John Wick Chapter 2 Movie Review/ Thoughts

So I watched this film a few days ago, I got it from Red Box  and I was pretty excited to finally watch it. I would have gone to the theater to see it but when I was going to college, there is no theater in that town. So if I wanted to go to the theater I had to go to a different town which I only did if my friends also wanted to go see a movie. None of my friends wanted to watch this… That’s my sob story for this film. Oh well, I finally got to watch it and that’s what matters right? So I will just go right to it!

 John-Wick-Chapter-Two-2017-movie-poster JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2 THOUGHTS

I loved the first film and it was a big surprise since I thought John Wick would just be a typical action film. It kind of was, but with great action scenes and just really cool. Actually, the more I think of it, the more I realize it was actually pretty different. Without saying too much John Wick was about you guessed it, a man named John Wick who’s dog is murdered by the mob and so he goes on a killing spree. There’s a lot more to it but I remember thinking that premise was pretty ridiculous, which it is but it does make sense as it’s shown in the movie. John Wick is also an ex hitman who gets back into the business after his dog is killed in front of him. Although it ended alright, I was excited for a sequel because I honestly thought it could be a really good action series. Apparently it’s going to be a trilogy which I’m completely okay with because so far so good. The one thing is that it is hard to step up from the first one with all the crazy over the top fight scenes, and I want to say it does but it doesn’t. It’s still a great movie though with great fight scenes where it’s a lot like the first one, the story is completely different, but the action is more or less the same with different tricks and whatever. It’s still entertaining to watch, I mean there’s the one scene with a pencil that was shown in a trailer that was pretty cool. I mean John Wick is just over the top action goodness. Some of the fight scenes honestly make me think of an anime mixed with a video game. It’s just great.

Now to talk about the story, I can’t really sum it up like I did the first one. It’s still kind of simple but also complex so I won’t really go too much into it. As ridiculous as it was I liked the simplicity of the first one’s story more but yeah. Also the story took a while to get set up in John Wick 2 where I want to say it was close to an hour before it just goes crazy and there’s constant action that almost never stops. It’s weird though, the first one kind of did that as well and I love the constant action but my parents were watching the film with me and they thought it gets boring after a while. I kind of get that but I guess I never get tired of Keanu Reeves killing a bunch of mobsters. That’s another thing, John Wick is honestly my favorite role that Keanu Reeves plays, I think he just nails it. I liked him alright in other films but he’s just great in John Wick. I’m not much of a fan of the matrix just to drop that before someone thinks “What about Neo? That’s his best role!” I don’t know I just really like John Wick.

So I loved John Wick Chapter 2 for the action and the story was kind of interesting. Also as it was in the first, I love the underground business stuff with the mob and assassins. It’s just kind of interesting to watch, like all the connections John Wick has with gun sellers and other places to get equipment for the job. It honestly makes me think of James Bond except that it’s a hit man instead of a secret agent and instead of a secret agency it’s like an underground world of killers and assassins. The movie is good but I liked the original one better and the action is always fun to watch but it was kind of slow getting there. I was having trouble paying attention for a while, which was a pretty big problem, I was really tempted to walk away but I finished it and I’m glad I did, and I’m looking forward to John Wick Chapter 3 if that’s actually a thing.

This was kind of a strange review or collection of thoughts, I’ve done this before but it was weird. Pretty much, I wrote up the beginning of it this morning but I left to go to a baseball game with my dad for Father’s Day. It was pretty hot and I got pretty bad sunburned but I’m sitting here typing this now. By the way, happy Father’s day to all the great dads out there. John Wick 2 is a pretty good movie to review today no? I think so. Okay thanks for reading and goodbye for now, maybe I’ll post again tomorrow but don’t hold me to it because life happens you know? Thanks for reading bye!

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