Death Note Anime Review/Thoughts

It’s finally here! The moment where I talk about an anime that people have been telling me to watch for the past 9 or so years (maybe longer than that I don’t know). Death Note is in fact the anime I mentioned a little while ago as something kind of expected that I started watching about a week ago. Fun fact, Death Note is actually one of the first anime series I watched (not all the way through though) well it was the third anime series I ever watched. Not including Pokemon, I watched Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist (Original one), and Death Note. I only got about 8 episodes into it though when I first watched it. The funny thing is I saw it when it first released or at least a year after it came out. It came out in 2006 and I’m pretty sure I started it in 2007. I had a friend who didn’t tell me to watch it, he just said he was watching it, so I ended up looking it up and liking it for a little while. What destroyed this anime for me, was the hype. That’s an excuse, I kind of stopped watching the show before I knew it would become this popular thing which encouraged me to not watch it. I mean a lot of kids in middle school going into high school, wearing shirts and having bags even with Death Note all over it. I liked the show okay, but thought the hype was kind of crazy. It is a neat premise although I started having troubles finishing this show towards the end but I finally did it to say I watched Death Note, so people can’t pester me anymore telling me to watch it. Enough with the rambling, I’ll just go right into talking about it!



With the Netflix movie coming out in August, I figured I should finally sit down and watch the series. My brother also has to do with me finally watching through it, since he wanted to see it. He stopped watching at Episode 20 but I kept watching and finished it. It’s so weird, like this show has been around me constantly with people always talking about it. I mean sometimes it would die down but then someone would bring it up. I remember in my freshman year of high school there was this art class and one project was just drawing a letter and painting it and decorating it and so forth. My friend was going to do L for obvious reasons relating to Death Note and this one girl decided to do it so he got mad at her and switched letters. There were just people around me talking about the show there, and even people who don’t really watch anime were super into Death Note. I mean it’s kind of like what Attack on Titan ended up becoming when it first came out.

Although this is an older show I will still go ahead and say there may be some minor spoilers ahead, I’ll warn of major spoilers when I get to the point. Just in case you haven’t seen the show and want to, I don’t want to ruin anything so don’t read if you haven’t seen the show and want to.

Death Note is a pretty good series though, I knew this before starting it over. I had to rewatch it when I went to finish it because I forgot a lot of different things about it. I know I probably don’t have to explain the premise since it’s a pretty popular show, but to be safe. Death Note is about a notebook where you write someone’s name down and that person dies. Light Yagami ends up finding the notebook and so he takes it on himself to become justice and kill criminals who are shown on the news and even kill people he sees commit crimes right in front of him. The cops get involved trying to figure out who is behind the mass killings and then L ends up getting involved. I won’t say anymore since there are some surprises here and there. I mean the show is entertaining because of this mind game that is taking place between L and Light. L is the best character in the show by the way, it is just funny seeing him getting after Light. I saw some comments saying Light is a monster, or people saying he’s a hero. I honestly saw both of it, I thought he was definitely an antihero killing the criminals but then he would do questionable things where I actually hated him at times. L does questionable things too but wasn’t as bad as Light. I liked the whole psychological aspect there where there are consequences to actions. I mean it’s funny the show is from Light’s perspective but he is essentially the villain of the show while L is the good guy. It’s interesting. Now this show did lose me after a while where it started to get kind of old ALTHOUGH, there are still crazy moments sprinkled throughout even towards the end. I think the beginning was a lot better. I’m always hearing people tell me to watch the show up until a certain point and then just stop. I wanted to see what happens though.

Before I go further, I do plan on talking spoilers but I want to talk about some other things about the show. So the first opening song was good but then second opening song was kind of strange to me for an opening. I guess I just wanted to mention that. The ending songs are both good though, I like how the second ending and opening both sounded more metal. So okay animation was good of course considering it’s Madhouse. This show isn’t about crazy action but more about mind games and is interesting although the more it went on the more convoluted some of it was. I mean Light was believable and then the longer the show went the more unbelievable it was that he was still keeping everything secret. Like he was too smart, but I guess that was the point like he was an unstoppable force. I won’t spoil the ending but a lot of people told me it was terrible and I actually kind of liked it although it didn’t wrap up everything like it might’ve should but I still sort of liked it.



