Empire of Corpses Anime Movie Thoughts/Revi

Hey everybody, I’m back with an anime review instead of a weird story thing like I did yesterday. I’ll probably just stick to Anime and movie reviews for now, I mean I did watch a weird interesting Anime movie yesterday so that’s something to talk about. So here I am talking about Shisha no Teikoku or Empire of Corpses so away we go! (That’s a rick and morty reference sort of)



So this movie is pretty weird with a lot of interesting ideas but man it’s kind of unsettling at times. I’m going to try to not spoil anything here basically explaining the plot with looking at what the film establishes at the beginning. First of all, just some background, this film is based on a light novel by Project Itoh. I figured I should say that because I thought for a while that the movie was a part of a series called Project Itoh but that’s just the name of the author. Okay plot summary without spoiling anything,

Story is where the movie shines because it is really strange and interesting. I’ll be honest I was confused at some points where I might rewatch the film or even read the book because it is pretty interesting. It is established in the first few minutes so I really hope this isn’t really spoiling things. Basically the world set up here is an alternate 18th century England, where it is pretty much events taking place after Frankenstein. That’s the first thing that was interesting, this movie is pretty much what happens after the events of Frankenstein where Frankenstein reanimated the first corpse and so society in 18th century England went further with that idea and as you can imagine things get weird. I wasn’t going to say this before because I thought it might be spoiler material but now looking at it, I can’t ignore it and it doesn’t spoil much it just bothered me through a lot of the movie. So the film references Frankenstein when showing all these reanimated corpses BUT they kept calling the reanimated corpse, Frankenstein when it’s Frankenstein’s Monster and I don’t know it was just kind of annoying. Kind of a pet peeve I guess, even though I kept telling myself that this is its own thing and any differences from Frankenstein should be taken lightly but it bothered me. Okay sorry for rambling there, so in this society people decide to start reanimating corpses by inserting a false soul and using them as slaves in various tasks.

There are many references to old literature which I found pretty interesting, the main character is Watson from Sherlock Holmes. It’s just interesting because the movie really felt like an old literature story such as Frankenstein that shows the flaws of humanity where people would go too far to achieve desires. I really liked that aspect and how certain desires resulted in conflict. The corpses are still really weird and kind of unsettling because they are literally zombies that do whatever tasks set to them but they don’t have souls really and don’t speak or think. It kind of made me uncomfortable. I do like the emotional aspect of the movie as well because it does get pretty emotional towards the end, with that said, I didn’t really like the ending, I mean I also didn’t really “get” it either. I don’t know, it’s one of those things where it could have ended 2 minutes earlier. There was a good stopping point but then it went on and I kind of wish it didn’t but whatever. I liked the beginning and a little of the middle part more than the last part of the film. The animation was decent, the action looked pretty cool, but it did do the whole 3D thing at parts. It kind of reminded me of King of Thorn mixed with the Berserk movies as far as animation goes, but it wasn’t as much 3D as those films which was good, at least I didn’t notice it as much. I do really like the ideas behind reanimating corpses after Frankenstein did it, but it was pretty creepy with it which I liked it.

So overall I would say, good movie although ending kind of sucked and there were parts better than others where the creepy mood of the film changed. I did like how emotional it got though because it was just a human thing I guess is how I would describe it. The 3D animation that was there at times wasn’t as distracting as other movies but still there. Besides that, animation was decent, action scenes were pretty cool here and there. It’s good and I would recommend it.

Once again, I watched an AMV that made me want to watch the movie. The AMV was pretty cool and it didn’t ruin the movie this time, because certain scenes shown in the AMV I didn’t really understand until I saw them in the movie. I need to stop watching AMVs but often they introduce me to new shows and movies which I always like when that happens. So I am thinking about watching the Evangelion remake movies, I’ve been putting them off because at the time I watched the show and didn’t want to see any more of it, but now I think I’ve waited enough where I can watch the remake movies without thinking “ugh I don’t care I’ve seen it before!” because you know, I haven’t seen the original series in a while. I want to say half a year now. I don’t know, I keep on talking, I’ll stop now and be back with another review later. So thanks for reading and goodbye for now!


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