Doom (PS4) Game Thoughts/Review

I finally, FINALLY, got around to beating this game! It took me way longer than it should have but I do have my reasons. I mean I’ve talked about starting a TV show and then stopping unsure why. This time I know why, except with a video game, but you get the idea! I thought about not posting this review here because of reasons but I’ll talk about that at the end. I just decided why not? I mean my blog here is a big mess full of just a bunch of different things where now I’m thinking I should just focus on one thing whether it’s anime, video games, or movies. Oh well I’m reviewing a game today for the hell of it! See what I did there? Because…hell. Okay onto the review!



So Doom, as many people know, is a shooter where you run through hell and kill demons. I liked the first game but I always died pretty quick and I never actually beat it, maybe one day I’ll try but for now I’ll move on. The first introduction of Doom to me was Doom 3, which was a very different title in terms of game play. It was more of a horror game though and I didn’t do horror when it came out, so I just watched my brother and friends play it. Weird how I didn’t like anything horror but I would still watch it like it was whatever. Anyway I remember some creepy parts in it and it being even psychological at moments. Then there was the Doom movie which I thought was awful. I mean, it’s a pretty simple premise but they even messed that up. I don’t remember too much of it, I think it was a virus that mutated people into zombies instead of hell being a thing in the film. So I tried out the old games and liked them but always found weird that it was more actiony than a horror game, in which my brother would respond “well it was scary at the time of its release” which now I don’t think that’s true. There might be scary moments with almost dying but for the most part it’s run and gun at its purest form.


Now that I have my history with Doom out of the way, fast forward to 2016 or I guess a little before there where Bethesda shows off a trailer for the new Doom game. I can’t tell you how excited I was for this game, and I usually don’t really like shooters (I’m slowly getting into them now) but I thought this game looked awesome and went back to its roots with run and gun action. Everything just looked perfect, and I was so excited! When people were excited for Fallout 4 I was excited for Doom. I’m not much of a Fallout fan but one day I will give Fallout 4 a chance, I kind of have it and it’s weird. Back to Doom, I almost bought this game at release but ended up renting it and I was actually kind of disappointed in it. I played through the first few missions then I took it back and later I would buy it on the PlayStation store because it was on sale I think for 20 bucks maybe even 10. Well anyway, I got it, played it, then deleted it, then redownloaded it, then deleted it again. It was a while before I actually beat it. Today was the day I beat it so woo and I am still mixed on it, one side I absolutely loved it and I’m looking forward to the potential sequel, but on another side I found it repetitive and even kind of soulless.


Good points: The gameplay. Definitely the gameplay. It is so satisfying and I love how it plays where it is really run and gun, there’s no getting behind cover like Wolfenstein New Order but just constantly moving and firing. It’s awesome plus there’s the glory kills which are the brutal kills you get after injuring an enemy where you punch them in the face causing them to explode. So much blood and gore it’s awesome. Then I do like the death animations although other games have done this, I like how it’s all in first person even when dying. Some of the animations are just goofy though, one is straight up a terminator reference, it’s so ridiculous. I love it. Other good points would include the variety with demons, although for a while it’s more or so that same, then they keep adding more stuff where some of them I absolutely hate. The graphics are good and pretty looking, although it always has to render them where I think it’s the most I’ve seen of the graphics having to load. Uhh good points, good points… There are really cool secrets to find every now and then, some that also ridiculous but they are worth finding. I do love the small nods to the original game. The music isn’t something I would listen to on a regular basis but it does fit the tone of the game which is just murdering a lot of demons. It’s all heavy metal guitar stuff basically.

maxresdefault (1)Bad points: Alright the reasons I didn’t play this game all the way through in one go but took my time. Although the action is great, it’s often the same thing over and over which the weapons do add a little variety to the gameplay as well as different demons, but it gets a little old after a while Now, a reason for me thinking it’s a little repetitive has to do with the story, because there isn’t much of one. I actually finished Wolfenstein The New Order the other day as well and the game was similar in gameplay except a few differences, but I kept playing it because I was actually kind of invested in the story. Wolfenstein had cutscenes while Doom didn’t which isn’t too much of a problem but it really just sorta throws you into it. It’s weird like I didn’t have much of a motivation at moments thinking “Okay I kill this demon then what?” The game felt like more of a stress reliever than a game because it was just killing demons and almost never dying. Later it got more difficult where it was a little bit better. I don’t know if that makes sense though, like it did not feel like a game at moments where there was no purpose. I mean you can make the argument that the purpose is to kill Demons which you would be right but it’s just sort of empty. Upgrading the weapons and trying to find upgrades does make a little motivation. For the longest time, I was just trying to find the double barrel, it’s all I cared about for a while in the game.

So yeah I don’t know it’s still a game but there was just something off about it. It’s strange, people complain about too many cutscenes in a game which I get but here I’m almost complaining about too much action in an action game. I honestly couldn’t explain the story to you which the story was told through bits from holograms but just nothing much there. I hope no one gets mad at me for dissing on the game like this, which if they do oh well.

Overall I will say, I liked the game, the action and weapons were pretty sweet and I get it’s like the old ones but I still wish there was more of a story. It is satifying to kill demons here though. I will play the sequel if there is one and I did have fun with the game. I just would constantly have to take a break, like I would actually get kind of bored at moments. Then after a break I would be back and it would be all good. Alright that’s it for Doom, I’m glad I finally beat it because that game has been there for a while. I would play a game and think “I still need to beat Doom” which now I did so yay!

I mentioned at the beginning I was going to say something and yeah it’s pretty simple. Basically I was going to originally stop doing video game reviews because now I write for this gaming site which I’ll probably write about Doom there in a different tone of voice. It’ll be more professional I guess. I was thinking about only focusing on anime, but I don’t know. For the time being I’ll just keep writing about whatever I write about. I guess that’s really it. If you read all this, thank you so much for reading! If you read a little bit then got mad and left, I’m sorry but still thanks for reading that little bit you did read! Thanks for reading and goodbye for now! I’ll be back with an anime review next time maybe, I got some things to talk about. Thanks again for reading, bye!

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