So as I mentioned before, L is my favorite character of the show and they kill him off and that’s when the show went downhill for me. I mean a few episodes before I was getting kind of bored with Light handing off the notebook to someone else. It just started getting weird at that point, with him erasing his memory. It was too convenient I guess. I knew about L’s death before but when it finally happened it was anticlimactic. Then Near, the replacement, was alright for the most part. I did like Mellow, the other replacement, because he was smart but did things differently than L which I would have preferred if he took control of the investigation instead of Near because it was a completely different person after Light. I mean I get that the point was that Near is L 2.0 and is a reminder that Light isn’t done with dealing with L yet. I don’t know, I just didn’t like Near as much as L but whatever. I did like in the end when he finally got Light, that’s honestly why I liked the ending because of how big Light thought of himself and then when he realized it was all over he flipped out. He was finally outsmarted, and then when he tried to kill someone, the guy who shot him was the one who didn’t take things as seriously. The guy that kept going on about Misa. I mean that was awesome to me, it was the one guy who was probably the most unexpected to shoot him. I was clapping at that point. I also knew Light died, I had that spoiled for me a while ago, but I didn’t know he got shot and I just thought that was kind of beautiful. Now that I think about it, as soon as the dad was out of the picture, it was easier for them to get Light. The dad didn’t want to believe his son was Kira so that kept a lot of things from even happening it seems. I mean they had to get evidence too, the suspicions couldn’t be enough. Man I’m talking a lot about this. I guess I just really liked the show but it was hard for me to finish it in the end. It started going slower and I hated how much the notebook jumped around where I liked the simplicity of just Light having the notebook and L being after him. I did like Misa though when she was introduced having the eyes. That was one complaint I had about the ending is I wanted to know what happens to her in the end. I mean they showed her on the train but that was really it.




Man that was a long paragraph, I just really needed to talk about all those things that happened. Overall, I enjoyed the show as I did years ago, but as it went the more unnecessarily complicated it got. I mean I like the simple premise resulting in complicated situations with L and the police. So good show, not sure if it’s on my list of favorite anime though but it is one worth watching if you haven’t seen it. It’s on Netflix, funny enough. I mean I am interested in the movie, a lot of people were hating on it because of the white washing, and I get it but I’m going to at least give it a chance. I do get some of the complaints. One was the name Kira, it’s in the movie but Kira is a play on the word Killer with Japanese people calling Killer Kira. So it doesn’t make too much sense taking place in America, and people are calling him Kira still. We’ll see how they explain it but yeah. Another complaint that I didn’t notice until I rewatched the trailer after being farther into the show, is L’s character is pretty different. Besides the obvious change in race, the way he acts is different. He’s not super calm as L is, but he loses his cool in the trailer throwing the phone down hitting the candy. At least he still likes sweets though right? Also they show him sitting with his feet on a chair as he does in the show, proving it is L. I can’t really say anything about Light’s character. I mean he’s Light Turner instead of Light Yagami, but he still has the same sort of way of acting. I mean they show him standing up to someone which I can’t really see him doing that. I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes. So far the one thing I love about the movie is they got Dafoe as Ryuk which I think is perfect casting considering his voice just fits. Main reason I’m looking forward to the movie is because of Willem Dafoe.

Alright I guess I’m done with talking about Death Note, the anime and looking at the movie. I will review the movie when it comes out, I’m really curious how they’re going to do it, considering a lot of things started to happen in the show that probably won’t be in the movie. I’m guessing the film will be completely different but again, we’ll see. Alright thanks for reading and goodbye for now!

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