Injustice 2 Review/Thoughts

So a couple days ago I caved and bought Injustice 2, I was really looking forward to the game and I didn’t want to miss out like I did with Mortal Kombat X. I should really get Mortal Kombat XL but I’m trying to finish other games I have. I know, I know, I just bought a new game so I’m doing good with this big pile of games I have here. Anyway I beat the story mode of Injustice 2 and I wanted to experience everything else in the game before I talk about it. Now that you’re seeing this blog right here that pretty much means I think I’ve played enough to form an opinion of the game as a whole. With that said I’m still going to be playing a lot more but I got thoughts for you today so woo!

I guess I should go ahead and talk about it. First I want to have a quick update, you can skip this if you want, just something I want to say real quick. I guess I’m trying to write more but I don’t really have much to discuss as of lately. I’m thinking about making a post everyday but it was a challenge when I did the 30 day anime challenge. Basically, I was thinking about actually beating games in that pile I mentioned earlier and just talking about those, hell, I’m close to beating one I finally got to a little while ago. I don’t know things are just weird right now, I guess I won’t talk too much about it. So I guess this was a smaller update, I was going to bring up some serious issues in my life but I might save that for later or not at all. I’m being really vague right now I’m sorry. Another idea I have is to revisit some old games and discuss those on here which I will probably do that honestly. Alright I’m done with this weird update whatever this is. Here are my thoughts on Injustice 2:



Story: I guess I’m going a little more formal with this review. Okay, not really it’s more of I need to separate things here to talk about different aspects of the game. So story mode! The story mode is the same as the first game as far as the format goes with different chapters focusing on different characters. I actually love this format, I don’t know where it originated but I first saw it in Mortal Kombat vs DC. It really works with story telling where it’s seriously like watching a movie with fights sprinkled here and there. It’s especially like a movie with these graphics man some of their facial expressions are ridiculous in the cut scenes, it almost looks real. Then again I remember thinking Metal Gear Solid 2 looked real and now looking back not really… Anyway the game looks good! Really good! So story mode is cool and I loved the story in this game, there was a slow start to it and I got a little confused by a few things in the first chapter but I watched my brother play it after I was done and it made more sense. Basically, I wasn’t paying attention at the beginning. It starts a little slow and I thought the story was kind of generic with certain interesting lines UNTIL the end the game reveals that it’s about more than just this generic story and I don’t know I got chills. It was cool but I can’t tell which game had the better story, I honestly want to go with the story from the first game, but it was still very good. Now one problem I do have with the character centered chapters which I don’t know if I’m making sense saying character centered chapter. Basically an example would be a chapter focusing on Batman, I don’t know if I was confusing people or if I just made a pointless explanation right now. Anyway the problem I had goes with something outside of the story so I’ll just move it there. I think I’ve talked enough about the good story.

Gameplay: The gameplay of course is awesome and plays like a Mortal Kombat game and it’s honestly a reason for buying this game in the first place. Although the story is a plus. Anyway one aspect in this game that makes it kind of unique, at least to me since I don’t play many fighting games although I love these kinds of games. The unique thing is that there is a leveling up system which is actually really cool and a reason I’m still playing the game single player style. There’s different equipment that you get and can customize characters with and it complicates things but it’s pretty awesome. Instead of having alternate costumes, you can now equip specific parts and mix and match. At times it feels like I’m turning characters into something they never would have been outside of the game. Which what was that problem I had with the format of the story mode? Well it had to do with the leveling up. There are certain characters that you will play more as than other characters where certain characters will automatically be leveled up more. Which of course this would happen but a lot of the equipment requires levels. I guess it’s not much of a complaint because you can just play through the multiverse and upgrade characters you want but the story mode just gives other characters an advantage where I honestly thought maybe they shouldn’t level up in the story. Then again not leveling up in the story would suck because it would be like playing for hours and not receiving any benefits although you do get the story but yeah leveling up is good. Honestly the leveling up and equipment is the main thing I wanted to talk about because I’m still playing the game for it and trying to get more equipment like it really gives the game a lot of value in playing through things besides the story mode and multiplayer. I think I played through the first game’s story then never touched it again besides playing with other people.

I have not tried the multiplayer so I couldn’t tell ya if it’s good or not. Uhhhh, oh! Multiverse, what is that Daryl? Well I’ll tell you! It replaces the mode in mortal kombat games where you climb a tower fighting people. Basically there are different missions that you go to and fight through 4 or however many fighters. It’s cool and allows the player to unlock more equipment and get boxes while also leveling up. Yeah, they kind of went the Blizzard route and have it where you get equipment by unlocking boxes, it’s cool though, because it feels like there are a lot of different possibilities with equipment. I know other companies have done this with unlocking boxes but I mostly see it in Blizzard games soooo. Anywho Multiverse is good although some of the missions are super annoying BUT if you don’t want to play through the missions with the ridiculous quirks that are added into it, there’s always the normal mode where you just fight people regularly like you would in a Mortal Kombat game. I honestly don’t know if I’m making sense with a lot of the things I’m saying at this point, I’m kinda just rambling on and on. Alright I’ll end this nightmare of a post now, the game is awesome and honestly I’m happy with my purchase and I’m glad that I’m getting games that have enough in them that makes them worth that 59.99 price. A lot to keep you busy as well as a multiplayer mode that of course is good. Okay yeah awesome game I’m done with my thoughts or whatever this is.

So yeah thanks for reading all of that if you did! Thanks for reading even if it was just a little and you skipped to the end. I don’t know. Just thanks for reading! I have a game I want to review for next time but we’ll see how that goes. There are some other things I want to talk about later as well. Alright well that’s it, goodbye for now!

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