Castlevania Netflix Anime Review/Thoughts

So apparently something else that came out yesterday (July 7th), along with Spider-man Homecoming, was the new Castlevania anime on Netflix. And wouldn’t you know it, it was also renewed for a new season already (thank God though). I knew it would be good after seeing the trailer, but it was really good! I had a few issues with it that after the last episode, those issues kind of melted away but we’ll get more in detail with it here after these sponsors! You can skip this next paragraph and go straight to the review if you want!

Okay I don’t have sponsors I’m just going to talk a little. I’m still posting stuff to this video game news site and I’m having so much trouble trying to find ideas for it, and one I recently did was a review for the Miitopia demo because it actually surprised me. People might make fun of me and I know I’m kind of a Nintendo fanboy so I’m a little out of place on that site, I’m one of the only people posting about Nintendo stuff there. I wouldn’t call myself too much of a fanboy because I like Playstation and even PC now although I hate the PC master race people. PC is cool but the community is annoying. Anyway Miitopia! I thought the game looked completely stupid and now I’m considering buying it when it comes out because man it’s enjoyable. It’s super quirky and funny, I didn’t mention the fact that I made Miis based on anime characters on the website considering that would make me look even more ridiculous. I just had myself and then the other characters were Saitama (from One Punch Man), Rem from ReZero, and of course the best girl, Megumin from Konasuba. I had to have her there as a mage, and then later she asked for a battle cry and I was just like “YES!” and put her battlecry as “Explooooosion!” You can tell I’m a little too excited about this game. I mean it’s so goofy and weird and I love it. I mean I open up the demo and I see Bobby Hill running around the town and I just lose it. All the miis in the town are miis that other players have made which makes it just perfect. I did think the game was kind of boring after a little while since most of it is watching instead of doing stuff, but some shenanigans are just too good. I guess my point is I played this game and absolutely loved it and talked about it on the gaming site and now I’m just thinking how lame I must look. I guess it’s the little kid in me, I don’t know. Anyway I’ll stop rambling for now and go on to Castlevania:



So I don’t want to spoil too much but I am going to say some first impressions from the opening and first episode. I won’t say too much but if you want to know nothing then I recommend not reading this review before watching at least the first episode. It’s going to be hard not spoiling this one considering the length of the first season which is my first complaint, it’s only 4 episodes and apparently the second season is going to also be 4 episodes. I don’t really get why it’s so short, maybe they’re going to try to stretch it out as much as they can like for years just having 4 episodes release every year and drive people crazy with waiting. I mean the main reason I’m writing this today is because I finished it in an hour, it was nearly impossible to stop because I would look at the episode count and be like “oh I can finish this right now!” The animation is interesting sometimes it looked super cartoony while other times it was dark looking as it should be. This is going to sound terrible but at one point I thought to myself that it looked like a really good animation I might find on the internet, because it was cool looking, I love how the castle looks, pretty much exactly how it does in the games. So first thing that might be considered a spoiler, at least I didn’t know this, is that this is based on the third game on the NES. I guess there was also a manga around it, but I was convinced this was the first game. The reason this is the third game is one the opening shows the 3 characters you could switch between in the third game which includes Alucard. Alucard is so cool though, that’s all I say about him. The second thing that gives away that this is the third game is surprise surprise, the main guy is Trevor Belmont not Simon.

Which Trevor Belmont is pretty funny and I actually like his character a lot. Kind of the drunken adventurer that gets stuck fighting monsters. When the show first started, the one voice actor that stuck out to me was Dracula’s voice actor, damn he is pretty great as that character. I like how Dracula is portrayed in this show by the way. Also another negative to point out is there’s a lot more talking than I thought there would be in an anime based on a game. Give me the cross boomerangs, and the wall chicken! Joking aside, I did check out at moments where I stopped paying attention because there was too much plot happening, I guess there has to be, but it’s a show about a vampire hunter going after Dracula, that’s all you really need. The introduction to Dracula was great though and the story behind him as well as the situation was good, so there’s that. I guess the big plot is necessary but I really liked the last episode when the focus shifts to more fighting demons as it should be. The action is pretty crazy at times, with the very fluid motions of Trevor Belmont when fighting various monsters. The last episode has the best fight in the series and it just left me wanting more. I think the show probably should have been an animated movie with the length of it but it was still worth the watch. Although video game movies are usually terrible, at least we still have animations to recreate some good games such as Castlevania.

Good show, but really wish the first season was longer, it was like this build up to get me hyped up and then left me hanging, so I’m just excited for the next season. So that’s all I got for today, I’m gonna stop now so thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day and all that, goodbye for now!

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