Nintendo E3 Spotlight Thoughts

You may have thought I wasn’t going to post because I said I was going to earlier but ha jokes on you! Sorry I am posting late though, I’m trying to get out of this habit of posting at night. For a while I was doing pretty good, posting in the morning and all that. So I’ll admit as much as I loved seeing more stuff on God of War, Spider-Man, and seeing a new monster hunter released, I’ve been kinda disappointed in this E3. I mean most of the games shown have already been revealed although there is new footage. Now Nintendo didn’t have as much as I thought they would and at first I said “That’s it!?” when it was over but in the short amount of time they did reveal some cool games. I did miss the first few minutes where I think there was a new trailer for the new Xenoblade game though I never played the first one or X so I don’t care too much about the new trailer, I might watch it later for the fun of it though. I mean I thought X looked cool but then I never played it. Xenoblade looks interesting but I have this friend that told me he put 100 hours into the first game on Wii and he still hasn’t beaten it where I was just like “no thanks.” Kind of ironic since I love Persona 5 and that game is super long. Anyway I feel like I’m rambling more than usual but this is probably just normal at this point.

Nintendo E3 Event

So I should probably say what I said when I talked about PlayStation’s E3. Basically I will be talking about things a little in detail so if you haven’t seen it yet and want to, I suggest not reading any more. Basically spoiler alert for me talking about trailers, kind of ridiculous but just to be safe.

So first game I want to talk about didn’t have gameplay and I keep forgetting they announced it but it is a pretty big deal. I won’t have a picture for it, since not really a point since all that was shown was a title. This game, my friend, is Metroid Prime 4! I wanted a new Metroid but I was not expecting another Metroid Prime but that should be cool and they could do a lot of neat things with it on Switch. I was honestly expecting a new Metroid would be something side scrolling like Super Metroid but since it’s Prime, it’s most likely an FPS. Although I don’t know if it’s fair to call it an FPS because it is a shooter but an adventure type shooter with atmosphere. I played through and beat the first one and I did enjoy it, I like that one and Super Metroid, they’re good games. So it is an interesting reveal because it came without warning which I always like when that happens. Maybe there were rumors or something but I didn’t follow any of it this time I guess. Now there was also a reveal for Metroid: Samus Returns but it was later and I missed it, actually about to watch it while making this post. All I know is it’s a remake of the gameboy game (I used to play that one on my brother’s gameboy, could never beat it though). I’m pretty sure it’s a remake, might be a different game with same title. Again I haven’t seen the trailer yet so I don’t know. Okay yeah it’s a remake, funny thing because there was that fanmade remake of it a little while ago that got taken down. It looked awesome and now here’s an official one! Which awesome! I mean this looks like more than a remake though with 3D visuals and what not, looks pretty sweet though. It’s for 3ds by the way, I forgot to mention. So next game would have to be Kirby and it doesn’t have an official title at least I don’t think so, pretty sure the official title isn’t just Kirby but who knows.


Of course Kirby looks cute, always looks adorable, but really this game looks nice. At first glance I thought it was an HD remaster or something of Return to Dreamland which I never got around to playing but that one did look kind of awesome. One thing they showed with this game though is the multiplayer feature. I didn’t mind how multiplayer was in Return to Dreamland but I mean it was select characters such as Meta Knight, King Dedede and so forth. This one goes back to being like Kirby Super Star, one of my favorite Kirby games where you can make enemies into friends and have them play along side you. I always liked this idea although it was different in Super Star because you would get an ability then turn that into a friend where someone could pick up the 2nd controller and play as it. Now the other feature they showed was the mixing and matching of abilities which I missed that feature, I liked doing that in the Crystal Shards game for N64 and seeing what I get from mixing abilities. If I remember right, you couldn’t do too much with it on N64 but now with new technology with the Switch more choices probably. Overall game looks cute and just typical Kirby, not much new but it looks pretty sweet with what they can do with it. So from that cuteness to another one which is the new Yoshi game.

