My Hero Academia Season 2 Thoughts So Far

I made a review for season one of My Hero Academia a while back, and I’ve been waiting til all the episodes were out to discuss my thoughts on Season 2. I don’t know if we are close to the ending of the season right now but this show just keeps getting better and I need to talk about things. I just sort of binged through the last of the season 2 episodes that are out now and yeah I’m all caught up and figured I should talk as it’s all fresh in my head. I can’t stress enough that I will be discussing some BIG TIME SPOILERS so if you’re not caught up don’t read. I mean if you don’t really care about spoilers feel free to, but really I’m talking the big spoilers that are some cool things worth being surprised by when/if you actually watch the show, you know?



Alright so I’ll keep this brief, here are my thoughts on season 2 without spoiling anything. I won’t even mention what certain arcs are about. It is starting to follow the more Shonen Jump formula now with the way story arcs are set up where it takes quite a few episodes just to get through one arc. I will say that something happens each episode keeping me watching it although I still have the problem with the show constantly doing flash backs. It’s not too bad, since it does add to some emotions in the series but it’s a little too much. I felt like the beginning of season 2 doesn’t have the magic that the first season had. What I mean by that is season 1 straight up made me cry at the beginning just because how relatable Midoriya is. Season 2 is really fun to watch but as I said in my season 1 review it made me think of Naruto a little too much but it’s okay because it’s different enough, and honestly I love it more than Naruto. So now my thoughts on the season so far. Well it’s awesome, there are more episodes than season 1 already, and a lot of development added to characters. That’s the cool thing about season 2, nearly every episode had me saying “that’s my favorite character now” where I just kept switching between each character I liked the most. It was so good how the characters are developed. The action is still awesome and more fun to watch this time around. I was worried about the fact that the stronger Midoriya gets or anyone else on the show, that I would become more detached from the character. It’s kind of like not relating to super heroes because they are too powerful. Spider-Man is powerful but is still like an average person. Well anyway that didn’t happen, I still related to characters and became more attached to other characters that I didn’t expect and it was awesome. I did have some trouble marathoning through it where I actually started back with season 2 about a week ago and then finished it today. I was also busy but yeah. I hope this doesn’t become a long series but at the same time I continue to just want more of it. We’re at 30 episodes of it which is already longer than a lot of series so it probably will continue to be pretty lengthy. Alright now let’s talk about the spoilers as I was mentioning earlier!





Okay assuming everyone who is not caught up is gone. Just to make sure though, I am talking about events in the show that happen up to episode 30 so if you’re not caught up just stop reading right now! Or not it’s up to you, but you’ve been warned!

So to start off the second season for the majority focuses on a tournament between the students to show off their quirks so big time heroes can see which student they want to take on in an internship. This is where it was really entertaining seeing more quirks just competing against each other. I’m pretty sure this arc went until episode 25 it was ridiculous. However there were a bunch of different fights going on each episode which was good. There was one fight that I thought would have gone on for two episodes or longer but it was only one episode and was just really cool to watch. My favorite thing was at the beginning when Midoriya had to race against everyone with quirks and he had to use his mind to get through it using land mines to boost him forward. I mean he’s still the underdog at this point although he’s more confident than last season. I mean he has the quirk that hurts him when he uses it and he kind of has to compete in various rounds so he has to avoid using one for all so that makes the challenges more difficult for him. He kind of can’t just use his quirk and be healed and walk home, he has to keep up with it, so I was pretty interested in how he would get through it. Again it made me think of Naruto, think Chunin Exams. This was more so where I think Midoriya is a more interesting character, I mean his fight against Todoroki got the tears flowing again man! I was sad that he lost but jeez that was crazy where he was breaking his arms just to deflect Todoroki’s moves trying to get him to use his left side or flame ability. I mean it was inspirational stuff because the whole point was him trying to save Todoroki and get him to use all he’s got. With that said Todoroki is really interesting where I kept thinking he was my favorite (which probably is). I mean I liked when Midoriya says that if there was a main Super Hero Todoroki would be it because he has the back story and everything. His back story is really interesting though, it’s not typical super hero stuff with parents murdered or whatever, I mean it was still traumatic with abuse. His whole thing being that his dad being the second most powerful hero was rich enough to just pick a mate where he could produce a child with quirks that could surpass All Might. Then his mom pours boiling water on his face calling him a monster, so he grows up hating his father and seeing himself as a monster although none of it is his fault. It was really intense stuff, where I wanted to cheer him on but of course I wanted Midoriya to win because he’s the underdog of the story. I mean I honestly kind of hated Todoroki at the beginning because he’s in the lead a lot and gets in the way a lot at the beginning. I also thought he actually was a spy for the villain group but then they explained his backstory. I mean it was just interesting. I went from not really liking him to him being my favorite character probably. So he stuck out the most.

