Keijo!!! Anime Review/Thoughts

Alright, time to embarrass myself today! But what else is new? So it took me a while to actually finish this dang show, but my God I wanted to finish it just so I could say I watched the whole thing. I started watching the series a while ago, when it first came out, and I watched it as a joke because of how stupid the show looked. It turned out to be even more ridiculous than I originally thought, the premise is already so stupid and weird, but then you throw super powers into the mix and it’s just such a weird show. Also I know I didn’t put enough exclamation points in the title of Keijo, since there are a lot of exclamation points there. I’m just going to go right into it, I don’t think I can even call this a review, just me talking about it because I guess I have some thoughts on it.



So Keijo came out last year and I watched some of it, then would just stop watching it because it’s not the kind of thing I usually watch. Well, a friend of mine became obsessed with the show! We watched it together as a joke (I sort of just turned it on on Crunchyroll) and we sat through it. You can imagine that “What the f***?” was uttered several different times and we laughed at it. This isn’t really a show you can take seriously. If someone does take this show seriously I don’t even know. So if you don’t know what Keijo is, I’ll explain the premise and then you’ll probably just walk away and pretend you never knew what Keijo was after I tell you. Or you might be like me and want to marathon through the stupidity to say you did it! I’ll say right now, that I say the show is stupid but it’s stupidly entertaining. So okay Keijo is a sport (at least in the world of this anime) where young women battle it out on a platform in the middle of a pool. The catch is they can only use their butts and boobs to fight each other, it’s almost like sumo but with yeah, butts and boobs. So that’s what I knew going into this show. What I didn’t know is that they all have super powers, it’s so ridiculous, it’s straight up like Street Fighter at moments. Or Naruto as my friend kept comparing it to.

It’s just kind of crazy, dumb, and ridiculous. I mean butt and boob jokes are made nonstop and I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this considering the kind of show we’re talking about here, but spoiler warning. I can’t even imagine someone getting mad at me for spoiling Keijo. I said I was going to spoil the show and now I can’t think of what I was gonna spoil besides the weird boob and butt jokes that are made. I mean at one point the main girl says “Shoryucans” and uppercuts someone with her boobs. That one made me laugh, then there was this giant lady where they kept saying “Buttack on Titan.” It’s just absurd, the show never takes itself seriously which is one thing I liked about it. I can’t even say anything I hate about it because it’s really something that just exists. Something you watch just because of how ridiculous it is. Well, there were moments where I thought the show was kind of slow. I mean there’s an arc (I guess) where the main character goes through training pulling turnips using a rope attached to her hips. The actual Keijo matches were pretty hilarious and it’s funny how well animated they are at moments which just adds to the absurdity. I make fun of my friend for really liking the show, mainly because he will bring it up in random conversations. It’s really a show that you watch to clarify that it is in fact a thing that exists in our world. I kept trying to figure out if it’s actually a real sport considering there’s the butt war mini-game thing in Dead or Alive, where it’s the same exact game.

I’m going to stop here, because the more I write the more embarrassed I get about the fact I watched all 12 episodes of this series. Apparently it’s over now, since there is not going to be a second season. At least I heard it was over, which honestly I didn’t enjoy the show as much as my friend did, and I just thought it was a short stupid funny series to pass the time. The show did end with new characters showing their faces as if there would be a second season, but I like the idea of it being a one season thing. Anyway, I’m happy I finished a series on my list of anime series I never finished. Also I should clarify this isn’t the anime show I was talking about in a few posts before where I said I was going to review an anime that would be possibly unexpected. I’m going to try to finish that at some point, but I’m going to try and finish the short series because that’s easier to do. Well alright, I’m done here, glad I could face my fears and admit to watching through this pervy show, but it was pretty funny. Thanks for reading, I’m going to go watch something else to wash it from my brain. See you tomorrow possibly, goodbye for now!

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