Ever Oasis Game Thoughts/Review

I wanted to keep my thoughts of this game for the other site I’m writing for, but I’m going to be more casual here with it as I usually do. So the reviews will be completely different. I just got done playing through Ever Oasis, I did a lot of side quests and there’s still stuff to do but I finished the main story of it and I’m gonna take a break from it for now. I did like the game, I’m glad I got it but the problems that some reviewers had pointed out, are there. Some of these problems didn’t bother me but just some things bothered me. I’ll go straight to it and talk about Grezzo’s newest game:



First of all, as previously mentioned Ever Oasis is made by Grezzo, the studio who brought you games such as the Zelda remakes on 3ds, “Majora’s Mask” and “Ocarina of Time” as well as Triforce Heroes. They also worked on a street pass game from what I see on their Wikipedia page. Ever Oasis is their first original game, and I mean that as in it’s not Zelda or other Nintendo IPs but their own thing. A lot of people pointed out that the game is like Secret of Mana and the other Mana games in terms of gameplay since well Koichi Ishii, who worked on the Mana series, also had his hands in this one. I can kinda see it with the combat where it is an action RPG. There’s a lot of things here from other games as many people already pointed out, but it still is an enjoyable experience. I did experience the challenge at the beginning, if you weren’t careful you would die and get sent right back to the last spot you saved at. Later on the challenge is gone as you get new abilities and some things you can even exploit with the whole aqua gate thing that lets you teleport right back to your oasis. The game really is a good time waster that is easy enough that you can just sit back and relax while fighting monsters and collecting goodies for your oasis.

It’s also cute, I mean with the characters, it’s all really cute looking. So the visuals are alright here, they work and I don’t have a problem with them. I almost didn’t buy the game because of the cutesy look where it kind of looked like a My Sims game to me sort of. It’s not at all, just the characters are all chibi looking. The music and sound is alright but I kept my sound off most of the time since I would be listening to my own music while playing it. I had a good time playing Ever Oasis and listening to random music on YouTube. Now before I go further I want to make something clear, I’ve read a lot of reviews that were kind of harsh. I mean I don’t rate games but I would probably give the game maybe an 8.5/10. I wouldn’t go past that though, but I think one review said it was a 5/10 while others gave it a 7.9 or something. I don’t care too much about scoring games but I do understand where some of the reviews come from, and so I’m going to say negatives but to clarify I still enjoyed the game. I liked the game where it’s a cute little game to waste some time and take a break from Breath of the Wild or even Persona.

So what are the problems of the game? Well sometimes there’s too much to do, which usually too much to do is a good thing but some things are annoying to keep track of. So I like the Oasis aspect of it because it’s like a smaller scale Animal Crossing where you manage this Oasis town, building shops and doing side quests to help new villagers where they’ll stay and then you can upgrade your Oasis to make it bigger and so forth. I like the side quest system in that way where you get a lot from it instead of just experience and money but a bigger town to have more stuff in. Now here’s the down side. Each shop sells different stuff and I honestly wish you didn’t have to manage it always having to make sure stuff is in stock. It does give you something to do while out exploring the big desert. Which while I’m at it with saying the big desert, I read a review that listed over reliance on fast travel as a negative and I just want to say any game that is open, I want to be able to fast travel and I will. Sometimes I miss things fast traveling but that’s on me not of the game, since fast travel is a good thing to have or else back tracking becomes super annoying. The game gives you a lot of stuff to do which is sometimes annoying but oh well. The story is alright nothing special, I tried to skip a lot of the text, I did think to myself “oh that’s sad!” at one part in the game. It’s probably obvious but this isn’t a game you play for the story but the story isn’t bad just kind of there.

Characters are alright, the only one who really sticks out is the water spirit lady, nothing much to characters. The game is fun and sometimes even addicting fighting monsters all while keeping up with the oasis and leveling it up. I mean it reminds me of Dark Cloud with all the exploring an area and getting stuff to level up the town, providing for shops and so forth. I think Dark Cloud does it better with having an open sand box type area to put all the shops you find but still. Also the leveling up system is funny, it’s where you don’t level up until you return to the Oasis where you keep getting exp until returning. It’s weird and the only time I’ve ever seen the mechanic is in Final Fantasy 15. Ever Oasis takes different mechanics from different games and sometimes it’s too much but I do like all the things the game tries out, oh gosh I almost forgot the biggest problem I had with this game. The switching out of party members is awful. I mean I really hate it and it got in the way so many times. There are so many different abilities you need to progress or get items but you can only have 3 party members which is a usual thing, but only being able to switch out members at the oasis is annoying. The aqua gate teleporting ability makes it easy but it wastes more time than it should. I mean each character has 1 or 2 abilities so there’s this constant switching out of party members. With that said I do like that any of the villagers you get can be brought with you out exploring. That’s the positive about it, but needing certain abilities and having to go back to the oasis to switch out. Dark Cloud also had this with switching out characters for different abilities but Dark Cloud you could do it in the dungeon while here, you have to go back to the oasis and it’s a pain.

Ever Oasis has some cool dungeons though where it’s very Zelda like even which considering what Grezzo has worked on, makes complete sense. So overall I like the game, I’m glad I played it and I beat the game which I wouldn’t of done if I hadn’t liked it so keep that in mind. I also wanted to review it so that has a part in it but I liked the game. It had issues but it was fun while I played through it. It was a short cute journey which lasted a little longer than I expected, I think 30 hours maybe. Alright I’m done talking for now.

Okay Ever Oasis is good, but now I gotta move to other games and try to even find a job finally. I don’t know I’m still depressed but feeling a little better than yesterday. Thanks for reading and that’s all I got for now so goodbye and hope you have a great day and all that.



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