Wonder Woman Thoughts/Review

This is going to be a quick one probably. I went to see it a few days ago and I’m finally getting around to talking about which I shouldn’t have waited because I would have had more to talk about, possibly. To sum up and eliminate possible readings of my review, I really liked the film. There is a little more to it though, this film actually kind of surprised me. Well sorta, I saw the trailers and thought it looked awesome already but it really was a good film and I mean it actually felt like a movie (I’ll explain in the actual review below).


So to start off, I actually liked the DC Comics movies before this, they weren’t perfect by any means but I enjoyed them. I liked Man of Steel when I watched it a second time (didn’t like it the first time) and I thought Batman v Superman was alright. One complaint I have with Batman v Superman as well as Suicide Squad is they pack too much into one movie where it doesn’t feel like a movie but just a huge trailer for the next film. Does that make sense? I still enjoy them but Suicide Squad feels like a trailer with almost too many songs being used, nearly everyone had a song that was like their theme song. I think I said it was cool in the review for Suicide Squad but it was kind of distracting in a weird way. Also how it was edited like there weren’t any scenes but just a long trailer. I’m going on and on about it when I actually did enjoy that movie. My point is that Wonder Woman felt like a movie with scenes and of course it’s not perfect either but it is probably the best DC comics movie I’ve seen so far. I’ve heard people say that but it really was well done.

There were a few things that were weird to me as far as comic story lines where I thought “that’s not really right is it?” so I would look it up after the film and it would be because of the New 52. I swear that happened in Suicide Squad I thought something was weird but then it was a New 52 thing where they tweaked the story a bit. So it is accurate to the comics. I honestly don’t know why I really care about comic book accuracy because of course the film is going to change some things because fitting a long comic book story into 2 hours would be difficult without changing some things. Also I haven’t read many comics besides Batman, Spider-man, and Deadpool. ANYWAY, I keep getting sidetracked, I should mention the film is simple which I appreciated, I mean there’s a hero, a call to adventure, a villain, etc. There were times where it kind of felt like an old super hero movie which was cool. Of course there’s the CGI and effects, so it looks new in that sense. Gal Gadot was good as the role, I mean she was spot on as Wonder Woman. She proved that in Batman v Superman but she really plays the role well here. Going back to the effects for a bit, there was something in the end I didn’t expect where it surprised me and it looked awesome. I can’t really specify because it might spoil something, just cgi looked pretty neat in the end with a certain thing. I figured this review would be kind of short because I overall loved the movie and don’t have many negatives. I mean even the slower parts were enjoyable because it was interesting seeing this fish out of water scenario with Diana in London, having no idea about social cues and what not. It kind of reminded me of the first Thor movie where he walks into a pet store asking for a horse just having no idea whatsoever. I don’t know it’s funny to me. Okay before I stop talking, Chris Pine was also good in this film but I don’t think I’ve really seen a movie where I didn’t like him in it. So yeah that’s basically it, good enjoyable film that so far has the rest of the DC films beat. Well Man of Steel and onward. I guess best in the DC universe films.

I really need to find some more negatives when I watch films because it’s just all positives here. I mean it comes down to if I like the film or if I don’t like it. I mean I was pretty mixed on some previous films so I guess that’s something. I don’t know I’m just judging my rambling and skills with reviewing junk, I’m not very good. Anyway thanks for reading this mess of a post and goodbye for now, I’ll try to post more later I have a lot of stuff to talk about now so that’s great at least. Okay bye for now.

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