Playstation E3 Press Conference Thoughts

This is the first time I’m reacting to E3 stuff but I figured I should do something like this. I mean I was thinking about talking about trailers for a while but yeah E3 woo! I always look forward to this moment in the year because new game trailers, even if I don’t plan on getting a lot of the games shown I still like watching. Actually that’s not really true, I used to only watch the Nintendo direct/conference during E3 but now I have a ps4 so I want to know if I made a good purchase on it or not. Which I think it was worth it, a lot of games came out I love and games that I look forward to. So I guess lets just get to it.



So there weren’t many new games shown from what we’ve seen last year but that’s alright! A lot of new games were revealed last year and we got to know more about those. There were new VR games shown which I don’t care too much for virtual reality although I might get it later when I can actually afford it but at the moment, too expensive and I don’t care too much for it. I did think that one game with the mouse with the sword looked kinda cool but that was really it. Point is I’m not gonna talk a lot about the VR stuff. Okay so first of all, the conference as a whole. It was pretty sweet, I want Sony to keep up this method of just showing trailers I mean it was about 95 percent of the conference and it was awesome. They did that last year and I’m just glad they recognize that that’s what people want to see. New game footage. So it’s awesome. This probably goes without saying, but if you haven’t watched the conference and want to, stop reading because I’m going to talk about stuff. Gosh I’m warning for spoilers for a press conference, what is wrong with me. I guess it’s because I hate when I plan to watch something then see what was included in it I get pretty upset. Last week for example there was a Pokemon Direct thing and I was going to watch it but then some dude just posted on Facebook everything that was in the Direct. I was planning on watching it but then just knowing everything that was going to be talked about ruined the magic. What am I talking about? It’s purely business there is no more magic! Sorry, joking aside I will now actually talk about trailers and just the hype building up in me.

Now I was kind of looking forward to some more footage on Death Stranding and maybe possibly gameplay because I have no idea what that game is but I’m interested because Hideo Kojima. There was a new trailer a little while ago so not too much of a problem there. Okay so actually getting into the conference now. The first game they showed and was one of the only games that was announced but ah it got me excited. Of course it was a new Monster Hunter game Monster Hunter World:


Dude I’ve been waiting for a new Monster Hunter game on Playstation, I mean the original was ps2 but then it was all Nintendo which I’m good with but although the graphics were updated slightly, it still looked similar to the ps2 one. I mean graphics on the wii u were better in a way. Anyway the graphics just look awesome here and I’ve been waiting for something like this. I love the Monster Hunter games although shamefully I didn’t get into them until Monster Hunter Tri on Wii but I’ve been playing the games since that one and I even went back to the ps2 one which is weird because you swing weapons with the analog stick. I get the feeling this game is actually open world, I mean with the title and how it looks. I can’t get over the visuals. The gameplay looks awesome too I mean the grapple hook you can use now and then they brought swimming back (which kind of scares me) BUT everything looks awesome with this one. I love Monster Hunter and I’m excited to play this one even if it isn’t open world I’m just always excited for a new Monster Hunter. Also there’s like a ghillie suit type thing now where you can hide from monsters right in front of them. I don’t know I just saw a lot of new things along with old stuff such as the mounting of monsters from 4 and I’m just excited so moving on!

I won’t put pictures up for every game, I mean I’m planning on only talking about 4 more games here (probably more) but basically there is a game I’m a little more excited for now that was shown last year. And that game is drumroll….Days Gone. My brother was excited for this one where he kept saying he might get a PS4 for this game which I found strange because there are a lot of games that look better, but this game does look cool. When they first showed it last year I really didn’t want it to be a zombie game I was hoping it was just an apocalyptic game, just fighting other survivors. The zombies are cool though with how you can use them, because I mean there are hordes of zombies which was shown in last trailer but it is cool how you can just get those hordes to run after people by explosions and whatever other means. I thought the game did look a bit like Last of us when I first saw the trailer but it really is its own thing. I mean zombie bear was pretty cool at the end, at least I think it was a zombie bear. A lot of it made me think of other games, I thought it looked kind of generic but I am a little more intrigued now. I’ll probably wait til it’s used and cheap to get a copy of it though.

Alright another one that just got me pumped was of course the new God of War. Again they showed it last year, but more was shown and I got chills.


So I love the other God of War games although I have to be honest, I never beat 3. I swear I started working on it and I was going to get a review of it soon here. I’ll hopefully beat it before this game. This game just looks so cool, I mean it doesn’t look like God of War but I’m okay with it, I like the cinematic style they’re going with here. Made me kind of think of Last of Us (sorry I keep comparing things to that) however the gameplay looks awesome. They showed a bit of it last year but it really shines here and is brutal like we would expect. Although not as gory as I was thinking. I’m excited though. I mean I was trying to figure out if this was a sequel or a reboot I mean last trailer I thought it might be a different Kratos in the Norse mythology. I thought about it for a while but he still has the scar on his stomach from 2 so I assume it is the same Kratos. This trailer proves that because they show him on a Greek vase which was honestly my favorite part in the trailer. I got chills just from the tiny nod to the previous games where someone then mentions “you’re far from home” or something like that. Which I’m guessing that in this world, every region with a mythology located there actually exists. I don’t know if that makes sense, I guess basically in this world all mythologies exist in their designated areas and that’s pretty amazing to me. The trailer revealed more of the story where the boy is mentioned to be his son but I was thinking that wasn’t the case but it does make for an interesting story. Kratos being a parent again after the tragedy from when he was first a father. Also considering that he’s a father now after all the brutal stuff he has done. I mean it’s wild. I’m excited and the combat just looks fantastic and I do like seeing more weapons besides the axe but that is to be expected.

