Tsuredure Children Anime First Impressions

Why aren’t there more shows like this? Seriously, this show is cute and I just like the way episodes are structured. Turedure Children has short episodes that are 13 minutes long each, but it works although I wish they were longer just because I really enjoy this one. This is another show I probably wouldn’t have watched if it wasn’t for just wanting an anime to watch to talk about. Plus this was one that was really nice to watch that took my mind off work and just life in general. I mean this is the third high school anime I’ve talked about in a row but yeah this one’s good. I think out of the three Gamers! is the one I actually would have checked out regardless of doing a first impressions post on it. So far Gamers! and Tsuredure Children are my favorite series of this season. Now same rules apply for this first impressions, where I will talk about the plot in the next paragraph then after that I will be going into detail on episodes 1-4. So if you haven’t seen the show, you can read the plot synopsis see if you’re interested then go watch it if you are. Just saying I will be saying spoiler stuff or as much as I can spoil for something like this so okay here we go!


dec04dbcd96f52536fd25439d45487841499177523_fullSo you’re gonna have to bare with me, I’m currently looking up characters but there are a lot so I’m not going to know everyone. I mean with the plot summary I’m pretty sure I can just get away with not saying any names. To sum it up, this is a show about confessions and characters not able to do it, well they try. I love that it focuses on that though because it’s not just straight forward “I like you” it’s characters actually struggling trying to say their feelings to someone. Like I said there are a lot of characters and the plot summary I read before I saw the show brought up that everyone is a main character and everyone who watches it could find someone they relate with. I mean it’s pretty true that everyone in this show is a main character. I haven’t really seen a character having more screen time so far, except for maybe two characters but it’s pretty balanced and there’s no “main couple.” I mean the show is just cute and happy with funny moments that make it a good watch for someone just trying to forget their day. I don’t know why I’m so into romances at the moment but I really like this one. Alright next paragraph I’m going into detail about characters and things so if you want to know nothing, don’t read on.


The episodes are quick and a lot of stuff happens in one episode, so forgive me I’m just going to talk about what I remember from the series so far so I can’t really split it up here. I’m going to mainly talk about characters through descriptions because lists of characters are a pain right now because there are so many. This is going to be difficult and people may not even know what I’m talking about half the time here but it’s all I can really do I think. So the first episode opens with a girl confessing to a guy, and one reason I’m mentioning these two is they don’t show up again in the series so far. I’m sure they will turn up again but they are the one pairing that isn’t seen as much as the others. I mean they’re probably the most straight forward pairing which is probably why. The guy is apart of the soccer club, the girl calls him out in the cold they stand there as she’s trying to confess which she can’t. It really sets up the mood for the rest of the show since she can’t confess and the guy is waiting for a confession but doesn’t want to say anything to take away her moment and there’s the monologue happening in his head. I love the thought cycle of these characters where they’re all so confused and it’s just perfect. I really like this show. I watched this instead of the series I was talking about yesterday, mainly because it was on crunchyroll while the other one isn’t. I was also going to just watch one episode and ended up getting caught up instead. I mean not a big deal since the episodes are so short but it made me laugh quite a bit. The beauty of the show is there are a lot of characters so it does feel like someone will find at least one character they relate to. I found like 4 characters I related to when watching through just these four episodes.

I’m mainly going to talk about the pairings I liked the most but I’ll mention as many as I can here. There’s the pairing of a guy and girl where the guy is super serious but the girl is constantly messing with him. It is funny because I think out of anyone these two show up the most in the show. The guy also has a sister that is a little overly attached and doesn’t want him dating anyone. I mean it’s funny because the guy likes her but doesn’t want to say it because she’s constantly poking at him and tells him she likes him but he doesn’t want to reject her so he’s just not answering her. I mean it’s a pretty funny relationship, my favorite part is when she tells him to say something then or she’ll just give up on him which he just thinks it’s a bluff and tries to figure out what to do, but then she texts him to stop staring at her when she’s not looking. So, he’s just like “how did she know?” which reveals to her that he was staring and does have feelings for her. So she’s just constantly messing with him and it’s just funny. One pairing I liked, that I did relate to the guy in the relationship. They’re introduced as already dating but the guy doesn’t know they are and just thinks they’re really good friends. I mean it starts out with her talking to a friend about how they haven’t kissed but have been together for quite some time. The only reason I relate to the guy is he’s constantly joking around and getting hit by her for it. Then he reveals that when she confessed to him he straight up just thought it was a comedy bit which honestly something I picture myself doing although I usually pick up on it (at least I would hope I do). I watch all these romance shows but I haven’t really been in any relationship besides maybe one. Anyway that relationship is funny because so far it’s the only actual couple in the show doing coupley things you know?