There’s too many characters and development that I needed to talk about which is mainly why I wanted to make this post. One I need to mention was a character who only took front stage in one episode, he kind of disappeared after it. I’ve kinda been waiting for a character like this to show up in this show. So Hitoshi Shinso, Oh my God, I really want more of him, but since he’s from another class, most likely we will see very little of him later. I mean he showed up earlier and seemed to hate the hero class which makes sense in his case, but they kind of drive it in to your skull that he is very average and doesn’t stick out. He has an ability that’s kind of over powered but at the same time not since Midoriya beats it. Gosh, I said to not read if you haven’t seen the show but I’m explaining it as if the reader hasn’t seen the show. Kind of weird but I guess I just want to write out spoilers and not get yelled at for it. So anyway Hitoshi has the quirk of getting people to do whatever he wants. I mean it does have its flaws where he can only get people who respond to him when talking. I do like the whole idea that he couldn’t get into the hero class because that’s an ability hard to show in the test they have at the beginning with the giant robots and whatever else. Also the reason I really liked Hitoshi after his fight with Midoriya is the fact he’s been told that his quirk is best suited for a villain. I’ve been waiting for a character who is villain like, but wants to be a hero. I mean yeah it is something a villain would have, I think Killgrave from Jessica Jones. The closest thing to a villain we get in the school, is Bakugo because I mean he’s always yelling out “Die!” and is extremely violent. He’s still the same person but they did add more to his character as well. Yeah though, Hitoshi is awesome and I would hope to see more of him, either as just seeing his future as a hero or something.

Alright next character development is Uraraka. Uraraka has been mostly support just cheering on Midoriya where I mostly thought she was funny with how cheery she is. I was hoping there would be more to her and there was in one episode. They even show her being sad despite having this happy exterior cheering on Midoriya. Her fight with Bakugo was awesome, and I was glad that she refused Midoriya’s advice because I was thinking if she does beat Bakugo it would have been Midoriya technically. So just her on her own fighting Bakugo was sweet. I wanted her to win but I knew Bakugo would beat her, and there was a comment I saw that I found interesting. Basically Bakugo calls Uraraka by her name which someone commented saying they think that was the first time he actually called someone by their name and not an insult. That was the one time I liked Bakugo when someone calls him cruel “for beating up someone so frail” and he says “which part of her is frail?” because I mean yeah Uraraka was pretty hardcore there. After being caught up, it seems they are going a route with Uraraka where she is going in a direction of fighting more instead of being support. I guess she was never going that route because she wants to be a hero to get paid and support her parents. Okay that is still support, but now it seems she’s fighting more for her own reasons which is what her parents wanted for her. So I like the development she has.

One other character I’ll talk about before going on to the second arc of this show is Tokoyami, holy crap, I thought he was cool before but he’s super cool. That’s all with him honestly just that he was super cool and I was just like “YES!” when he got on Midoriya’s team in the second round. As far as the tournament stuff goes, those are the only characters that really stuck out to me. It’s weird I was wanting Midoriya to win so he could yell “here I am” as they claimed at the beginning but then Todoroki won against him so then I was wanting him to win, but then Bakugo won so I felt cheated. Bakugo said he would win, then did and it was kind of disappointing. I mean I did like that he was mad about winning because Todoroki didn’t put up much of a fight. He actually had a reason for being mad there. I was convinced the whole arc was about Todoroki and his goals and basically it was but then I got to thinking it was all about Bakugo the entire time. I mean think about it he got saved by a quirkless Midoriya at the beginning of season 1 so he’s just been trying to live that down, then he started adapting and learning hero’s weaknesses as Midoriya would do, and was going against Todoroki who claimed to be the rival of Midoriya but there can only be one rival here! Well it’s more about him being over shadowed by Midoriya and trying to redeem himself. I can still see him going evil though because he hates Midoriya being the person who has to try and save everyone. I don’t know I just think the characters are pretty complex in this show and I love it. Of course there are plenty of random characters that are just sort of there like Mei Hatsume who just wants to sell her “babies” or gadgets for heroes to use. That’s all she cares about and besides that doesn’t have much of a reason for hanging around. I mean she’s an alright character but nothing much to her.

