GAMERS! Anime First Impressions: Daryl’s Thoughts on Episodes 1-3

So the summer anime season is here and I’ve been neglecting my duties of watching some first episodes. I mean I don’t even do first impressions a lot, I think I did one with Mob Psycho 100 a while back, but now I have another series I really want to talk about, GAMERS! I would wait til the whole series is out so I could just give a full review of it but as I started watching it I just kept thinking: “I have to talk about it!” As of this morning I’ve seen 3 episodes which is all that’s out at the moment. I mean there’s the three episode rule for anime to decide if you continue watching it right? Well this one passed that rule and I’m going to finish this series because it’s great. I mean I’m a gamer, and now there’s this show about gamers and surely it wouldn’t just be making fun of geeks such as The Big Bang Theory, right? To me it’s a pretty good representation of gamers and a lot of the characters remind me of people I actually know so that’s good. Plus the show does take some things a little seriously while most of it is a comedy and I was laughing pretty hard as well. I am going to go into some detail about certain things here so if you want to go into this knowing nothing, read no further. Just giving you a warning, I will go easy with details on episode 3 considering it just came out less than an hour ago. Alright here’s my first impressions of GAMERS!



Not really much to spoil with a show like this, but I’m just giving a warning because details and all that. Of course there have been plenty of anime series before revolving around gamers so this is nothing new. So I originally wasn’t going to watch this although I really should watch as many first episodes as I can of each season just to possibly find something I like. Well anyway, what got me to watch this was a promo video from VRV where it was just recommended to me on facebook, not even from any of my friends that “liked” it on facebook. It was just a random video suggested to me, so I watched it because it looked cute enough. Well, it was really cute, it was a scene from the second episode with this one dude at a claw machine (Tasuku) and his girlfriend (Aguri) was telling him why she loves him where he thought it was just about his face. However, she liked him in middle school which was his “dark years” so she just liked him for him and I don’t know, it was just cute. With that said, that’s one problem I do have about the show. I will be praising the show more here, but I have to say the one problem I have with it. That problem is with the fact that the girls in this show just sort of like the guys out of nowhere. I mean the main love interest is between the girl you see above, liking the main character, and him being pretty oblivious to it. To me it’s kind of random that she likes him. I guess I have the same problem with the pink haired girl and the claw machine guy where there’s not much of a reason for it other than “he’s passionate about gaming awesome!” I do get that it’s a harem or something similar to one, but the fact that Tendou is the “cutest girl at the school” and she has a thing for Amano who is gaming loner character. It’s weird although it is amusing seeing her get rejected by the guy who is out of her league.

Alright that’s a long paragraph, I just have issues with the reasons for Tendou (the blonde) liking Amano (main character person). I mean Tendou does have the gaming club so that’s her reasoning for going after him, so I kind of buy that but then when he turns her down she mentions she likes being around him, but she just met him. I don’t know whatever it’s just the typical harem set up I guess. I mean I saw two nerds get together before where it was kind of random. I guess gamer likes gamer so that’s the reasoning? I don’t know. Alright sorry for kind of ranting there about harems or whatever. The first episode was alright, it made me laugh but the second episode was where I really wanted to continue watching the show.

So first episode, Tendou confronts Amano and they meet up at a gaming club which I hope this show stays out of the gaming club. I mean I love the fact that Amano turns down the club. That’s one thing the show does well so far, Amano just likes gaming, he doesn’t want to be the best at it he just likes playing video games. I thought it was hilarious when all the characters start saying why they like gaming and Amano doesn’t really have a reason while one of the characters says they got in an accident so the puzzle games help them focus. It’s just dramatic reasons like that but Amano just likes video games and doesn’t have much of a reason for it. Plus he sucks at multiplayer games which I can relate. I just could really relate to him as a loner gamer person but again love interests are pretty unbelievable here. I do hope we get more development with characters later which we probably will. I mean I like Tasuku because he’s just a closeted geek that is trying so hard to be different from his middle school self who was just a huge nerd. I can see Tendou getting more developed as the show goes, I mean there was the caption when she showed up that said “she will lose it all and it will be his fault.” I mean that made me laugh and again it’s funny seeing the most popular girl in school get turned down by the most introverted also average guy in the school.

