Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) First Four Episodes First Impressions

So I mentioned in the GAMERS! first impression that I wanted to try some other first episodes of anime series and do more first impression stuff just so I have more to talk about here at Dandy Daryl. I will be honest, I watched the show and wasn’t going to write anything about it and just wait til a review if I even finish the show. However, right now I really just want to write and it’s between this and some steam games I played earlier which I guess will have to wait. You can skip this paragraph if you just want to read my first impressions of the anime. I’ll also be honest with the reason I’m writing this right here right now which most of the time it is just the reason of I want to write. Today is different though, I had orientation at a retail job I have now that I will not reveal the name of the store. Orientation was alright but I was getting more and more annoyed as it went on. I mean 6 hours of just listening to someone talk about the store and what not can drive a man insane. It was still okay though, the orientation leader or whatever was really nice and even kind of funny but I was annoyed by some things throughout the day. It’s mainly the fact I’m not a morning person and the orientation was earlier although it could be earlier so I’m not complaining too much but I have to go early again tomorrow for computer training and whatnot. I am glad I have Monday off at least, but I realized that every time I have work I almost look forward to nothing and just wait til I have to work again since I’m so stressed out by it that I just sit, do nothing, and worry myself to death. It’s like every time I have a job I have trouble doing anything outside of work, I guess that’s why I want to be a writer so bad although that’s work too I know. Well anyway you probably don’t want to hear me ramble so I’ll get on with the first impressions. I should really keep my ranting or complaining about life to other posts and not merge them with reviews and first impressions but whatever Dandy Daryl is not just about Reviews, it’s about life! Or something…. Anyway here’s my first impressions on Love and Lies (Koi to Uso)


I watched the first four episodes of this series because it honestly sounded the most interesting out of the summer 2017 anime season (besides Gamers!) when I was browsing through shows. There was another one I really wanted to watch but the video was crap and an ad kept playing that was driving me crazy. I know I know, adblock like everyone says but nah. Anyway I just kept thinking I don’t enjoy this show as much as Gamers! and I kept watching it mainly so I can talk about it here which is mainly why I was gonna scrap this post, but again I really need to just talk. So here’s the plot synopsis spoiler free so you can decide if you’re interested before you read the rest since I will talk specifics about it for those who would prefer to know nothing about it.

Plot: Well it’s simple, it’s about arranged marriages but not how they are in real life. I know arranged marriages exist, but this is a world where at the age of 16 everyone receives a notification telling them who they are paired with based on genetics and blah blah blah. The government pairs up everyone and falling in love with someone outside of who the government tells you to pair up with is discouraged with. Honestly the plot sounded so dramatic and I was thinking about all the things it could do and how possibly crazy it could get. I know it’s a romance more than a thriller or psychological show but the premise does sound like something where it would just be emotional. This isn’t that kind of show though and I’ll explain as we go here. If you’re interested in the premise as much as I was, feel free to leave and check it out because I’m going to talk details and some theories I have. The show is sadly not on Crunchyroll but I’m sure you can find it on some random anime streaming site. I mean there’s a lot of em.

Episode 1: Okay so episode 1 starts with the premise I gave and it follows Nejima, who is just turning 16, so as you see in the description he is about to get his notification on who he is going to marry. However, he’s fallen in love with someone that isn’t who he’s told to marry and that is Takasaki. I do like the premise because the two get together pretty quick but then you guess it Nejima gets the notification and it’s someone else he has to marry GASP. I really wanted to drop this show when Nejima and Takasaki paired up because Nejima confesses he has feelings for Takasaki, then she turns him down, but later meets him at a park at night to reveal she actually does like him. It’s like what I was talking about with GAMERS! with there not being a reason for love really, I mean they’ve been watching each other for years and then just decide yeah LOVE is real. I don’t know kind of weird. It’s actually worse than GAMERS! GAMERS! makes more sense with the love interests which is strange to say after I went on that kind of rant last time. Anyway, they like each other but Takasaki decides they can’t be together because Nejima is supposed to marry someone else although at the very beginning they make a vow not to get married which was most likely a joke but still! So the first episode the two pair up and kiss, make out, all that stuff. That was really it.