Well alright I have to say the one character I related to possibly the most, and it was funny because I saw him in the opening and just thought “that’s going to be the character I’m most like” and sure enough it was. The only thing is they show him being super nice where I don’t think I’m that nice, I try to be but yeah. He’s the guy in the show that has big eyes that look like Rock Lee from Naruto. He stops a dude from groping this girl on a train so she likes him for that and also seeing him do nice things on the bus such as give up his seat for the elderly. I mean I related to him just for the fact that the whole time he goes on a date with this girl he’s freaking out and thinking about how ugly he is. He also thinks that the girl thought he was creepy when he went to stop the dude on the train. I mean she just thinks he’s funny when he’s legit freaking and trying to not make things awkward. It was just a funny thing that the character I thought I would relate was the character I relate to the most in this show. The other guy I saw too much of myself in was this guy who couldn’t find anything he was remotely interested in, but then gets invited into the astronomy club where he thinks “maybe this is it” after meeting a girl who is super passionate about the club.

There are so many different things happening in this show where I do want to see more of the character that I see myself in and the cute girl he’s with. However, a lot of the couples are just funny to watch. It’s a really light hearted show where there’s not much to it besides a bunch of characters that like each other. Everyone has a pairing and there’s no drama really. It’s really a nice cute show to watch. I mean the last character I related to was actually this girl who was pretty emotionless and every time the guy with her tells her he likes her, she thinks he’s talking about someone else. She also says she would say no if someone does ask her out because she couldn’t understand why someone would like her. So, yeah she was relatable and also just completely oblivious to the guy who is trying to confess to her when he is obviously talking about her. I just love it, it’s funny. There was one pairing that was probably the most random because the dude was super happy dancing where he made me think of the guy from My Hero Academia who would thrust a laser out or whatever. The guy who was constantly smiling and dancing, yeah this guy made me think of that guy. That’s not a confusing sentence at all right? Well it made me laugh just because I was like “what is this?” He just dances and points to this girl who is down who ends up hitting him which he’s just like “yeah! Don’t you feel better now!?” Just ridiculous. Alright I could go on and on, but I’m going to stop, it’s just a fun cute show that I’m really looking forward to finishing when the rest comes out. I am kind of bummed out though if it’s only 12 episodes considering the running time on each episode. I guess there is only so much you can do with confessions and various relationships without showing the crappy aspects of them right?

So I got caught up last night, then went right to sleep because I had to get up to go to work and do training and what not. It was annoying, just nonstop computer training. Nothing eventful really happened although I did get annoyed and just found more things to hate about myself. I mean I suck at talking and I know that but I thought I was getting better at it, but a lady today talked to me and I acted kind of weird unintentionally. I swear I’m getting better at talking and it’s not because it’s someone of the opposite sex, I’m convinced I was just super hungry so I didn’t want to talk to the random person. Basically what happened was they are working at the same department as me and asked me how the computer training is going. I was going to make a joke and stuttered saying “it’s a journey” she just looked at me seriously then ended up saying something about her being the only woman in the department and asked if that would be a problem. Which I just shrugged but I should have just said no, but I was just thinking I really don’t care. Then someone else came up saying she was going to hate working with me (or something like that) and she just said “that’s right!” I took it as a joke but the more I think about it the more that me stuttering and being really quiet and awkward makes it like she doesn’t actually want to work with me. I don’t know I do one little stupid thing like that and I think I’m an awful person. I just kept thinking about the moment like she might have gotten the wrong idea from the way I was acting when I was just hungry and anxious. I think too much and I know that but it really did bother me that I had so much trouble talking to a future coworker. I guess whatever. I’m just not looking forward to work here but whatever money is money.

Alright I’m done here, sorry I talked more than I should but I just wanted to talk to get my mind off things. Thanks for reading and goodbye for now.

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