Split Movie Review/Thoughts

I think I mentioned in my previous review of A Silent Voice that I was going to post another movie review soon. And hey! I’m pretty early with it right? Well this is Split directed by M Night Shyamalan….yeah. Honestly there are only 3 movies he directed that I liked but to be honest I’ve only seen those 3 movies once each. It’s like a one ride type of thing, after you know the twist then it’s just done. I don’t know if that’s just me or not but those 3 movies are Signs, Unbreakable, and Sixth Sense. Maybe I’ll rewatch all those and post reviews on them one day. I never watched The Village but heard it was pretty bad, and I heard bad things about After Earth as well as other M Night Shyamalan movies. The one I watched that is the worst movie I have ever seen is The Last Airbender, it butchered one of my favorite shows and just was bad in general with just no emotion at all. I hated that movie, I actually went to see it at a theater… Alright enough talking about M Night Shyamalan movies that I disliked or heard were bad, this is a review of Split that I watched a couple days ago but it was actually pretty decent. I’m honestly split on what I think about it, pun completely intended. So yeah this one is going to be hard for me to talk about because I feel like certain things I don’t like about it would be spoiler material so I’ll try my best to not go into too much detail. Alright enough rambling let’s just talk about this film:



First of all, James McAvoy does an amazing job here with his different personalities being different from eachother where at one point I forgot it was the same actor. One point at least, I think he did a good job with giving character to each personality where the movie relies on that, so if it was an actor incapable of it it would have just been bad. I should probably say what this film is about before I go further. Basically, this is shown in the trailer as well as the movie poster above, three girls get kidnapped by this man with split personality where according to the poster and film he has 23 different personalities. Now it’s probably a given, but not all 23 are shown but there is a good amount shown, at least at one point while other personalities are shown more than others. I think it’s good they don’t show all the personalities considering 23 personalities would be a nightmare to give character to each one. Anyway he kidnaps these 3 girls and there is talk of a 24th personality being released soon and it’s a really violent one. So there’s suspense building up to that point.

That’s basically the gist, it’s simple or as simple as you can get with a film about someone with split personality. The movie is pretty creepy when it wants to be. I have to give credit to the performance by Anya Taylor-Joy, she basically plays the main character, one of the 3 girls, she does a good job though. I mean it has to do with writing but her character is actually smart, so it’s always nice to see that in a horror film. One problem though is I feel like at the beginning they probably could have avoided the whole thing but whatever. That’s always a funny thing in certain horror movies like there’s a way they could have avoided the whole issue. I thought the set up for the story of them being kidnapped was kind of random which those things can be but they do explain it (at least I think they do). Okay the visuals are cool and the music was decent at times. I gotta address the issue that kept me from enjoying this movie honestly. I liked it but I’m not sure I’ll actually watch it again (one ride thing again) it’s one of the better M Night movies and it was good BUT there is a twist at the end, of course. Actually there’s probably a few twists, but one at the VERY end. I knew about it before the movie began and it wasn’t my fault this time! I usually ruin movies for myself searching up something. But no, my brother said something before the movie began and I was like “wait what?” and it was unintentionally spoiling things because of course I had to look up what they were talking about to prove it wrong only to prove him right. I won’t say what it is in order to not spoil it because it would’ve been a fun little twist but apparently my brothers knew the twist already and I didn’t so it got ruined right there. The whole time watching I was just thinking about this twist and how it’s going to show up because I kept thinking “that’s gonna be weird!” but when it showed up it made sense but it literally changed how I was viewing this movie where I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t know. So that was sad. The review is going kind of long, but I have one more thing to say and it’s that there’s an element in this film that was kind of weird, I’m avoiding saying what specifically it is but again it kind of changed the mood of the film. That’s really vague but like I said before I can’t really mention certain things without spoiling it. So okay those are my thoughts on Split, overall it was a decent creepy suspense type movie. So good job M Night, you didn’t mess up. I honestly think he should do more of these simpler horror type movies.

Alright thanks for reading all that if you did! I’ll post another thing hopefully soon, I’ll try to find something else to write about, oh I know exactly what I might talk about tomorrow. Alright anyway thanks for reading and I’ll post when I do, see you then, and goodbye for now!

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