Despicable Me 3 Review/Thoughts Plus a Mini Update Thing

It’s been a little while since I last posted something, I’ve been sorta busy. By that, I mean I went to a wedding, my cousin’s wedding. It was the first wedding I’ve been to and I’ll review it as so 3/10. It could have been better, there were no doves. I’m completely kidding by the way I’m not going to review a wedding. I’m happy for the couple but I did wish I wasn’t there. I had my little friend, Depression, come back while I was at the wedding and he has been on my back for the past few days now. I’ll probably talk more about that where that’s the mini update part of this post, but for now here’s my thoughts on the animated kid’s movie known as Despicable Me 3:



I did not plan on seeing this movie today or even anytime in the theater. So I guess that’s just something to note, that this is from the perspective of someone who didn’t intend on watching Despicable Me 3. Now before I actually talk about the 3rd film here, I will talk about the previous films so you’ll have a better idea on who is speaking right now. I liked the first film a lot and I watched it more than once. I mean it had the stupid humor with the minions but it had some heart with the family aspect and Gru, a villain, becoming a father figure for these three girls. It was cute, but now looking back on it I didn’t enjoy it as much as other people, and as the hype went on with these movies and minions marched EVERYWHERE, I started to hate it. I haven’t seen the first film in a long time, but I’ll still say it’s a good cute movies, that’s about it.

Despicable Me 2 was something else though, I thought it was also decent and I mean as one of my friends said, it added everything you might expect for a sequel to Despicable Me. I’ve only seen that movie once, for one reason. I associate it with the most awkward night of my entire life. There was this movie night I talked about a while back. It turned out to be a date night and no one even told me, and it was 3 girls, they each had guys with them, me included. The other two couples are still going strong, but me and the girl who invited me, that died that night. This is going to be a nightmare of a post to read since it will be all over the place, but trust me everything relates. The movie that night was Despicable Me 2 and I hadn’t seen it before and that whole night I had my head fixed on the screen not looking at the woman who invited me there. I constantly associate that movie with that night, with the stupid jokes and the girls laughing at the minions yelling “BANANA” and me hating every single person in the universe. Something died in me that night, something I will never get back. All kidding aside, it was awful and I didn’t want to watch that movie again or any of the other films. It had to do with that night and all the people quoting it. You know it’s funny, I’m really trying to watch what I say because it’s a kids movie, which I will clarify: What I say is my opinion and perspective, if you like these movies good for you, and I won’t discourage you from seeing it, go see it or don’t, that’s up to you. I guess I really don’t want to persuade people to not see a movie because really this is coming from someone who got sick of the minion merchandise and just everything. I did not like the minions movie by the way.

So after rambling on about the previous movies, what did I think about the 3rd film, the one I actually watched today. Well, it’s actually alright. Funny enough I started talking about how I didn’t plan on seeing it and I started to hate the other movies. I mean I went to see this with family and they wanted to see it, I would have rather watched the new Planet of the Apes but that’ll have to wait, I will watch that one though. I mean I thought Despicable Me 3 was a cute movie, not sure I will watch it again, and I realized that I always get a headache after seeing these movies. It might be the minions I don’t know, I remember liking the first one but I had a headache after watching it also. So just a weird fact to throw out there: Despicable Me gives me a headache. So positives: Trey Parker was in this film and hands down best part of the movie. I heard that he was in the movie and the best part, but really it was pretty funny. He plays the villain and is just a bunch of 80s references in one, moon walking everywhere, he has a mullet, the shoulder pads, it’s just gold. I kept thinking he reminded me of a south park character because of Trey Parker and the whole time just sounded like Stan’s dad, because Trey Parker. Okay I’ll stop saying his name, point was that he was the villain and the best part of the movie.

