The Leftovers Season 1 Thoughts/Review

So I’ll admit I’m not much of a TV person. I like The Walking Dead, some of the CW superhero shows, and some Netflix series (Stranger Things and Marvel shows). I mean lately I have been watching series that I’ve skipped out on for a while such as The Office (which is now one of my favorites). I mean the main thing is I have trouble watching shows with 40 minute-1 hour episodes. I tend to get bored of them and I don’t know I guess it’s more time consuming than something with 20 minute episodes like a lot of anime series have. I guess I’m rambling on about this because I found another show that is up there already as one of my favorite series. Also should mention, I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones…That’s the show that people get mad at me for not watching. I watched the first episode then just stopped, I thought it was alright but the hype kind of killed that one. I think I became a fan of The Walking Dead before it became super hyped so that’s why the hype hasn’t killed that one for me. I sound like a hipster, but I’m just saying sometimes people talk too much about a show and it makes it hard for me to watch it. With that said I have regrettably over hyped shows for some friends so I’m just as bad. Anyway I saw a trailer a while ago for the third season of this HBO series, The Leftovers. I never heard of it before and didn’t know anything about it, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone even talk about it. Fast-forward a bit after seeing that trailer, I come across a tribute video that had scenes from the show edited together with the song “where is my mind?” which fits with this show honestly. I was interested in the amount of emotion shown in the video and after reading a synopsis of the show, I immediately watched the first episode and was hooked. Now warning, I may be spoiling things from the first few episodes and if you want to know absolutely nothing I suggest just going straight into it because it is a great show. I’ll just be talking about characters and story as established in the first few episodes so just warning ya. Here’s my thoughts on the first season of the Leftovers:



There are a lot of good things to say about this show where I don’t know many negatives I can even say about the show, but I think I do have a few so I’ll try. I will start with the summary of the show without spoiling anything. You know it’s funny, this is a show that I think is kind of hard to spoil because a lot of things happen and that video I was talking about spoiled some things but it was stuff I didn’t even understand until I actually saw it in the show itself. I mean of course there are the obvious things I can spoil (which I won’t) but the spoilers definitely have more impact when you see them in the show. I guess that’s with every show but yeah. So Story Summary,

STORY: The show begins with an event that changes everything, between how people act and just how the world operates in general. The event is known as the “Sudden Departure” and is basically a rapture sort of event as talked about in the Bible and the book “Left Behind.” Basically, a bunch of people just vanish out of nowhere with no trace as to where they went, 140 million people to be exact (thanks wikipedia). The show follows the Garvey family 3 years after the departure with other characters also around which are all very interesting. That sounds sarcastic but I’m serious, all the characters are really interesting, although a few annoyed me which is one of the negatives I have about the show, but there are always characters like that I suppose. The interesting thing about the series, is although there are obvious religious elements with the event being similar to the rapture, the series treats it as something that isn’t as obvious. It’s not black and white with all the innocent children and people who have faith vanishing going to heaven while all the sinners and people who don’t believe are left on Earth in an apocalyptic time. I mean you see kids left on Earth while their parents disappear. People arguing about what happened where different people have different ideas and characters such as Matt Jamison who is convinced it’s not the rapture because a some people that departed were in fact terrible people as he did research. It’s just interesting and a twist on the Left Behind story. Also there are different cults that emerged from this event where the big religions are mostly left behind for these cults that are causing mayhem. That left behind joke was unintentional by the way. I do feel kind of bad for the main character, Kevin Garvey, although he does some questionable things where he seems like a bad guy but his son and wife ditch him for two different cults and that’s no bueno.

