Okage Shadow King Review/Thoughts

Yeah, I picked kind of an obscure game to review/just talk about. Basically I have a friend who absolutely loves this game “Okage Shadow King” so for a while I was telling myself I would play it because I don’t know more things to talk about with this friend. Also when someone tells me how important a game is to them I want to give the game a chance and I guess see the game as something to understand the person a little more. I don’t know. If you haven’t heard of this game before, it’s alright because I didn’t hear about it until I met my friend and it’s one of those gems for ps2. I don’t know if this was true but I heard it was a launch title for the ps2 or at least came out at the beginning of that era but was very overlooked. I kind of have my own personal story with this one, kind of. I bought it at a store and it didn’t work on my ps2 so I took it back, which I think they tried to fix it and give it back to me and it didn’t work again and that was back I want to say 7 years ago. It’s been a while since then is my point there. So it came out on ps4 which REALLY surprised me because I thought this was a very obscure game which I think it still is considering none of my other friends have ever heard of it. So yeah I bought it on ps4, tried to record a let’s play for YouTube but recording stuff was not cooperating with me, so I gave up on that and just gave up on playing the game. I want to say that was a year ago when I tried to record it. Anyway a week ago I decided I was going to try to beat all these games I have and did I beat it? You may ask. Well honestly, no, I got to the last boss of the game and I know it was the last boss because walkthroughs and me being a terrible person looking up stuff online. Although I did beat the last dungeon area before the boss. I’ll be honest I feel like I can beat the boss but I really don’t want to at this point in time. I’m going to move on to another game but one day I’ll come back and beat the boss. I think I’ve experienced enough to talk about it though. So I’m going to get into it although I may have ruined my credibility saying I didn’t beat the game, but I’m super close so there. Jeez such a long intro, but here goes nothing.



So this game is not perfect, far from it and I hate saying that because there are a lot of things lovable about it. I know this is an old game so I’m going to hold back some punches with it but I’m still going to have to address some issues. First of all is the camera, which once again this is an old game but there are times where the camera just goes crazy or zooms out and it’s kind of distracting. No gamebreaking stuff though, there were just a few times where I couldn’t see where I was going or ran into an enemy I was trying to avoid because of the camera. I should probably talk about what this game is even so I’ll go into that next.

It’s a typical JRPG type of game although it’s pretty different with the style. It’s typical in the turn based combat and sometimes it was too easy or just exploitable. I mean the characters don’t have too much animation with how they move and honestly the combat is just sorta there. To me at least. Which I’ll get to what I love about this game so it doesn’t seem like I’m just ripping into it which I kind of am at this point. The combat just isn’t great but it’s not bad, like I said it’s just sorta there, but it is a main part of the game and does get repetitive which is a problem I have with the game. Even though I say this is a JRPG, it is very short compared to most JRPGs I’ve either played or heard of. The music is alright, I liked some tracks more than others which I think music is very important in these kinds of games. Most of the time it was alright and wacky but sometimes it’s annoying. Which I’m only referencing the level up noise with that statement. The level up noise makes me panic, it’s weird. Music isn’t bad. I’m trying to think of a few more complaints before I get into the good of the game. Well the last bad thing and this is my problem with other JRPGs it’s the issue of once the main character dies it’s gameover. I HATE THAT. I had this issue with Persona 5 because sometimes it was just unfair because the enemy would go straight to the main character and boom gameover. It might be a typical thing but I hate it because I want to say Super Mario RPG I played where Mario could die but the game would keep going and you could revive Mario but basically it would go back to normal after the battle was over and you beat the enemy with a different character. I just hate how allies can die and get revived but not the same with the main character. I kind of get it but I hate it so it’s not really a problem with Okage just a mini rant on RPGs in general that do that.

Alright so good things! The positive vibes yo! Well firstly, the story is good and I mean REALLY good, it just takes a while to get to the point where the story is revealed and it is just awesome and clever. I won’t spoil the story considering that someone who reads this might want to play the game. I will say the overall plot that is stated from the beginning. The game is very quirky and is just funny with the text, I laughed quite a bit playing the game so okay story time!

STORY: There is an ordinary boy that you play as, his name is Ari or whatever you name him. He lives with his family in an ordinary town and he is often overshadowed where people don’t really pay attention to him and people just decide things for him without his say so. After an unfortunate thing happening to Ari’s sister, Ari against his will gets picked to have Evil King Stan become his shadow, where Ari is his slave and must go fight the other evil kings in the world to get Evil King Stan’s power back. That’s basically the gist but there are some twists and turns as well as interesting characters and I mean that there are some weird characters and I love it. Which that’s another thing I love about the game is the characters in it.

Also I will say the graphics, although kind of simple and cartoony, it’s interesting design and kind of drew me in. How characters look and so forth, like it’s very different from other things, sometimes gives me a Tim Burton vibe but it’s also just insanely wacky.

So my thoughts overall on this game are that I absolutely love the story and the twists and turns it takes as it goes and I mean it really takes a turn to becoming something very interesting. The gameplay I don’t care as much about and I mean that’s kind of why I’m not finishing it although I’m so close, at the final boss and everything. It’s good though overall I think it’s a good game with many issues but it still tells a sweet story with strange likable characters. I think I had a lot more to talk about but I waited a little while to post this so I forgot mostly everything else. The game is good when you get past some of the notable issues. Again nothing gamebreaking and the quirkiness might help you get through some repetition like it did for me. Anyway it’s a good game.

EDIT: I actually beat the game, I want to say 3 hours after I posted this review but I didn’t feel like changing the review too much just wanted to put a note here that I finished it. Yup I beat it and I feel better now because I felt bad not beating it but I am satisfied with the ending and my opinion hasn’t changed and the story is phenomenal. So there you go, credibility earned back maybe.

I think that might be the first time in a while I had positives and negatives about a game and not just positives or not just negatives. Anyway that’s the game I’ve never heard about before that I wanted to talk about. I’m thinking about attempting to play through Dark Cloud now, it’s also on ps4 and that’s a ps2 game I skipped out on that some people tell me how great it is but I’m not sure. I might love it or hate it but I’m thinking about getting it and reviewing it later. ANYWAY again, thanks for reading all that if you did and goodbye for now!

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