Alright next game is Spider-Man.


Now this one I’ve been REALLY excited for and it still looks as great as they showed last year. I also love who they got to create it. I love some of the older Spider-Man games which were published by Activision and although they were alright (Spider-Man 2 is regarded as one of the best super hero games) I think this one is just on a different level and you know why? Well how it looks in the trailer but freakin Insomniac is making it. I swear that is the perfect company to make it, when I first saw that on the last trailer, it just got my hopes up. This game is coming out 2018 as are most of the games shown but I’m just happy this game is coming along nicely. Spider-Man is one of my favorite super heroes if not my favorite so I’m just really excited for this one. They also showed combat which I don’t remember shown in the first trailer. It looks similar to Arkham Asylum but also like it’s own thing, I mean it looks different from combat in other Spider-Man games. I honestly think this could be next to Arkham Asylum games as one of the best comic book games with how it looks and so forth. Also just to mention if you don’t know, Insomniac are the same people that made Ratchet and Clank, and Spyro as well as Resistance and Sunset Overdrive. I never played Sunset Overdrive but that’s the reason I think they are the perfect people for the job of making a good Spider-Man game also Ratchet and Clank is pretty quick at times, I mean it’s slower but still fun. You got the swingshot thing in Ratchet and Clank so that’s kind of like swinging on a web right? Well anyway they also showed more story which I was guessing is gonna be just a bunch of different villains like the Arkham games did it but so far they showed Fisk which I’m guessing is a big player here. I mean Spider-Man doesn’t fight him directly in the trailer but yeah I’m excited with what they do with it.

Another one I’ll talk briefly about is Shadow of the Colossus, I don’t really get why they’re putting it out on ps4 but it looks like the visuals are updated so that might be a reason to get it. I probably will skip on it, don’t get me wrong I love the game but I haven’t really bought into the remaster stuff yet so I don’t want to start now. Okay that might be a lie, let me check….Yeah I’m full of it, I played through the Wind Waker HD remaster but I felt like it actually looked pretty with how they remastered it and more colorful. I think that’s the only one though. I do plan on getting Jak and Daxter when it comes out on PS4, I mean it’s not really a remaster but I want to have that downloaded. Yeah I’m a big fat liar I apologize. The remaster of Shadow of the Colossus could be cool but I’ll wait til comparisons or something. Oh gosh, I also got the remaster of the Uncharted trilogy I really am full of it…

So those are the only games I’m really excited for and I know I keep saying excited but I really am. I was also going to mention the Bethesda Conference which I’ll just briefly talk about here. Basically I watched it but I don’t know why because I don’t really play Bethesda games besides Doom. I am glad I watched it because they unveiled Wolfenstein 2 and for whatever reason I’m excited for it where I started playing the first one New Order. I already bought it a while back because it was on sale but I am actually having a blast with it, I don’t like a lot of shooters or at least I don’t play them awesome but this game is just fun. The sequel just looked entertaining, I mean it looks same ol with the gameplay but the story looks kind of neat although again kind of same ol. Basically once I finish Wolfenstein I may just get 2 when it comes out. I don’t know why it like got me hyped up, it looked pretty similar to the first game from what I’ve played. I mean visuals are updated. So yeah Wolfenstein 2 looks pretty sweet. I mean the only other Bethesda game I was interested in was Prey which I heard was good but also heard was boring (from my brother) but I played the demo and I’m so tempted to get because it’s on sale. I like the way it plays, like an old computer game if that makes sense. There was once again a lot of VR stuff although Doom VR looks kind of entertaining, I just like Doom I guess. The only other game I thought looked kind of cool from Bethesda was The Evil Within 2 but I’ve never played the first one. I thought the trailer was pretty neat and trippy but I’ll probably skip on it unless eventually I do actually play through the first game. I have too many games in my library to do that though. I mean Wolfenstein was already in my library so that’s why I’m actually playing through that. Overall, it was an alright conference but I wasn’t too interested, I don’t really have too much purpose talking about it or even watching it so I’m biased but it was an alright short conference.

Okay I guess that’s it for today/tonight. I’ll hopefully post tomorrow and not be lazy. I want to talk about the Nintendo one since that is tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to the Nintendo Direct or whatever it is because hopefully more Nintendo Switch games will be shown and I really need to know what else will be on that console since right now it’s just Zelda and Mario Kart 8 (also a remaster, I’m so sorry everybody.) I do think Arms looks kind of cool and that comes out soon but we’ll see, hopefully they’ll surprise us this year.

Thanks for reading all that if you did, that was a lot today but thanks for reading and goodbye for now!

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