I hate to reference other reviews of this movie, but I watch Jeremy Jahns a lot on YouTube and he was right about this film. This will make me look not creative cheating off another reviewer but I love his reviews and just thought he was right about some parts. The specific thing is that one main plot point is Gru has a twin brother, who got split up at child birth. The dad who raised Gru’s brother was disappointed in him and liked Gru more. Well, Gru’s mom is the same way so that was something that could have been interesting, like they’re both disappointments in their parents’ eyes and I don’t know something deep I guess. I did find myself getting bored at moments because there were a lot of things happening and it felt a lot longer than it should have felt. I was surprised in how many small plots there were. You have Lucy (I think that’s her name, she’s Gru’s wife) trying to bond with the girls which I mean we didn’t get too much of that in the 2nd one so cool, then Agitha I think is her name, was trying to find a real unicorn. Then Gru with his brother, then the stuff with the villain (still best part), then the minions had a segment with them in prison and getting into trouble. Maybe not that much, but it felt like a lot of stuff going on, where the other ones were a little simpler. I mean maybe not too simple now thinking about the first one. The first one was bad guy adopts three little girls to sell cookies to another bad guy so he could break in and steal a thing, then the bad guy gets a heart while trying to steal a moon, but then the other bad guy steals the girls and the moon, and the original Bad Guy gru rescues them and blah blah. I guess, still a lot of stuff going on. I don’t know, getting back on track, I think the third movie is a good film for kids to enjoy and also parents I mean my mom and aunt were getting a kick out of it so yeah. Anyway this is mostly my perspective since a lot of things kind of bothered me where I’m not sure I will watch it again. I do think the focus was kind of weird because it’s no longer on Gru and his relationship with his kids but mostly more of a punch line, I mean the brother aspect is the family focus that these films have to have. The 2nd one was Gru hooking up with Lucy but there was still stuff with Gru trying to be a dad and all that. I’ll wrap up everything with Despicable Me 3 was enjoyable and I liked aspects of it but I had a headache afterwards and I don’t like these movies as much as I used to (well the first one) because of all the minion posts on facebook and people going crazy over stuff. It’s not funny anymore to me. Trey Parker was the best part and funniest in the movie but that’s all I got, it was okay and I guess I’m glad I watched it but that’s really it.

It kind of makes me think of Madagascar where I really liked the first one for whatever reason but I hated the other ones and just got tired of the sequels. Funny, I haven’t seen the first one in a while either. Man this post is a mess, it’s like I’m trying to not crap all over the movie, since I didn’t hate it. I’m also trying to say my thoughts on it without the possibility of pissing off someone. I guess not enough people read my stuff to even have someone angry like that. I mean again I want people who want to see it to go see it and not be turned away by me. Again I don’t have enough people reading to even have that kind of influence, I guess I’m just saying this is just me saying my thoughts on an animated kids film.


I’ll keep this short because I went on longer than I had planned with talking about Despicable Me 3. I was trying to talk yesterday but I didn’t have anything to write about. I almost talked about Camp Camp the rooster teeth series, but I can literally express my opinion of the web series in a sentence, so I gave up on that. Camp Camp is a funny web series that had me laughing out loud at the F bomb coming through the mouths of cartoon network looking characters. See, that’s all I have to say about it, I could say more which I why I wrote out a long post yesterday then scrapped it. I think Camp Camp is funny and I wanted to mention it but I’ll just throw that out right here with it’s good. It’s like after I watched Death Note and reviewed it I had nothing. I’m watching a TV series now that I really want to review when I finish the first season and I have a game I’m close to beating I want to talk about. I’ve just been kind of a mess not really wanting to do anything, there’s an anime I want to also finish and talk about but I’m so lazy. I’m trying to get the future started but that’s annoying as well. I really don’t know what I’m doing and one reason the wedding was depressing to me, like people are moving forward and I’m stuck in the same place. I’m still depressed right now but I’m trying I mean I got this review out there so that’s a tiny step, just writing something. I did apply to some retail stuff because every other job requires experience, even jobs in my degree which is funny and stupid. I’ll hopefully figure out something, but right now no one is calling besides the people I had the awkward interview with a while back. I’ve also been trying to get my YouTube channel back in business. I don’t know if I mentioned before but I make videos and I haven’t done it in a while. They’re usually stupid let’s plays but I started doing video game compilation videos. I also do just random stupid videos. Anyway:

I’ve just been annoyed with everything and I need to work somewhere but that’s just a pain because so many jobs I don’t want to do but I guess I can’t be picky. I said I would keep it short but I’m still talking, I just have no idea what I’m doing with my life and I just want to be left alone as well but that’s not the way the world works. Okay I’m done talking, rambling, and complaining. Thanks for reading all this if you did, and I mean it thank you so much for reading. If you’re having a bad day I hope things get better and if you’re having a good day, hope it stays that way. I mean the bad days make you appreciate the good days more right? So I guess all days can’t be good. Alright I’m getting all philosophical and stupid right now, point is I thank thee for reading and hope you have a great day and goodbye for now!

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