Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Thoughts/Review

I watched the second Evangelion movie yesterday which again is a remake of the series. Now, the first one was almost shot for shot a retelling of the first few episodes of the original series. This one had a lot of similarities to the original show but there were a lot more differences. There’s one thing I want to talk about so I will put a spoiler warning and separate it from the others so you’ll know. In case anyone wants to watch these movies later.
evangelion2.0 1


The poster isn’t as cool as the one for the first one so it’ll just be above instead of to the side. This movie was pretty crazy at moments although it had same moments from the original anime. A lot of the changes were kind of strange which I’ll get to the specific one but first one big change was the addition of a brand new character who was not present in the original. I think they mentioned her in a conversation and just talked about her but she was never actually present. I think her name is Mari. It’s funny a friend of mine has card sleeves (for magic the gathering or whatever else) that have her on them and my friend would mention how she’s the American that’s only in the movies. I kind of wish she was in there a little more because she was honestly just sort of there. I felt like she didn’t have much of a purpose, I mean yeah she progresses the plot later but she was really kind of random. I did like some things she said at one point towards the end but I wish she was there more you know? So that was a big change, the way Asuka was introduced was completely different, but it made sense because when Asuka was introduced in the show it was a whole episode dedicated to her which a movie wouldn’t have time for. That’s my main problem with this movie. I give it props because I mentioned in my Neon Genesis Evangelion post a while back that I had some problems with the show, I liked it but didn’t get some of the hype because it had this slow buildup (I don’t know exactly what I said). BUT, this film made me realize I like the show a lot more which was a weird epiphany. The movie is missing a lot of character development that was present in the show where it appears there’s more of a focus on Shinji and Rei which I don’t mind but there was more to it in the show. It’s just kind of weird. Before I go into the spoiler stuff, I love the animation a lot of the fights are just awesome looking. For whatever reason I got this idea I wanted to cosplay as a EVA for a convention sometime and start running around. I don’t know, they just looked cool here, however they looked pretty awesome in the show it was just updated. A lot of the action is just upscaled and pretty great. Not a lot of action which is whatever since action was never really the primary focus. The music is again awesome, sometimes it’s unsettling, sometimes beautiful, then there’s just the old 80s sounding music when action happens. I don’t know it sounds kind of 80s. I am waiting for the original opening from the show to play at one point I mean that would really get me excited. Alright Spoiler talk here!



There is a part where they completely changed the story around and I actually didn’t like the change to it. I might change my mind when going into the third movie BUT there’s one part where I liked it so much more in the show. So there’s the part where Shinji has to fight an angel but then realizes it’s an EVA and someone is in the EVA and he doesn’t want to do it. It’s pretty much the breaking point for him because his dad forces Shinji’s EVA to destroy the other EVA where it is as if his dad is destroying something with Shinji’s hands. I thought it was a really intense moment in the show which it is here too but there’s a difference. Although it’s pretty messed up and brutal still with the EVA destroying the angel possessed EVA with someone still inside it. That’s the thing though, who is in the mech, that’s what changes it. There’s more weight to the situation in the show because of this. In the show it’s Shinji’s friend/classmate but the big deal is that Shinji doesn’t know that his classmate is in the mech so it was more of a punch to the face I thought. It’s weird because in the movie it’s a more important character than Shinji’s friend, since it is actually Asuka in the EVA but Shinji knows Asuka is in the EVA so it isn’t as tense. I don’t know if that makes sense. Shinji didn’t want to destroy the EVA because he knew someone (anyone) was in the EVA so it wasn’t just because it was his friend or Asuka. I guess it adds more to his character? Well anyway that was my favorite part in the show and it was still intense but kind of weird having Asuka in the EVA. That’s another thing missing is Asuka’s character development, I mean in the show they really went into her story and developed her as a character where she was really interesting. I have a friend who loves Asuka and I don’t like her as much but she is interesting. Her character development was completely absent. Misato’s character development was there sort of but not as much as before. Misato is probably my favorite character for some reason.  I did like the ending fight with Shinji pulling out Rei from the Angel I thought that was pretty cool, I don’t remember it in the show but I don’t know. I do remember Rei trying to kill herself there with the Angel but I don’t remember much.




Well okay I got that off my chest, those spoilers and such. It was a good movie, very entertaining and I like the music and action. It’s good but I didn’t have much to say about this one besides the spoiler talk. I keep hearing that the third movie is painful so I’m waiting a bit before I actually dive into that one.

That’s all I really got, I’m done with the review but I am going to talk a little more here. Yesterday was strange, I wrote up the Evangelion 1.0 thoughts and then finished 2.0. Then I just played Breath of the Wild, water the plants in the house and then I had no motivation whatsoever. It sucked, I didn’t want to do anything but I was just kind of there floating in nothingness. I would play Zelda then turn it off then I thought about playing something else but I just sorta sat there not sure what to do, such a weird feeling. I researched a bit more, I’m still trying to figure out my life a month after college, Almost 2 months now but I just want to start my life already. It’s just a weird feeling, I need to turn in another job application but I really don’t want to go into retail again. I found some writing options for a small time. I mean I’m writing for a gaming site and that’s all I got at this point. Persona 3 is another game I’m trying to beat. I really don’t know what I’m doing. I hope I figure it out but I’m really annoyed at this point in time. I guess at least I’m writing everyday right? It’s something I suppose, I’m just trying to get better, that’s my overall goal. Anyway I’m done I’ll stop going on about stuff, thanks for reading and goodbye for now!

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