I don’t have too much to say about this one, looks cute and fun like usual with Yoshi. Again I thought this was an HD remaster of Wooly World at first glance but it is a Yoshi game with multiplayer again that looks similar to how the multiplayer was done in Wooly World. I’m so sorry, I wanted to talk more about it but I don’t remember much and for whatever reason the internet is crapping out on me where I’m barely able to just type maybe I’ll edit this a little later when I can. So I can’t go back and watch the trailer but I do remember it turning 3D instead of just being a 2D sidescroller which is cool, I’m really sorry I can’t remember much about it now. I’ll just move on, new Yoshi looks cool and I’ll leave it at that but I’m going to briefly mention one other game before I go into talking about the big one. So Fire Emblem Warriors.

Without pictures again but oh well, I have a picture for the last game so that’s something. Anyway I shouldn’t be talking about internet problems right now. Anyway Fire Emblem Warriors is just the same ol Dynasty Warriors type game like the Hyrule Warriors game I never got around to play. I heard it was pretty good though repetitive. They showed some of the story which funny enough doesn’t seem to really matter in these types of games since mostly it’s about slashing hordes of enemies. Sorry I’m being really vague about games now, I’m just going to end the post with the big part of the spotlight since I remember details about it at least at this point. This is not my greatest post and I apologize but here’s my thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey:


Getting right to the point, Super Mario Odyssey. Looks. Ridiculous. I’m pretty excited and it’s kind of weird because I was originally weirded out by it. The weirdness comes from the city Mario runs around in, which has real looking people. Think about that. Mario is human yet there’s normal looking people running around instead of cartoon like humans that look similar to Mario. It’s weird. I have to mention something that people have probably already said a million times but it was an exact thought I had immediately when first seeing the first trailer. This game is pretty much Sonic Adventure, or a better version of Sonic 06 whatever you want to call it. It’s Sonic, Mario even rolls down a hill as a ball at one point. That was in the first trailer and although it was weird I actually applaud Nintendo for going from the norm making this game. I mean it looks completely different from the usual Mario games and that’s just so nice. I mean the trailer at E3 revealed so many different things it’s crazy. You can be a f****** T-Rex now! I don’t know that made me excited! I already liked the idea of using Mario’s hat as a tool to reach otherwise unreachable platforms by jumping off of it. However, now it’s on a new level being able to throw the hat on nearly anything and become it, I mean he becomes electricity at one point in the trailer. Again it makes me think of Sonic, but I mean Sonic Colors with the different sprites giving you abilities. I mean this is completely different because you’re jumping into whatever creature or object. Also there are different costumes you get which I always like when games do that. I mean they’re doing a lot of new things with this game and I’m just excited.

I’m kind of biased since the Nintendo E3 is usually the only one I watch because I prefer Nintendo games usually, although I’ve been getting into PlayStation games recently. Anyway, Nintendo probably has the best E3 Spotlight thing with the most announcements as far as I’ve noticed. I should also mention the Nintendo games coming out soon that were mentioned during the Spotlight. Arms and Splatoon 2 both look pretty sweet, I missed out on the demo thing for Arms but I am still looking forward to that one although it looks weird. That’s about it, Nintendo won E3 in my opinion. Oh jeez, I almost forgot. Also new details on DLC for Breath of the Wild, actually looks sweet, I mean I already knew kind of what was in the first DLC pack and that the second DLC would have a new story which they hinted at a little with showing the title of it. Apparently there will still be announcements throughout the week but those are my thoughts on the Spotlight at least. Maybe I’ll have my thoughts together next time I post. Again I apologize for not being able to talk more about Yoshi or even Fire Emblem Warriors. Oh well, thank you so much for reading, even if it was just a little and not the whole thing, thanks for reading! Goodbye for now, I have some things I need to post about which hopefully I’ll get to that finally because I’ve been putting it off for the E3 stuff. Alright see ya!

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