Episode 2: Episode 2 was a little better because Nejima goes to meet his arranged wife who is actually kind of an interesting character. Ririna is super smart but she is a social outcast, other people don’t really like her but she quickly is able to talk to Nejima. The reason I like her though is she’s assigned to marry Nejima but doesn’t like anything about him which that could change where we’ll get a real love triangle! She is very interested in Nejima’s love life as he tells her about Takasaki, and she instantly falls in love with the idea. I mean it’s interesting because falling in love is not ordinary in this world because everything is set up so she’s just like “yeah! I want to help you because real love yo!” Now I’m going to start blending episodes together, I’m sorry but I can’t remember which episodes have which moments in them. So with that said I’ll just push the rest to a section episodes 3-4 below:

Episodes 3-4: I’m forgetting which moments happened in which episode and I’m trying to not spoil anything which I might have for episode 2 but I won’t for these two episodes. Well I mean I will here but not above this paragraph. So Ririna decides she wants to pair up Nejima and Takasaki which I believe was talked about in Episode 2 where she thinks they need to be together instead of her and Nejima. I get the idea that she will fall in love with Nejima but I like her just being the character that is interested in love but doesn’t really see herself in it. One part made me laugh which I think was episode 3. Ririna meets up with Takasaki where they start talking and all Takasaki can talk about is Nejima and asks Ririna what she likes most about Nejima. I mean it completely fails that one rule of movies, I don’t know what it’s called. It’s the test where two women in a room talk and if they talk about anything not concerning a guy it passes the test, basically a test that would prove them as individual characters. But yeah Ririna and Takasaki failed that test, mostly Takasaki because so far to me that’s her character, she likes Nejima and that’s it. I mean I do like that Takasaki tells Ririna that she should try to go for Nejima. I mean the plot of the show is funny because it’s like all the romance is already set up but characters are having trouble hooking up because of the laws with government since Nejima is literally set up with someone who isn’t the love interest. Now I gotta talk about the plot point that funny enough, interests me the most. There’s a character who is one of Nejima’s male friends, his name is Nisaka. I just really want to know what’s up with him because it’s different. There’s no talk of him pairing up with anyone through arranged marriage but most girls do like him because he’s sexy or whatever. Anyway, Nisaka has issues with Takasaki where they share death glares when passing by each other. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on there which I kind of have an idea but I’m still unsure. So funny thing about him is he has a thing for Nejima, in episode 3 I think, he kisses Nejima when he’s sleeping in a classroom. It kind of caught me off guard but I was thinking something was up with him. So with that said, my first theory about him was that he got matched up with Takasaki in the marriage thing but they’re both keeping it a secret since they just do not like each other but they’re supposed to marry. I mean later they show them talking where I really think they’re paired up and don’t want to be. My other theory was they were siblings but that’s probably not right. I mean in Episode 4 Nejima gets Nisaka to agree to go camping with him, Ririna, and Takasaki, so hopefully the next episode has them camping and reveals some stuff. I don’t know why I’m mostly interested in that aspect, I guess because the relationship between these two characters. I do like that Nisaka has a thing for Nejima, I don’t know it just sort of changed things up.

Anyway to sum up what I think about this show. I think it’s kind of cheesy. Okay really cheesy but it has it’s moments like the mystery behind Nisaka and Takasaki is drawing in. Plus Ririna is interesting, where I kind of wish she was the main love interest instead of Takasaki but that would defeat the purpose of the plot being about love over these arranged marriages. I was really expecting more drama which there is but I was thinking like the government sending in people to make sure Takasaki and Nejima don’t get together, like it would be so controlled that love would be absolutely outlawed. I mean the whole thing is that marriage is planned through genetics since birth and that happiness is just planned. There’s kind of less rebellion than I was expecting. I mean I wasn’t thinking overthrowing a government type thing but Ririna is the most rebellious one wanting the two main love interests to hook up despite her arranged marriage with Nejima. I mean Nejima and Takasaki do kiss after the notice so that’s rebellion? But there’s no consequence yet. I get it’s a romance, but I feel like there should be something with the government catching on to them doing this stuff and trying to prevent it at whatever costs. Maybe that would be too dark I don’t know.

So I like the show alright, although I probably would have dropped it at episode 1 but I do want to know more about Nisaka so we’ll see. I’ll probably finish it since it’s only gonna be 12 episodes right? Probably. I am a little nervous because when I was looking up pictures there were some raunchy looking stuff from the manga, which I can actually see it happening with how the kissing is animated. Who knows? Well people who read the manga sure. Alright I’m done talking about the show, I don’t enjoy it as much as GAMERS! and I think GAMERS! is a lot cuter plus is just a funny show that shows promise to have good character development. Koi To Uso has an interesting premise which hopefully picks up a little bit later. Also it does have a good intro so that’s something. I like it alright and will try to finish it. It’s hard deciding on shows looking at the summer 2017 anime season list because a lot of them are cliche and typical. Again I saw one that I don’t remember the title of, but the art style interested me. It looked like an anime version of Shadow of the Colossus/ ICO. To me it did at least.

Alright I’ll be sure to check out the rest of this series as it comes out. I should really stop talking and get to sleep so I can start the day tomorrow, I’m just so stressed out about things that will most likely be okay. I think I will watch that anime I was talking about towards the end there, just one episode then I’ll go to sleep because I am pretty tired. Anyway thanks for listening to me ramble and reading all this if you did. As usual goodbye for now and I’ll try to post something later hopefully. See ya!

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