Sword of the Stranger Anime Movie Review/Thoughts

I want to keep this one kind of short because I’m pretty sure I can express my opinion of this film pretty quick. There’s not much to talk about but I think enough to at least make a post about it. So this is Sword of the Stranger, I watched this film a little while ago but I’ve been having computer issues and the internet just crapping out on me. I actually have a reason this time, guys! The internet crapped out for the last few days and it’s been kind of weird but now waiting for potential phone calls requesting job interviews and figured I’d talk about the one anime I’ve actually watched in the past few days or so. Okay enough rambling I’ll just go right into it:



So this movie is pretty straight forward as far as plot goes: A boy convinces this stranger, who obviously has a lot of skill, to escort him to this Buddhist Temple while a lot of bad people are after them. I won’t go too much into specifics but it’s pretty simple with the general plot. The characters are a little bit interesting though and by that the stranger is interesting, they go into his backstory and I will admit it does remind me of plenty other anime protagonists where he is skilled in a lot of things, almost reminds me of Gintoki from Gintama. Just a little bit, mainly his backstory and a little bit of his attitude, not necessarily as goofy. Anyway I’m probably comparing them too much when the only real similarity is their backstory. I did find some specifics about it interesting. The story isn’t as action packed as I was expecting, there’s plenty of action to be satisfying here though. The story focuses more on the stranger and the boy’s friendship where they are more alike than they first think and the stranger becomes a sort of father figure teaching the kid various things. The dog is pretty awesome too. There isn’t much development other than those 3 characters, yes I’m including the dog. The only other character I can think of that has development was one of the antagonists, the blonde dude, I actually kind of liked him because he wasn’t too interested in the interests of the other antagonist and was mainly there to fight strong people. I always find it interesting when there are characters only interested in fighting and not any of the world conquering stuff or the immortality that is present here. So the movie is pretty generic but one thing is certain about it, and that is the animation is beautiful, and the action is just brutal and awesome. I mentioned there’s not much action as the movie slows down quite a bit focusing on friendships between characters, BUT when action does happen it makes everything worth it. It is so cool to watch, I’ve seen the final fight before and it was a reason I wanted to watch this first of all, but the animation is just so fluid and there were some kills that were pretty brutal. At a few moments the art style reminded me of Avatar the last airbender, one character looked like Azula in the face at one point. The art style is pretty great, so aesthetically this movie is pretty and the animation and action alone is worth the watch. Just know it doesn’t focus on action but other things which again is fine considering how great the fight scenes look it is well worth the wait. I will say I thought the movie dragged a little bit but yeah the animation is great. I do recommend watching it but I did walk away from the movie thinking “it was alright” so overall good movie.

I’m not sure I’ll watch it again but it would mainly be for the pretty cool fight scenes. Okay, so I’ve been trying to think of an anime I want to watch that I can talk about here. I might watch Katanagatari soon, it’s hard for me to watch it considering every episode is 40 minutes long but it looks pretty cool and I hear great things about it. So that’s on my list as well as finally sitting down and watching Fate Stay Night. If anyone wants to suggest an anime I’m open to it but yeah that’s about all I got today. The review did go on longer than I was expecting but still thanks for reading it if you did, goodbye for now!


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