The Flash Season 3 Review/Thoughts

I think I talked about season 2 a while back but my brain is a little fuzzy on that since that would have been when I first made this blog. Anyway I was watching episodes of Season 3 of The Flash regularly but then I got kind of sidetracked plus there’s something I hate about these “Arrowverse” shows which I’ll get into. I love The Flash though, it’s my favorite out of the CW DC shows and in my opinion is the most well written one. Arrow is alright, I have a lot of problems with it though. I hear Super Girl is actually pretty good and I like the actress that plays her so I might check that one out later. I also like Legends of Tomorrow but again I got sidetracked when I was actually keeping up with the recent season. Anyway here are my thoughts on the show. I won’t mention spoilers, however I’ll mention spoilers for Season 2 since it’s pretty vital to the story of Season 3. You have been warned.




So yeah recently, I watched the rest of the season 3 episodes on Netflix and I was actually kind of mixed on a lot of it when I absolutely loved the previous 2 seasons. However in the end, it was pretty cool seeing the outcome of certain events and it was a pretty cool ride. I love the actor that plays Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) where it’s going to be so weird seeing someone else play Barry in Justice League. Oh well though, I know they’re keeping the TV and movie universes separate so whatever. All the actors did good here. Okay there is going to be a potential spoiler for the first few episodes of season 3. I wanted to mention the actor that plays Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), I mean he’s been in every season so far but he’s just really good, plus his character is pretty interesting. I always liked Harrison Wells but he is really good this season which there’s a certain detail I’m leaving out so I guess false alert on the spoilers. Danielle Panabaker was good as Caitlin Snow with what happens to her this season that I won’t mention, but it was pretty great. Carlos Valdes was good as Cisco Ramon and Keiyan Lonsdale did a good job as Wally West. Now I’m mentioning these people because they stuck out a little more to me this season although they’ve always been big parts of the show but those people did good work especially here in this season. I do like the other actors though with Candice Patton as Iris West and Jesse L. Martin as Joe West. Thank you IMDB for actor’s names. Basically I thought everyone did pretty good acting wise, which I mention because usually there’s at least one person I hate, but not really here. There were some characters I absolutely hated in Arrow so…

Okay so with the story, because it was pretty weird and I didn’t like it at first but it got better as it went. Here’s the spoiler for Season 2. So Barry Allen goes back in time and saves his mom at the end of Season 2 and it screws up everything creating an alternate timeline called Flashpoint. Now I love that aspect of the story, with Barry being in an emotional state because of what happened season 2, then going back in time to try and change things. Which of course it backfires. I didn’t mind what they did with Flashpoint here but just know the comic story line of it is insane! I mean really crazy with just everything in the DC universe being completely wrong. I would love for them to make a Flashpoint movie. They could only do so much with the TV show but for the most part, it was alright, I liked certain aspects of it. Now another potential spoiler for the first few episodes. Barry goes to change it back after a couple of episodes of Flashpoint where he goes back but he couldn’t change things back to how they were which results in certain things being pretty screwy. Now it gets weird because I like the aspect of time in The Flash but my God it’s kind of convoluted at times where it’s between the messed up time line and multiple Earths and just woah. I mean it does get interesting with what they do with it but certain things I didn’t quite like. One thing I don’t like about The Flash and this is about other shows as well and that’s the fact they drag on the story for a while  where it gets good in the end but there’s the need to make the season 23 episodes. Some episodes are cool, I mean they do continue the overall story throughout the shenanigans of each episode having a different bad guy. Basically some episodes I liked more than others and overall I have to say the amount of episodes although some feeling like filler, it does add to the impact of the finale since I mean you wait through all these episodes to find out the overall story. I did not care about the overall villain until the very end and that’s when he became actually interesting.

Oh I didn’t mention the problem with arrowverse. So it’s the fact that at times, you have to watch the other shows in order to understand what’s going on. I stopped watching Season 3 because of a point when there was a crossover between all the shows where I was behind on everything besides the flash so it’s kind of weird. I understand why they do it, and it’s cool having a kind of CW justice league type thing. Overall, season 3 was pretty good at the end of it and had a pretty satisfying ending to the season but some of the story was kind of weird, I can’t really say what I guess just some episodes feeling like filler episodes. The stuff at the end is really interesting but some things are weird about it but it does work, I might be contradicting myself with my statements here but yeah.

Okay so that’s about it for today, E3 is over so now I’m here talking about other things that I haven’t been able to talk about so woo! I did try to actually apply for a writing job but got declined. I’m honestly trying to figure out what I’m even doing which I’m sure I’ll figure it out, gotta stay positive right? I don’t know I’ve been kind of depressed lately because of thinking of future stuff. It’s a miracle I’m still making posts here though since usually I just sorta give up on something like this. Anyway sorry I took a small negative turn there, I’m just trying to be alright. Thanks for reading all this if you did and goodbye for now! I’ll post something else soon hopefully, we’ll see. Thanks for reading!

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