Alien Covenant Review/Thoughts

This is going to be another quick post like I did yesterday. I just got back from seeing this film, I wanted to watch it for a while and I didn’t expect much honestly. So without much else to add I’ll just get to the point and talk about Alien: Covenant.



To start this off, I’m going to state a thought that went through my head while I was watching this and it isn’t really fair to say it but I’m going to say it. I kept thinking almost the whole time that the old movies did it better. I know it’s unfair to compare them since the old ones well Alien and Aliens were just phenomenal horror flicks I still watch those movies now and it’s weird because I wasn’t really disappointed with Alien Covenant, because it was cool at times and even had some freaky moments as I was hoping for. The music was alright, the acting was pretty good, and visually it looked pretty cool. I mean the xenomorph looked pretty sweet and that was a little more towards the end which not to say there wasn’t freaky stuff happening before because there was, the xenomorph was just pretty awesome to see. There were some pretty bloody moments and it was cool to see. Now what I didn’t like about the movie I can’t really say because spoilers but the story was kind of eh. I mean it is a sequel to Prometheus which liked that movie alright too, I saw that film then never watched it again but thought it wasn’t too bad. There’s just a focus on a plot point that was kind of strange to me where it was a focus on a character. Basically it was a strange story being told but it did have moments. I kind of decided half way through the film I didn’t really like it but after I finished watching it I’d say it was alright, cool moments here and there but another problem which I heard this before I watched it. Basically I heard that everyone in the movie make stupid mistakes and I mean it’s a horror film people are going to be stupid so there can be a gorefest to watch. I saw it though, certain things with people being stupid but then I also thought, in that situation people are going to freak out and you have no idea what they will do in that state where it’s just panic. Yeah if I saw what that character saw I would be freaking out too so I guess it didn’t bother me too much. I guess I don’t have many other complaints just some weird issues with continuity between Prometheus and this movie. Oh crap I forgot to mention another thing I kept thinking the whole time. Michael Fassbender is a great actor. I mean he’s proved so before but him as an android in this film was cool, it was cool in Prometheus but there was something about his delivery that I can’t really explain too much but it just was neat. At least to me. I think that was probably the best part was his acting besides the obvious xenomorph ripping through things. That’s it, alright movie, not sure I’ll watch it again but it was alright.

Okay that’s it, I’ll try to come up with something else to talk about tomorrow or whenever I post again. I didn’t expect to post today but my brother randomly brought up going to see this movie so we went and yeah end of story there. Thanks for reading and goodbye for now!

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