The Office (U.S.) Series Review/Thoughts

Okay I am finally sitting down to talk about this series which I know The Office is old news but I originally hate it. Yeah, I said it, I did not like The Office when I watched it a while back but I only got through maybe half of season 2 and the show does get better as it goes. So yeah I’ve been watching The Office for a couple weeks on Netflix and I binged through it although the last season wasn’t great but it was still good. It might be weird that I’m talking about a TV show that was very popular a while back, I mean I remember in high school everyone loved the show and I just could not get into it. Now, however, I watched through it and loved it and it’s now up there as a favorite TV series right next to Scrubs. I don’t watch a lot of series and I’m not the biggest fan of sitcoms but I loved Scrubs because there was no laugh track and it was different and more emotional than most sitcoms. Anyway The Office is pretty great and had a few emotional moments I didn’t expect, but it also made me laugh loudly and I always like when shows can do that. So I’m going on and on before actually talking about it, because I want to mention some things about this review. I haven’t really reviewed any super long series like this before and I’m not going to be too specific but I will mention some things that will be spoilers. I guess not much to spoil but I’m just putting that here because I will address some things. Kind of weird to say spoiler when addressing The Office since older show. Anyway yeah possible spoilers, I won’t put a bold warning like I usually do because seems kind of silly but there may be, there’s your heads up.



I guess I won’t be too specific, but mainly why I was saying stuff about spoilers is because of something that happens Season 7. I already knew about it beforehand but it is something that changes the show. I mean the show just felt differently afterwards. Okay I’m just going to say it. Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott, leaves towards the end of Season 7. I guess I am talking about a show I was super late to get into where it might be common knowledge or people don’t care too much. Anyway yeah it changes how I viewed the show although I knew he was going to leave. Season 8 was pretty good, but there was this downward spiral after Michael Scott leaves where it seems like everything just goes downhill afterwards. There are still funny moments but it’s a strange feeling like a good friend left school and you’re stuck waiting 2 more years til graduation or the finale. I say that also because the finale felt like they were all graduating and may not see each other again so it was a final goodbye type thing. The ending was pretty good and put everything to rest although I wish the final season went a different route. The whole time watching it I thought something else was going to happen with people leaving and less and less familiar faces working at the office. I thought that would be weird but kind of interesting and sad but also happy when everyone returns for the finale. I don’t know, this is a lot of rambling but I’m just going to get through it because I’ve been meaning to talk about this show after I finished it a few days ago.

I should probably mention why I didn’t like this show before. Well it’s kind of simple, it’s awkward at times and it kind of bored me. The awkwardness of Michael Scott (ironically) was weird at first and honestly kind of cringy and embarrassing. It’s like watching a friend do or say something embarrassing and you can’t do anything about it and it’s painful. Well, it gets better as it goes although the painfulness is still there but that was one thing I really liked. Michael Scott is actually an interesting character, not just a living punchline. He’s not just the weird boss but he’s a character and that was something that kept bringing me to clicking on the next episode. There’s times where he says the wrong things and just doesn’t get why something is wrong which is kind of painful to watch. One thing this show does well is have characters that you might actually run into in real life even with their weird quirks, they all appear like people and it’s funny and just a nice show. I mean it was cool how they actually change as the show goes on, I mean not drastically but people change and it’s nice to see that. Back to Michael Scott, since I didn’t say what I really wanted to mention. It’s the fact that he’s actually relatable at moments which is strange considering at times he is a bad person. He means well but yeah. It’s the whole thing with him trying to be the best boss he can be and the fact that he is lonely is what makes him actually interesting. I mean it’s also more than just the sad boss, he does things that are harmful to himself because he is lonely. I mean it was heartbreaking seeing the first relationship of his where he was staying with this person for the wrong reasons where he should have broke up with her a season back but the loneliness is there.

Man, I really am going to talk too much here, there’s a lot more I want to say. Another thing I didn’t like was the camera, how it’s filmed like a documentary and the camera is shaky. I got used to it though and there is a charm to it, I mean it adds a weird realism to it although the show is ridiculous at moments. Basically, I liked the documentary style, it works and is pretty quirky. It’s also funny to think there’s a character filming that the characters are aware of and they are witnessing some ridiculousness and not laughing or saying anything. I mean that would be kind of difficult considering some things that happen. One reason I came back to this show after years of not liking it is because a friend said the show gets better (which it does) but they said the show ditches the documentary style which it doesn’t really. Times it is less like a documentary but the shaking camera is still there but it works. I feel like I’m talking about this show as it’s some deep thing and I mean it’s great but it’s still a comedy show. It is deep at times I guess considering it hits close to home with people working a job they don’t necessarily like but they are going to have fun with it while they’re there. If I had to pick a main character here although they all are, I would say Jim and Pam. I wouldn’t say just Jim or just Pam because it focuses a lot on their relationship and I mean a lot of people like those two from what I’ve heard people say. I think they’re funny and I do like the pranks that Jim pulls on Dwight. I used to hate the pranks honestly because I kind of related to Dwight just because of him being the nerdy guy that people don’t really get. After I watched through the show, he definitely deserved pranks at times and I like those little moments when Pam and Jim were nice to him because they understand he’s going through issues. Also Dwight shows some humanity here and there.

I should mention I don’t relate to Dwight at all, it was mainly because he’s the weird nerdy guy but there’s a lot to him where I am definitely not like that. I mean he’s still one of the best characters. Jim and Pam are kind of the average people, they appear the most normal but also weird and that’s what draws them together. One prank that Jim pulls on Dwight that I thought was hysterical was when he dresses like Dwight and starts acting like him. Someone told me about that but it was a lot funnier than I was thinking. There are a lot of things to love about the show and man I loved watching the bloopers after, it’s nice seeing people actually having fun making a show like this. I guess I didn’t spoil much just the Michael Scott thing. I think even if I do spoil something it’s still an enjoyable show, I mean I always saw memes of the show and thought they were hilarious but I didn’t really like the show itself. Now I love the show and got really attached to the characters throughout. This isn’t as long as I was thinking but I’ll leave it at this. I loved the show and now I don’t know what to do after finishing it.

I might watch Parks and Rec but I didn’t really like what I saw of it. I heard you have to get through the first 2 seasons then it’s pure gold. I mean I keep hearing it’s good once Chris Pratt is there. So maybe I’ll watch it, Netflix added The Flash Season 3 so I want to watch through that, I started it a while back and never finished it but now I have the chance.

Okay I guess I’ll end the post, I don’t really know what I’m doing at this point and I’ve been trying to figure out the future so that’s why I haven’t really posted anything in a few days. It might have been more than that since I last posted. Anyway a lot has been on my mind but I’ll try to post when I can later, thanks for reading and bye for now!


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