Spider-Man Homecoming Thoughts/Review

So the new Spider-man movie finally came out and I have to say it was pretty quick getting Spidey back on the big screen after stuff happened with Sony and Amazing Spider-man 2. Now we have the next Spider-man who is apart of the marvel cinematic universe this time around, so sharing the spotlight with other Avengers and whatnot. I saw this movie today on the first day it’s out in theaters (well officially, not early screenings or whatever else). I was pretty excited for this film because I loved Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War. So let’s just go right into it!


220px-Spider-Man_Homecoming_posterSo as much as I want to say how much I absolutely loved this movie and how I couldn’t find any negatives with it, I had a lot of problems with the film. I’m almost split on the film, I kept telling myself that the film is different than the other Spider-Man movies and I should just accept that but some differences were kind of out there for me. So first thing’s first, Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man is just awesome, I have no issues with the casting at all, he’s honestly the best person to play Spider-man so far. The way he acts when wearing the suit is just pure Spider-Man and then he also has the relatability of Peter Parker where he’s not a playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, he’s a nerd, and someone who just has fun being the superhero. He is us pretty much and why he’s one of if not my favorite super hero. Now the story is pretty good too so I’ll sum it up with no spoilers of course and say how the story worked.

Story: After the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker hasn’t had anything exciting happen since then so he goes into being a “friendly neighborhood” spider-man saving cats from trees and typical small town hero stuff. He ends up witnessing some crime which happens to be henchmen working for the vulture and boom we have our super hero movie. Now I like that the film for a while was more small scale and not as big as other films such as Avengers, where it was just spider-man being himself and fighting a villain, the vulture, and it was pretty simple. With other marvel films that have crazy stories, it was nice having a simple good vs evil. The film does add more to it, I was actually surprised the trailer didn’t spoil the whole film as I originally thought it did. There are twists here and there but yeah it’s pretty simple. Now this movie is not the traditional Spider-Man movie which I like, I’m glad to see them make some changes although some of it was kind of weird to me. I mean we don’t get the whole uncle Ben stuff because we’ve seen it before so whatever but the characters in Peter’s life are kind of different. I mean I like the best friend character you see in the trailer, I thought he was funny, the traditional characters just weren’t there though which nothing wrong with it, it’s different. I guess I’m trying to say they changed up characters and it was kind of strange at times, but also I have to accept the fact it’s a younger Peter Parker so certain characters aren’t going to be there yet and maybe they’ll show up later. Although I will say there was a reveal at one point that kind of bothered me. It was just a character reveal type thing where I was like “huh, okay that’s kind of interesting and weird.” I’ll see what they do with it in the future but just different. Aunt May and Peter’s relationship worked where they appear to really care for each other but it didn’t feel overly dramatic as previous movies. Although she is different too being a younger Aunt May which does work a little better than you would think considering Peter is younger.

The action was pretty sweet although one of my problems with the film was in the shakiness of some of the action scenes and there were parts where it was a little too dark to see what was happening. It might just be the theater but certain action scenes I couldn’t see what was happening, later it was fixed but just certain parts man. Now I’m starting to go into problems I had with the movie so before that, I loved Michael Keaton as the Vulture, holy crap he was a great villain and I mean that. They really made him into a crazy villain and it was so good how they did it, like they had it where you can see why he’s a villain and why he does the things he does. He’s not just evil because evil, he has reasons for doing what he’s doing where at certain moments I sat back and thought “he’s actually not that bad of a guy.” Of course he does bad things but there’s reasons for it and I really liked his character, he might be the best Spider-Man villain I’ve seen in a movie.

So one main issue is the use of Tony Stark, I really wish he wasn’t in the movie. Maybe have him show up at the beginning and that’s it, or just at the end but no he kept showing up. I saw one review where they said he wasn’t there that much, which maybe but he still pops up more than I would have liked. I wanted a spider-man movie, I hate when they connect these films so much because to me it doesn’t feel like a movie at that point. Almost like a really long episode in a marvel tv show. I get they have to link them together because Avengers, I just really wish Tony was in the movie less, but whatever I guess they HAVE to do that. I mean I did like the link to past avengers film with the vulture making weapons from past Avengers’ fights. I thought that was an awesome plot point there, like the leftovers have to go somewhere. It’s like the Netflix shows have links to the Avengers films with little nods to them or the crime in New York is caused by the events in the first Avengers opening the door for a world of crime. It works and doesn’t take anything away from it, Iron Man constantly showing up took away from Spider-Man I felt like. Although I would have been alright with a later team up but not for his first film in the cinematic universe.

I saw this film with my brother and he had issues with some of the casting, and I didn’t have too much trouble with that but certain casting was….different. I mean Flash was completely different, he’s not the athletic jock bully, no he’s more intellectual and skinny and that’s just sort of weird. I get that there are bullies like that, and it’s not always a jock but still some weird changes there. Again I kept telling myself that this is different from the usual spider-man but it’s hard to look past certain changes. I loved Tom Holland as Peter Parker, I think he’s spot on, and Michael Keaton was a great villain as the Vulture.

Overall I would say great movie, I liked it but I had different issues, also it was pretty comedic which I really appreciated. Maybe I’ll watch it again and like it a lot more than I did the first time around. I mean I had movies I didn’t like the first time then the next time watching I liked it more. It’s funny because those movies usually change something and then later the changes grow on me so maybe. I feel like I’m trashing this movie and I’m really not, there were just new changes to it that bothered me and I would’ve liked less of Tony Stark but oh well, Spider-man and Vulture were both great and excellently casted. Also a lot of cool action scenes (not including the shakey ones too dark to see I mentioned before). It’s just nice to have a new Spider-Man again. Of course there’s an after credits scene, there’s two of them. The second one is just a funny thing and not something story oriented just to let you know so you don’t wait til the end for story stuff.

It’s weird I liked the film but not as much as I thought I would. I mean I saw some good reviews and was even more excited at that sight but I am glad I saw the movie so there’s that. Wow that was a longer review thing than I thought it would be, I’ll just end the thoughts here and thanks for reading all of that if you did. Anyway those are my thoughts on the film, other people will enjoy it more I’m just saying what I thought of it through and through, thanks for listening (well reading, you know what I mean) and goodbye for now!

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