Evangelion 1.0 You Are (not) Alone Thoughts

So I really didn’t know what to call this movie and had to look it up. I know the series is called Rebuild of Evangelion but I couldn’t figure out if it was 1.0 or 1.11 as the beginning of the movie says. I don’t know I’ll just go off of wikipedia and say 1.0 because you can always trust them right? Well anyway I watched this film a couple days ago and it was always kind of hard for me to try and watch it for reasons I will explain, but I finally got through it and it was alright. I was trying to spot the differences between this movie and the series and it was kind of hard because it’s pretty much the first 5 or whatever episodes of the series. Maybe first 8 episodes, the first arc of the show. Well I’m getting ahead of myself here’s my thoughts below!



11089lAnd now the title says 1.01 I don’t even know man. I have to say that is the coolest looking poster, this film has amazing artwork with movie posters, the other ones were just as cool. I mean I’m keeping it to the side of my commentary because it looks so dang awesome! Ahem, Evangelion as you may already know is a remake of the 1996 anime Neon Genesis Evangelion which was pretty good although it got really weird. I’m waiting for the movie series to get weird as well and my friends for a while kept telling me to never watch the third movie but I’m going to because I kind of take it as a challenge. I’ll regret later I don’t really care, I wanted to watch these movies for a while. Friends told me I should watch the movies instead of the show for the longest time but then I watched through the show first which had entertaining moments and again it looked pretty cool and it’s still crazy it came out in ’96. As I mentioned before, this movie remakes the first few episodes and there weren’t many differences I could see but I’m sure if I watched the original show again I would see differences.

Of course, the obvious difference is the inclusion of new visuals and animation is a lot smoother. It’s not really until the second movie that the animation goes pretty crazy, I watched the first 40 minutes of the second one and yeah it’s pretty nuts looking. The animation here is great too but not over the top I guess is what I’m saying which I’m not complaining since it is the first part of it with Shinji joining the fight and all that. That was always a complaint by the way, Shinji’s character where people always say and these are their words not mine: “Shinji’s a whiny little bitch” and I will say as I’ve said before that the way Shinji acts makes sense. I mean he has issues with his father and agrees to come along where all of a sudden everyone just tells him “get into the mech and fight the angel” I mean that’s a lot to take in in just a few moments for a middle schooler. Also Evangelion does the whole thing where each character is messed up in the head in some way so there’s also that.

Just to sort of sum up the show and movie without giving away anything, crazy middle schoolers are put into mechs to fight giant monsters which are angels in this world. It’s weird I almost always forget that the show is kind of apocalyptic, well it’s really apocalyptic with a still functioning military and society. Okay, one difference I think which I might be completely wrong, is the city. I don’t remember the city closing down when an angel gets near, with the buildings go underground, I mean it’s a really neat visual, I’m just trying to think if that was in the original anime. I don’t think it was because I remember parts where a mech goes behind a building for cover. I don’t know it’s just really cool and makes sense that a society that deals with these angels as a normal thing would make adjustments to their city. Other obvious differences are certain episodes were cut out if I remember straight. Oh also English Dub, the voices sounded the same but I have to point out something and sound like a jerk doing so. They got rid of a voice actor that annoyed me so much in the original show. It was the only voice in the series that annoyed me and they got rid of him. It was the kid with the glasses that was friends with Shinji, yeah that guy, they changed his voice and I got a little more happy about it than I probably should’ve.

I should also address the fact there was a funny parody of the first movie that I saw a while back. Pretty much I watched the whole movie when I saw that parody so that’s a thing. Alright that’s all I really got, the movie was good but I’m not sure which I like better, funny enough at this point I’m going to say I like the original series more. Although I’m always hearing it gets better. I saw the first 40 minutes of the second one as I already mentioned, and it’s pretty good. I don’t know it’s always weird like the first rendition of the show you see is going to be the better one. I’m not sure if that makes sense, like an original movie vs a reboot where someone might like the reboot because they never saw the original? I don’t know, it’s weird I had mixed feelings about the original series of Evangelion and here I am saying I like it more than the new movies. I mean we’ll see after I get through the other movies. Which I know I’ll have to wait for the fourth film since that’s not out yet.

Okay well that’s it for today, thanks for reading if you did. I didn’t have much to say but man I did talk on and on here. My main point was that I liked the movie but it was hard for me to watch it for the longest time because of the parody video and it being almost exactly like the original. Which that’s always beginnings I guess where it will just continue to change as it goes. Thanks for reading again and bye for now!

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