So the whole story of this arc was about Todoroki and even Bakugo more than Midoriya even though other characters got more developed here.

Now we’re at episode 26 to episode 30 where there was a second arc that went by super fast and it got intense man. So the characters have moved on to internships and Midoriya didn’t get any offers for an internship (I feel you man) but then he meets up with Gran Torino who understands One for all and wants to teach him. Although it leads to an amazing scene, I kind of hate that he’s already mastered it now. After Midoriya meets up with this guy and trains a bit then sees the microwave rotating he’s just like “aha I got it!” then boom All Might Jr is born! Well Deku. Anyway he uses one for all the correct way and although it was bound to happen I loved how he was focusing his quirk into fingers to use it. I mean it made things more interesting but now he can just sort of use it all willy nilly. Well sort of he does get damaged in episode 30 using it. Which that was the intense scene that I absolutely loved, since we get introduced to Stain who was just awesome. After watching through this season I wanted to cosplay as one of these characters, I don’t know who. I was thinking Todoroki but I’m kind of leaning towards Stain because he’s so cool man! Someone might hate me for that statement but Stain is just a good villain that I would want more of. So I didn’t mention it before since it wasn’t til this arc but the other character to have development was actually Iida. I was hoping he would also get developed because he’s kind of the boring boy scout super hero but man he was crazy going for vengeance and then just that intense scene with him yelling at Midoriya and Todoroki to get out of there and Todoroki is just all “Stand up if you want us to leave.” Todoroki is just cool man. But yeah Stain was awesome in how he looks and just his ability (although dangerous) is cool. I mean he’s licking blood that’s not safe bro! He licks blood to paralyze people. I mean he’s got more to him which I like. Of course he’s terrible with hurting Iida’s brother and it’s understandable why Iida wants to hurt him back, but then Stain saves Midoriya. I mean that was crazy, I thought he was going to kill a hero but then saves Midoriya. I mean he does kill heroes saying they’re fakes which I think he sees Midoriya as a true hero like All Might. I mean he says he’s only alright with All Might killing him so he probably sees All Might in Midoriya as everyone does. I don’t know, that fight was just insane and I’m looking forward to more, I kind of want to start reading through the manga, but I’ll probably just stick with the show for now.




Alright so thanks for reading if you did, I know it was a lot to read and I hope you didn’t read spoilers if you haven’t watched or read the series to this point yet. Well I just felt like writing which I’ll have to write more on this show again later but that’s it for now. I got work now so I’ll be posting less and I honestly hate where I’m working but it’s a job, it’s money. I got yelled at yesterday kind of because this lady came to the store just for orange juice and couldn’t find it and asked me and I asked and no one knew. I hated that I was lectured on it later because I called someone and no one knew and it was just so stupid. I really don’t want to go back and wish I could get a job where I don’t have to talk to people. I mean I’m off at the moment and don’t go back til Saturday but I’m just disappointed where I am in my life right now, but again I can save up money and try to do something later. I’m also going to try and record more so I can possibly get more views on YouTube or something. I don’t know I’m just sorta down in the dumps at the moment. My Hero Academia is awesome though and was a good distraction but I just really hate who I am and hope I can find something to make me happy, but everything’s just stress and it could only be worse from there. I know my life can be worse, I should be grateful for having a job but just retail is a pain and I’m stressed out because when I go back on Saturday. 1 I have to be there super early and 2 the manager I like that I was starting to get along with is leaving for the week where I’m stuck with this one lady acting as manager. I don’t mind her but people keep telling me to not take what she says to heart so I’m honestly kind of worried. I’m a weird person I already don’t like this job but I don’t want to quit because it’s like losing to the people saying “a lot of people quit because they can’t handle it” I mean it’s also experience so there’s that too. Alright I’m done now, I’m going to go cry and play splatoon 2 or something, possibly record something I don’t know, I can’t get my mind off of work. Anyway thanks for reading, sorry for ranting and see you later!

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