Again second episode is when I liked the show more and it actually got me a little emotional. I really relate with Amano and they show him having fun playing games with Tasuku, then he runs away suddenly when seeing Tasuku’s friends show up. I mean he has the quote of “why would you want me around since you have a life after all” I mean that quote is relatable in itself. Then Tasuku starts yelling at him, and it’s all so emotional then becomes a comedic moment when Amano flips out on him for dissing the club. I mean I guess that’s a reason for Tendou liking Amano more? I don’t know. The two guys have the most development so far in just that episode where I hope Tendou and Aguri get more developed. I mean Aguri was developed a little bit more in episode 3 but I’ll get to that in a bit. I mean I do appreciate the show for being about gaming but actually understanding video games. I say that because there was this compilation of TV shows and what they think of gamers, where it showed episodes of CSI or whatever else and the gaming is overexaggerated. I mean it’s cringe worthy because it’s obvious the writers don’t know anything about video games and they try to use gaming lingo but it comes out weird. GAMERS! just has characters that enjoy games and not constantly saying things that you would see in a chat log on an mmo, they actually seem like people. Amano has moments where he gets really pumped up about games but it seems like something a real gamer might get excited about.

Episode 3 Talk

So I wanted to make a section just for Episode 3 because it just came out today and I do want to talk about it so if you haven’t seen the episode you can skip this if you want. I mean technically you can skip the whole post but still. So I was kind of excited for episode 3 when I finished episode 2 last night because they finally showed Amano meeting Chiaki for the first time, and Chiaki was shown different times just playing games and not much else. She’s also the person Amano has been messaging on this one mobile game but doesn’t know it yet. At least that’s what I think is going on. I do like her, and think Amano and Chiaki is the one ship (or whatever) that actually makes sense. Amano gets pushed by Tasuku to talk to her although he is nervous about it so there was actually a reason for them talking in the first place. Then Chiaki is just as passionate about games as Amano where they are essentially the same person and get worked up over little details. I guess I think out of the girl characters Chiaki actually seems like a real person, which again hopefully Aguri and Tendou get developed more but so far their only development is they like guys basically. I mean the comedy in the show does make up for these things and I do find it funny that Aguri gets super jealous when seeing Tasuku talk to other girls, I mean I kind of get that because Tasuku did say he didn’t have much of a reason for dating Aguri. Then he likes her more when she tells him why she confessed to him in the first place, so he was dating her for no apparent reason but then starts liking her. I mean that’s pretty different. I actually was sort of convinced she was going to turn into a yandere with how she was glaring at Chiaki but the show seems too light hearted for that sort of thing I guess. I do think that the next episode will develop Aguri a bit more since we have her getting depressed over Tasuku calling Chiaki cute and Chiaki going after Tasuku. There’s just a bunch of drama which is also hilarious because of the fact Amano is getting stuck in the middle because Chiaki was even jealous of him for spending time with Tasuku. I have to catch my breath. There’s just a lot of high school drama which is entertaining and I kept laughing at Amano coming across Tendou. Every time, Amano would say something implying he was seeing a girl which I was feeling bad for Tendou although it’s all just misunderstanding and Amano is still just the loner gamer getting stuck in all this drama nonsense.

Episode 3 Talk Over


So overall I really like the show, I think it’s funny and again it’s pretty cute with an alright art style. I do want to see Aguri and Tendou have more character which I’m sure they will, we’re only at episode 3. I mean it’s hilarious but some of the “having a crush on someone” bothers me because it makes no sense at times. I think I’ve rambled enough, this might be the most messy of a post I’ve made but I did really want to talk about this show because I thought it was cute and fun to watch and I’m looking forward to the rest of the show coming out. I’ll try to check out some other summer anime series today and see what else I can just go on and on about here. Also can I just mention, the opening is pretty great? Because it is great. It shows off different video games with the characters being certain sprites from games and I laughed pretty hard at the sight of the street fighter continue screen and other video game references. I don’t know I just love the visuals in the opening, the song is good too but it’s just a great opening thing.

I was thinking about reading through the light novels but I think I’m just going to wait for episodes as they come out. I’m sorry for rambling so much with this one but I had a lot to say and I thank you for reading it if you did. I mean how else did you get to this point right now? Unless you skipped all the way to the problem, which I guess just thanks for being here? I don’t even know. Thanks again for reading and I’m going to just stop now and possibly watch another first episode to hopefully find another potential good show. If you have watched the first few episodes of this here show, what do you think about it? I guess I’ll just throw out that question then say goodbye for now!

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