Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

So uh….yeah that was a doozy. My friend told me this one was gonna be painful but I didn’t think I was going to just feel empty in the end. Jeez, that is the perfect way to describe it though, painful. I heard like 3 different things about this movie from different friends. One said it was painful, one said it didn’t make sense, multiple friends said it was outright terrible, and excluding the first friend mentioned, they all told me not to watch it. However, surprise surprise I saw an AMV that showed a spoiler which made me want to watch the movie which funny enough was the whole reason I watched all three of them now. Now we just have to wait on 4.0 which I cannot wait for after finishing this monster of a movie. Today we’re talking about Evangelion 3.0



An AMV (Anime music video) brought me to this movie, but it did not prepare me at all. Funny enough, there was a big spoiler in the AMV but I couldn’t really process why certain things happen because it is kind of complicated. This is going to be a hard movie to pin down here because I pretty much can’t say anything without spoiling anything so I’m thinking I might do something which is going to be weird. Basically I’ll be complicating the idea of the spoiler with having one paragraph that is spoilers for 2.0 which you should probably figure, but also having spoilers for the beginning of the movie. Then I’ll have a spoiler section that’s just straight up no holding back spoilers for the ending of this movie (the third one). So to start off with nonspoiler stuff, animation looks great as usual, but this film is really different from the others combined. I mean the story is completely different from the original series. I mentioned before that the first film was a retelling of events from the show, the second film retold events but changed things around all while being the same thing kind of. The second film was the same with story with certain events changed out. The 3rd film, oh man, the 3rd film is something else, I really was not prepared. It is completely different from everything evangelion, it doesn’t have a lot of action and is more of a drama. I can’t stress enough that there is a lot to take in when it starts up. I wouldn’t say the movie is terrible, I mean it did make me want to see where they go from there in the 4th film that should come out at some point. I mean there was a trailer at the end that hyped me up for the 4th film. The third movie has some good psychological moments but it really is something unexpected. This is all I can really think of without spoiling anything so let’s go right into spoiler talk:




I’m doing spoilers a little differently here as I said earlier because I feel like there is really a lot to talk about. If you haven’t seen 2.0 and want to look away, also if you want to go into 3.0 without knowing really anything about it don’t look! With that said I’m going straight to it. I couldn’t really process what really happened at the ending of the 2nd movie but pretty much Shinji causes 3rd impact which now all the people we are familiar with are in a different organization fighting NERV. I did not expect that since the series always took place in NERV even with all the shady things Shinji’s dad was doing. How the movie introduces this is something else. I mean Shinji wakes up and everyone’s being an ass to him where Misato literally tells him he will do nothing from now on. Which ouch, I get that they all seem to hate him because of him causing the third impact and they’re trying to prevent it. It’s one of those weird things where it’s understandable but also harsh how the beginning plays out. I’m getting close to saying things that happen later. Basically I’ll keep it short with what happens in the first 10 or so minutes of the film. There’s a different organization from NERV that I can’t think of the name, but they are keeping Shinji prisoner, and it turns out that it’s been 14 years so everyone looks different except for the EVA pilots, okay I’m about to ruin something so I’ll move to the other spoiler section. Basically to sum up with the beginning spoiler stuff, there is such a huge jump between the 2nd and 3rd movies that make it disorienting. I think that’s the point because it seems really psychological but it is just so much more different than I ever would have thought.





I’m sorry this might have been a bad idea, I really hope no one accidentally reads this thinking it’s spoiler free again. Well here’s your final warning, I will put spoilers completely over down below when it is finally safe. I mean the first spoiler section was hard to write without spoiling later stuff, so maybe I should just have a big spoiler section. Nah I’ll just finish up remarks here with complete no holding back spoilers. Again don’t read if you haven’t seen 3.0, unless you just don’t care then by all means. So here’s the big spoiler reveal that I saw in an AMV that made me want to watch it: Kaworu dies exploding in front of Shinji. I found it weird that people were calling it sad since in the series Kaworu was an angel, I mean he was super nice and the only one who treated Shinji like a friend. He was kind of the same here, I think they said he was becoming the thirteenth angel. He’s still super nice to Shinji despite everything, but he almost seemed more human here with how he acted. He was a little more interesting in this film I felt, I mean I kind of saw him as just an angel in the original series while here he was an actual character. This was really a doozy though, I mean it was just rough from start to finish and I actually feel empty from it. I mean everyone is just an ass to Shinji at the beginning which I get he caused all this bad stuff happening, but no one even tells him, they’re just so cold to him. I kind of saw everyone at fault for the ending here, it’s just weird like I am so conflicted. I get why they don’t tell him that he caused everything because it would cause him to panic and freak out which he does anyway when people tell him that Rei doesn’t exist in the world anymore. Then people keep telling him to do nothing and not get in the mech when Rei shows up and I’m sitting here like “of course he’s gonna get in the mech when people are just ignoring him and treating him so badly” again I get why but I’m just so conflicted man! Then, Kaworu shows Shinji what happened with all the destruction, but then he adds that there is always hope so he tries to cheer him up. I guess no matter what people do, Shinji was just going to do what he did in the end. I mentioned before in I think it was my thoughts on 1.0, that I understood Shinji despite him whining about things since middle schooler put in mech it makes sense he would freak out. However, I actually got mad in the end when he goes after the spears, because even Kaworu, his copilot, tells him not to do it which again made Kaworu appear more human than the series. Everyone started telling him not to do it, but he still goes for it because he has to in his mind. The whole thing was just bonkers, I still barely understand it. Then in the end Asuka pulls him out and yells at him when he just watched his friend explode in front of him. I get why people are mad at him but jeez give the kid a break.




So overall I don’t know if I would recommend this movie, I liked it alright, I did like some of the psychology behind Shinji here but there wasn’t too much to it. Just a lot of heart break and pain. I really do feel empty after watching it but I’m not going to tell people not to watch it because if you like Evangelion go for it, I mean the fourth movie should be out soon, that will wrap up everything hopefully. Man this movie was just rough, I’m glad I’m through it though so I can just watch whatever and not worry about it ever again. It’s not bad but I’m not sure if I would ever watch it again unless watching all the Evangelion movies with friends or something. Although I think all my friends watched them without me which I’m really happy I didn’t watch the films first because once again I prefer the show.

Okay I guess I’m done with Evangelion for a while now, that was a small journey to go on with some of the same stuff with something completely totally different. Now here we are with nothing else to watch. I’m sure I’ll find something, an anime movie or something, but there is something unexpected I started watching. A popular anime that I started a long time ago that I rewatched the episodes I originally saw and now I’m finally trying to finish it. I won’t say what it is because it’s almost like a curse, whenever I saw I’m watching something I don’t finish it. I’m having trouble with Katanagatari basically because of the length of each episode is 40 minutes. Alright I’m done right now, thanks for reading, I hope I can figure out something for tomorrow but I don’t know. Thanks again and goodbye for now!

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