was centered around him and his dad. It’s in the trailer so that’s not much of a spoiler, plus it gets shown at the beginning of the film with Kurt Russel playing Ego, his father. I like Kurt Russel so I liked him here. Alright I’m just sorta rambling and throwing out what I liked about the movie. But there really wasn’t much I hated about it, besides the gold people. I don’t know, I guess I’m done here. Well overall great movie, I loved it and yeah that’s all for my review here.

I don’t know if you could really call it a review. I always say thoughts because I mostly just talk about what I like about a movie. I haven’t seen a lot of new films lately. Okay so I’m going to say I’m giving up on the 30 day movie challenge, I wasn’t really keeping up with it anyway and it’s just sorta a time killer anyway.

Before I go though, I’m gonna say a few things I might write about later, I’m also going to try to find other sites to post to. I’ll link to those if I actually do that. Anyway, I watched more of Gintama, and because of that I’ve skipped out on other anime series. I really want to get through the 300+ episodes that are Gintama but I will make a post later about the episodes I watched considering I’ve made a bit of a dent. I think before I was at 70 episodes or so and now I’m at 147 episodes I think. It’s so good though, I can’t stop watching. So there’s that, and then I’ve also been playing some games, I might finally get to talking about Horizon Zero Dawn because I’ve been playing that. I think I already made a post about Persona 5, I got far in there but I don’t know if I’ll actually beat it, I will EVENTUALLY. But not anytime soon. But yeah I’m going to try to post more, I will try to organize things better too as well. We’ll see how things go here. Okay! Thanks for reading all that if you did and I’ll post again sometime later, hopefully soon, bye for now! Again thanks for reading!

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