Daryl’s Thoughts on The Defenders Netflix Series (Kinda Review)

I haven’t been on here in a while and thought I would take a break from the whole writing thing but I figured I’d at least talk about something and then have an update at the end saying I’m gonna stop writing for a while. I might come back but this will be it for a while as I’m trying to figure out everything and getting pretty busy with stuff. An update will be at the end of this post as well as a mini rant thing so you can either read it or skip it, but it will be there. Anyway I watched through The Defenders on Netflix in two days. I would have finished it in a day since it’s only 8 episodes but I was busy and also tired after one of the episodes. So okay let’s just go into it!


So I just realized, I finally finished the Iron Fist show right before this one. I mean I watched the Defenders right after Iron Fist since I was late to finishing it. Oh well I’ll try to review that later maybe but you’ll probably see what I thought about that series as I talk about this one. So Netflix has had 2 seasons of Daredevil, and 3 different series along with that with only one season each. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist with the 2 seasons of Daredevil. It makes me think of the first phase of Avengers films where we had 2 Iron Man movies, then the three individual movies: Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. It’s the exact same way here except The Defenders has a different vibe since they’re not as large scale, I mean they’re fighting against a crazy force still but they’re more street level heroes which I actually like more than Avengers, it seems more genuine I guess. The show does have issues where it took 3 to 4 episodes for it to finally pick up, but I get the show needed to set itself up and wrap up the individual series which they probably should have done all that in the individual series but whatever. It does link them all together pretty nicely as each hero has a different reason for getting involved in this story that takes place. I won’t say what the story is exactly except what the trailer revealed which is The Hand being the villainous group they must fight. This was the one time I found them kind of interesting since I honestly find the group boring. They’re straight up like DC’s League of Shadows and I don’t know I didn’t really care about them as much as the villains in the other shows. Daredevil dealt with The Hand in his two seasons except he had Fisk and The Punisher to deal with which were both cool, super interesting and well acted. Luke Cage had his villain that was pretty awesome (won’t say who it is because possible Spoilers) and Jessica Jones had her villain, Killgrave who is still possibly my favorite villain in a Marvel series or even movies at this point, I just thought he was awesomely terrible, perfectly acted out by David Tennant, and just a villain you would love to hate. Iron Fist also had the hand but that’s all he had and that was my problem with that series, plus I wasn’t too drawn to Danny Rand as a character. My point is that they all had good evil forces but I didn’t care for the hand but the hand was alright in this show. They were a good group to put the Defenders against, plus adding Sigourney Weaver to the mix makes them pretty awesome. Now I’m doing what the series does with building up my review with talk about the each individual series. I think I have to in order to talk about this one.

So the thing this show does best is characters and their reactions with each other. I think Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are still my favorites but Iron Fist was fun to watch when with the others, plus I liked how they portrayed his character as the one with the least experience and Daredevil with the most experience. Sometimes the banter felt kind of rushed when the characters would talk back and forth really quick but it was fun to watch and by episode 4 the show was fun. It was pretty slow building up and I was falling asleep during it as there wasn’t much action. When the action happens, it’s so awesome. Also I should mention the opening, the openings are always good but it’s one of those really epic openings that reminds you of Justice League, and just listening to it hypes up everything. To sum up the show, the bad guys were okay, they make for a good force for our heroes to fight against. A lot of crazy stuff did happen, but I was sad it was only 8 episodes. Fights were awesome, and seeing the characters work together was awesome and each character had a reason for being there where it didn’t feel random with them pairing up which was cool. Each character I really liked and I thought overall the show was good and worth the wait and buildup from the other series. So now we got the Punisher series coming out later which I’m probably most excited for out of all the Marvel shows. I don’t have much else to say about The Defenders, just that it was fun and I’m glad it’s finally out!

So thanks for reading if you did, and goodbye for now! Just to say bye and then I’ll rant on and on about something else with a mini update.

As I said at the top, I think I’m going to stop writing for a while, I’m trying to find a job where I can actually use my degree, preferably a writing job. I hate where I am in life and I want to actually get paid doing what I like to do which is write, also do something I might feel like I’m good at. That’s weird wording but I’m at a weird place. As I may have said a while back I’m working retail and I hate it. We are so understaffed and I’m working with a guy who sucks at his job, I’m not trying to be mean but he is terrible and annoys me. I hate working here though and yesterday was alright, although I found a blackwidow spider hiding out at a spot where I was working and it was on its way to death but I finished it off. It was so random but I’ve never seen a black widow before. I thought it was something else but then I saw the red hour glass and I was freaked out but at the same time kind of excited seeing one. I mean super poisonous but yeah that was interesting. So one thing that ruined my day yesterday that actually made me want to quit is the manager was pretty rude. So we have to talk to every customer, I mean that’s retail but I suck at talking to people so it’s a wonder I’m even here. So anyway I like this manager alright, although I’m pretty stressed out every time he’s near me. He’s usually worried about something else so I hardly ever see him so whatever. I hadn’t had any troubles with him and liked him okay but yesterday he said something that made me want to quit and just not like him as a person. One thing he said made me not like him. So I’m doing my job when he comes up and asks me how’s it going? Which I respond as I always do with “I’m okay… How are you?” As I ask that, he instantly goes “Greet the customer!” and points then walks off. Well the customer was talking with another employee so I couldn’t really talk to them. It was just super rude, I was thinking and I was so annoyed the rest of the day for it. I was then trying to talk to people the rest of the day and getting ignored so I was hating myself and stressing out all day. Oh by the way I was the only person working in that department, the employee the customer was talking to, was someone from a different department. So that was stupid. I want to quit and get a better job that actually uses my degree but at least I’m getting paid I guess, I just can’t work here anymore. I feel like I’m stuck because it’s only me and two other people who still work in that department, it’s awful. As soon as enough people get hired I’ll probably quit, or I’ll quit before then and just say screw it. So yeah I’m stressed out from work and being one of the only people there so that’s one reason I haven’t written in a while, because I just want to relax when I get home but yeah. I hope I can figure something out, but I’m in a bad spot feeling negative about everything. I was actually thinking about working here for a little while, saving money and then moving in with a friend closer to where a writing job might possibly be. I mean I was saving up for a computer but if I get a better job and an apartment I could just work there, saving up for a computer, food, and rent. It could be nice possibly assuming I actually like that job. I’m always stressed out and wish I wasn’t.

Sorry this post is all over the place but I’m done now, so thanks for reading and I’m gonna go play some video games before I have to go to work tomorrow so I hope you have a fantastic day and goodbye for now! Thanks again for reading!

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