CHARACTERS:    I could go on and on about how interesting the story is and how it twists this old story about the rapture into something different. I mean there are characters that appear to be saviors and false prophets but I haven’t seen any blatantly obvious Anti-Christ type characters. It’s definitely a situation where a rapture event happens but there are too many questions left around for someone to just assume it’s the rapture because it’s different. Alright I’m still talking about the story but let’s talk about characters. I like nearly all of them and think they are developed in interesting ways, I just think they are good characters. First one is Justin Theroux as Kevin Garvey, I should mention all the acting is phenomenal, even the characters I’m not a fan of, the acting from all of them is amazing. Justin Theroux kind of reminds me of Hugh Jackman in a weird way, I think it was his voice at moments, but anyway. Kevin Garvey is interesting because he appears to be losing his mind, while he lost his son and wife to cults, and is slowly losing his daughter. He has anger issues which understandably so, he’s the police chief in a small town and gets in arguments with the mayor at moments as he warns about the cult. I mean he’s going crazy and his dad already went insane so he has a lot to deal with and is just interesting. Going from there, Margaret Qualley as Jill Garvey, is the daughter who is kind of a rebellious teen but honestly the show handles drama so well, Jill isn’t whiny or even the typical rebellious teen as I called here some words ago. She is with the wrong crowd even though her friend is awesome, her friend defends Kevin Garvey at moments saying “he’s trying his best.” I don’t know I found that interesting because you don’t see friend characters like that that much. I think they usually agree with their friend saying “yeah your dad is an ass.” I guess just worth a mention. Jill’s relationship with her mom is kind of interesting because she hates her for leaving to join a cult but still wants to be with her. I didn’t like the mom too much because I thought it was messed up that she left for the cult, I mean she’s there for her own reasons. Although Kevin isn’t sinless it was harsh leaving without saying a word, then worse leaving her daughter without saying anything. I mean she has moments but I didn’t like her as much as other characters. Same with the son, I guess I had issues with the Cult members. Which one of the characters I liked the least was Liv Tyler’s character Megan Abbott, she just annoyed me. Also should mention this cult before I go further, the cult dresses all in white, smokes, and just stares down people they do research on. They’re living reminders of the departure as they put it. Honestly I completely understand why they get hit a lot of the time because they deserve it with how they act. They’re not violent but it just pushes people staring and even breaking into people’s houses. I really hated the cult, I saw some things saying how necessary the cult is and I get that but they really do deserve to get punched. Megan Abbott bothers me because she joins this cult but she gets mad at people who get mad at her where it’s like she’s just this big hypocrite. That was the one negative is I had trouble watching the show when focused on the cult although it was necessary. I’m going on about characters but it is important so I’ll mention 2 more important players in this show. My favorite character is probably Nora Durst, played by Carrie Coon. Carrie Coon just does a good job as all the actors do, but I just really liked her character. She’s sarcastic, and although she lost all of her family to the departure she’s not melodramatic. The drama in this show just feels real, it’s not drama to draw in viewers it feels real and it’s awesome. Nora Durst is just the chance that someone would lose their family to the departure, so she deals with this pain constantly but she’s also smart, says the wrong things at time, going crazy as well, and is just human. I don’t know I really liked Nora Durst. Another good character is Matt Jamison played by Christopher Eccleston, which is funny because it took me a while to figure out that it was the same guy who played the doctor in doctor who. Well one of the doctors. I hate doctor who honestly but I did try to watch it and watched the first few episodes of the new series and those episodes had Eccleston which I like him even more as I watched The Leftovers. He’s one of those characters that deserves to get hit as well as the cult but I do think he’s important because he is a reverend that did research on different people who departed and figured out that a lot of people were pretty terrible. He’s convinced he knows what happened and he does good things as well as terrible things so he was pretty interesting.

Man that was a long paragraph but I just needed to talk about the characters because it’s a huge drawing point for this series. The show is dramatic and has enough events happen to keep me watching, I never thought it was boring, except some of the cult stuff because it just annoyed me. I kind of did like Patti who is the cult leader, she’s like a villain I love to hate. Not really a villain but you get the idea. I didn’t really like the opening because I felt like it didn’t fit the tone of the show. I’m talking about the opening credits song, I mean I get it but after seeing the season 2 opening I think that fits it more. The music by the way is also great and adds to the emotion because there is a lot of emotion and the music honestly makes some parts just great. I can’t think of many soundtracks of shows where I really liked it, besides songs, just the score was great. The song choice was good too but yeah. So overall, I’m excited to keep watching this show and the season finale was just fantastic I got chills from it. I watched the first two episodes of the second season and think it’s kind of weird, I like the second episode but first episode was weird. There were some episodes that dragged on a bit but most of it was completely necessary and the show couldn’t do without any episodes in there. I appreciate how short the season was with 10 episodes. I mean I like The Flash, for example, but hate how it goes on for 20 something episodes. I am just excited I found a great show to watch although it’s over but I can binge through it because it is pretty great. I’m surprised I didn’t hear much about it before but jeez it’s so good! I recommend it definitely.

So The Leftovers is great and there’s an anime I need to finish that I found my brother watching that was pretty hilarious. I will get to that later hopefully. I’ve been kind of distracted yet again, it took me a while just to write this review because I didn’t want to write. Kind of a mini update but I said I was putting in job applications and I did get a full time job I’m just waiting for the background check to come back so I can start. I’m excited but nervous to go back to work but it’ll give me some money and stuff to do so there’s that. I guess that was one good thing, I did get angry yesterday and flip out because of reasons, but I drove to Walmart and picked up Splatoon 2 so there’s another review to look forward to. I love it so far by the way, only played a few hours but I am so happy to be back in the world of Splatoon! Okay I’m done now, I don’t have much else to say so thanks for reading all this and goodbye for now!

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