Baby Driver Review/Thoughts

So I went to see Baby Driver today and just got back from the theater driving the speed limit. It was pretty hard to do after watching this film but I’m back safely while the guy driving behind me is probably back home safely too but just really pissed me off. One reason I don’t like driving that often is because people are pretty annoying, almost always someone is on my butt, I know I’m not the best driver but jeez man! Alright mini rant over, let’s just talk about the movie:



Now I’m just hung up on the driving thing in real life, I’m really not a fan of driving personally and I mean I lived in a small town for a while where I could just walk everywhere. However, driving, people just freak me out on the road. This movie is a prime example of how terrifying driving is! Okay it’s not that bad and the film was pretty dang cool with plain style all over the place. I could complain all day about assholes on the road but I’ll shut up and actually talk about the film. I made this comment when I talked about Wonder Woman some weeks ago, and that was that I didn’t have a lot of negative thoughts for a lot of the movies I watch. This is another example, this movie is great and I loved every minute of it. If I could find a complaint, maybe the film could have ended sooner (I know I said this about another movie but it’s the only thing I can think of). The movie is quick for an almost two hour movie. I mean I’m almost saying it dragged on but it didn’t because the pacing was fast and just good. I guess I liked the ending but it could have ended before that? I don’t know, I’m probably just trying to find some negatives. I can’t think of any, there are definitely negatives because every movie has negatives but I’m not going to try and find any right now because I enjoyed the movie and loved it, so I won’t be tearing apart the film (not that I ever do but yeah).

With the fast pacing here, it has to do with the style of the movie which is why I was excited for this movie to begin with. It’s directed by Edgar Wright, known for Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and so forth. They’re all great films and just have this quickness to them with the direction. I used to think it was just in Scott Pilgrim but you see it in The World’s End, as well as Hot Fuzz and the others where scenes just move fast. I love the way things move in that style such as the camera zooming in on someone’s face in one scene then it pans out and they’re in another place. It just moves really fast and snappy. I mean it especially works with the driving scenes here with the camera focusing on Baby shifting into gear, and snapping to his hands on the steering wheel. Just a lot of focus on little things really fast but easy to follow and the driving obviously needs to be discussed here since it’s the main draw of the film. It’s just awesome! I mean high speed chases where Baby is just an unbelievable driver that will do impossible things to get out of situations. I also really liked Baby as a character, other characters were good but he was probably fleshed out the most, no he is fleshed out the most. Kevin Spacey’s character was good here as well, I mean I always like that actor in whatever. I should probably say the story of the film without spoiling anything, I mean it’s really straightforward so super easy to not spoil anything.

Baby is a driver for a crime organization, driving different people to and from heists, a lot of it made me think of Grand Theft Auto with a main character who’s actually a decent person. Baby falls in love with a girl and they make a break for it to get away from this life of crime. Now, there’s a lot more to the story but that’s the gist and it’s really just a ride. There were some things that were actually pretty intense where it made me expect the worst. Also a kind of gimmick of the film is Baby is always listening to music, but the music has a reason for being there where it’s not completely a gimmick where there’s story along with the music. Plus it’s fun to see someone dancing to the music and having a good ol time, adds more personality to the silent driver. One thing I wanted to point out before I stop all this praise, is the R-Rating. I figured the movie was rated R but besides some bloody moments and the F bomb being dropped here and there, I wasn’t constantly reminded of the film being rated R. I mean a lot of R movies although many are good, they often try to use as much as they can to get away with having that Restricted rating. Basically I liked that characters weren’t dropping the F-Bomb left and right, it was kind of refreshing I guess. Okay, so overall great movie that I definitely want to buy when it comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Ironically that I don’t really like driving, but I love a movie with driving as a primary focus. I don’t hate driving and I know I’ll have to to get to places, I said to too many times there. I don’t know, I guess it makes me feel better to vent about my personal life and how I hate a lot of people on the road. I felt pretty good after seeing this film though, I was in kind of a cheery mood. I’ve been pretty sad lately so it was really nice seeing an awesome movie. This was the first film I wanted to see in a while that wasn’t A. a super hero film B. a sequel or prequel or C. a reboot. Just a good film about love, music, crime, and trying to get away from it all. Okay so I actually planned to talk about this movie tomorrow because I was going to talk about something else today but I’ll push that to tomorrow. I saw the first Rebuild movie for Evangellion so another thing I need to talk about. Sorry for complaining a lot here with every day stuff, thanks for reading through all this if you did. Sorry for rambling on and on but I’m done now so yay! I’ll be back tomorrow or another time boo! The yay and boo are my ways of expressing the audience’s reactions. I don’t know what I’m talking about but anyway goodbye for now and as per usual thanks so much for reading if you did. Bye!

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