My Hero Academia Season 1 Thoughts/Review

So recently I started posting on another site about video games, and that’s my excuse for not writing for the past few days. I had a realization though and that is the fact that I have trouble keeping up with new games or even new anime series. I guess not much of a realization since I have a list of games I haven’t beaten and they’re all older games soooo… Well anyway with not being able to keep up with new games and even new shows, I present my thoughts on My Hero Academia. Episodes of the second season have been coming out so I guess, this series is more relevant than some other possible series I have watched recently. So here we go, my unprofessional ramblings of a review of a series I watched last Sunday!


My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia Thoughts

I have kind of a short story with this show, which I guess I have a story with every show or game I talk about here. So here it goes, my friend told me about this series when it first came out. My friend, however, prefaced the recommendation with “the show is probably going to be a long series like Naruto.” And honestly, that turned me off to this series for a while. I watched the first few minutes of the first episode and now I know that if I just watched a little bit longer of it, I would have been hooked. I do blame the internet at the time though, because the buffering speed was awful and I just gave up on it. Now, it’s on crunchyroll so I can watch it from my PlayStation which is awesome, and there’s some free advertising for Crunchy Roll. Well, it was between the internet speed, and getting the idea that this is the super hero version of Naruto, which I’m happy to say it’s not, I actually like it better!

Now admittedly, I like Naruto but I have trouble getting into shows that are over 300 episodes, Gintama is the only exception for me. I watched all of Naruto but stopped 20 episodes into Shippuden, just to clarify. My Hero Academia is just awesome though and I actually teared up at the beginning because I saw a bit of myself in the main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, I’ll just call him Izuku throughout the review. It’s funny, I already knew part of the story when I first tried to watch the show because they set up a plot in the first few minutes of it. I want to even say the first few seconds. To explain the story without spoilers, it’s about this world where pretty much everyone in it has super powers, or quirks as they call them. This does not mean that everyone is a super hero though since some quirks are more useful than others. It’s just kind of interesting thinking that with everyone having super powers, that only a group of them are actually super heroes. I guess it does make sense because some quirks were shown to not really be anything significant.

Anyway, in this world with people with quirks, Izuku is quirkless, possessing no super human ability, nothing. This is where I actually started tearing up, because it’s pretty heart breaking seeing him as a kid being told he can never be a super hero, the one thing he wants to be when he grows up. Of course, with the name of the show, it doesn’t stop Izuku from trying to be a super hero. I love his character though, because he’s always watching other heroes so he can plan and predict moves by enemies. I like stuff like that, where the character has to outsmart someone instead of just relying on a powerful move. The characters are all pretty great, and I have to say one thing that surprised me. Bakugo, who is pretty much the bully/rival of the show is actually pretty well written and I like him. When he first comes onto the screen he’s just a butt munch, but as the show goes on he is pretty well written, where there is some understanding as to why he hates the main character or acts the way he does. Of course a character that is a favorite of mine is All Might, I mean he’s a good mentor and just inspirational. Plus he’s the all American hero which is kind of funny to me but it really works, and even he has more development where he’s not just the inspirational character and I love that! There are a lot of characters so I won’t mention everybody but I do want to mention Uraraka because I also like her character. She’s the cheerful, funny character who is pretty ridiculous at times. The other characters are pretty great too, I mean the teacher, Eraserhead, is funny and cool although he kind of reminds me of Kakashi from Naruto with how he teaches and acts sometimes. That might just be me, but yeah.

If I could possibly find a complaint about this series, it would probably be the pacing sort of. I mean it’s really fast, but I wanted to see more of the training at the beginning before it rushes into the Academy aspect. I don’t know, might be just me again because I love the academy stuff as well. Anyway opening and ending songs are both great and I never skip them so that’s a plus. Oh that’s another complaint I had, there’s a part towards the end where I wish things were sped up a bit where an arc just kept going. It wasn’t Dragon Ball Z length but I still wish it went quicker and the ending of the season was kind of whatever for me, although I knew there was a second season so it didn’t matter much to me. I liked the beginning a lot more than the ending arc is basically what I’m saying here. Anyway, the animation is also pretty decent, and some of the fights towards the end are just pretty sweet in the end. Alright, I don’t have too much to say about the season except that although I thought it dragged a little in the end, the show was still great and I loved it through and through. I mean I watched the whole first season in a day which is only 13 episodes so not much of a big deal there, but I couldn’t stop watching. That’s it for the review.

I watched a little bit of the second season (okay most of what is out) and I love it as well, although I kind of enjoy the first season more but I still love what I’m seeing of the second season. I mean it’s weird I’m going to watch this series through and through, but I just love the beginning and introductions of everything. I think I’m just like that though. It’s like when I played through Ocarina of Time for the first time, I played through the beginning 5 different times before I actually sat down and played through the rest. I just like beginnings if they’re done well and it’s weird thinking about because Ocarina of Time had kind of an annoying beginning with talking and tutorials and trying to get the sword and shield. I just liked walking around the forest village for the first time….. multiple times. Okay yeah it’s weird.

Sorry for not really posting until today, I’ve been stressed out thinking about what I’m doing with my life. I know I said that before but I really don’t know what I’m doing, and now I’m writing for a site where I should be more professional and not really talk like I speak, as I do on here. Anyway I just have a lot on my mind and I won’t promise I’ll post more but I will try. Which I should do, not try, but do. Okay, thanks for reading through all that if you did, goodbye for now!

2 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Season 1 Thoughts/Review

  1. Yeah, Izuki is so relatable that it makes for a really entetaining show.
    The Naruto comparison is also on point, because they both hail from Shounen Jump and okunohero is kinda trekking the same road Naruto did. It expanded the story with the classmates, and I’m pretty sure one will turn bad and we’ll get the classic Sasuke Naruto story soon. XD

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    1. Definitely, I agree, and I wasn’t sure if it was from Jump or not but that explains a lot there! Oh yeah, I’m definitely getting that vibe as well that someone’s gonna pull a Sasuke and turn bad lol.

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