Death Note Netflix Original Movie Review/Thoughts

So I guess I’m back for the moment. The last post I made, I said I was done for a while but I do want to talk about the Death Note movie because wow. I watched it a little while ago and it came out the 25th of August, but I refused to watch it for a few days til my brother wanted to watch it then. He ended up walking away after 40 minutes I think. I don’t blame him but there were things I did like about it so before I keep bashing the movie, there are some good things (emphasis on some). Now I do want to rant a little about stuff after giving my thoughts on the Netflix original movie version of Death Note. I have a lot of things I think I need to talk about, so I might just go lazy and decide not to rant about my life afterwards. Well anyway here be my thoughts on a kinda okay film:



So first thing’s first, Willem Dafoe is awesome as Ryuk as many people, including me, thought he would be. He wasn’t in the film as much as I thought he would be, I mean it’s enough screen time but still the time he was on there, he nailed it. So that’s one good thing. I have about three total good things here. Before I go into that, I’ll give a summary in case someone doesn’t know the story about Death Note. It will be brief, but I feel like I still need to explain the initial plot of the movie.

SUMMARY: So the initial plot of the anime and movie is that there is a note book called the Death Note that if you write someone’s name in it, they will die. The movie didn’t go into as many specifics as the original anime but still that’s the gist and the only thing the two have in common. I mean there is more to compare of course, A LOT of differences, but there are a few similarities. Ryuk (Willem Dafoe) is a Shinigami or Death God that follows whoever possesses the Death Note since it belonged to him at first, and only the owner can see him. Then we got Light who finds the Death Note and decides he should use it to kill criminals and bad people so forth. So that’s all straight from the anime but then it takes a weird turn which I won’t get into until the spoiler part of this review. I think that’s about all I can say without spoiling anything. I mean you also got L who is the detective character seeking out Light since he is responsible for this mass murder of criminals and such. So okay I think I got the key plot points so I’ll just go to the 2 other positives here.

POSITIVES: So L is actually pretty well acted although kind of weird. I prefer the anime version of him, but his character was interesting in the movie. When I saw the trailer I was worried about him the most for some reason, mainly because he seemed too emotional and angry which isn’t L at all. However, I do get what they were trying to do with him and thinking about it, the anger makes sense. It makes more sense than some other things in the movie but yeah. L was good. The other positive I can’t really say what it is without spoiling it, but I liked the ending and certain things that started happening in the end because it was probably the closest to actually feeling like the anime. I mean the movie got super weird where I thought it was worse than Ghost in the Shell, but better than Dragon Ball Evolution (I’ll give it that at least). I mean the movie was entertaining at times, and I liked how some of the deaths played out being super ridiculous and like Final Destination. I did have a problem with this and that’s the fact that if the deaths are more elaborate and crazy, it makes it easier to suspect someone is behind it with something super natural. I mean it’s stupid in that way although fun to watch. Well anyway let’s move to negatives:

NEGATIVES: I’ve mentioned before but this movie is weird, really weird when comparing it to the anime. If you don’t compare it, it’s an alright movie. The anime is a lot better where I suggest people watch that, but oh well the film is okay when not comparing it which for me is hard to do since I almost recently saw the show. Everything is just strange and backwards in this movie. I mean Light is a pretty big negative because I don’t get what they were trying to do with him (I kind of do but think it’s silly) and they could have picked a better actor. Although, it’s funny who plays him, I don’t know if anyone picked up on this, but it’s Nat Wolff! He’s the dude from the Naked Brothers Band, I mean a kind of stupid show but that’s who it is! I was laughing at that, I mean he did better than I thought he would but they could have picked someone better. Definitely don’t see him as Light but I honestly blame the writing more than I blame the actor. Other characters in this movie aren’t who they should be, Misa is here although she is Mia and is crazy as she was in the show, but they went a different route with her. They did with everyone which was just weird. What else to talk about, I mean the big thing is characters weren’t who they should be, and I don’t get why it’s necessary to give reasons for certain things I’ll explain that in the spoiler section. Which speaking of which I’ll get straight to spoilers. Before I get there I will say I did enjoy certain parts of the movie, I mean I laughed at moments where I couldn’t tell if certain lines were intentionally funny or not. I mean it’s on Netflix so you should watch it if you want to watch it. Don’t let me convince you not to watch it because it does have moments. My initial verdict is that it’s okay when you don’t compare it to the anime. When you compare it, it’s pretty awful but makes the show look better so that’s good I guess? But yeah go watch it if you want and haven’t already!




I think I talked about as much as I could about the movie without spoiling anything so now I’ll rant on and on about what the movie got wrong and right, mostly wrong. Can you tell I wasn’t too fond of this Netflix Original. Alright assuming those who want to watch the movie that haven’t are gone now I’ll talk spoilers. So I mentioned that I think it’s weird to give reasons for things, I mean yes certain things should be explained but sometimes it’s unnecessary. What I’m talking about is the fact that Light hates crime because his mom was killed by a criminal and the guy got away. What’s the point of giving a reason like that. I mean I get it, that’s his motivation for going on a killing spree with the Death Note where he’s hesitant before. I mean I think there’s more of an impact when it’s some random smart dude that sees crime and decides to try and create a perfect world getting rid of the bad. I mean that is Light’s character, he’s the good high school kid, getting good grades and is disgusted with society and crime so when he gets the ability to get rid of crime he doesn’t hesitate. Light in the movie hesitates and questions it which I didn’t like. I mean I think they were trying to make him more of a good guy who wants the killing to stop when it goes too far. Meanwhile Light in the anime goes as far as he can to achieve his goals and becomes a villain (well anti-hero) in the process, while Light from the movie never does that. I mentioned I liked the ending and that’s because that was the closest he got to the Light from the show. I mean he starts to write everything in the death note anticipating certain things such as Mia (Misa) taking the Death Note which would lead her to her doom but then he had it written that he would fly off into the water where she would land on the shore and die and conveniently the page with his name would get burned. Then he has criminals bring him back and give him the Death Note back before dying. I mean I enjoyed that part a lot. That was the unintentionally funny part I mentioned before by the way, where Mia takes the book and he freaks out and just says “I wrote your name in the book that you would die if you took it from me, because I was upset that you wrote my name in there!” I mean it was like weird demented bickering from a couple that’s been together for too long and I just found it funny I don’t know. I mean also the part when Light sees Ryuk for the first time and starts screaming. It was funny and a legit reaction, but that’s not how Light reacted to Light so again weird. Also Light was a scoundrel in this movie, I mean he was smart and doing people’s homework for money but gets in trouble for it. Also him going up to the bully was not a Light move. I mean I could go on and on about how unlike Light, Light was in this movie but I won’t. Also it was weird how one of the rules was that if you burn the page with someone’s name on it you could stop the death from happening. That kind of defeats the purpose of the death note doesn’t it. Also I was sad that they got rid of people being able to see a Shinigami by touching the Death Note. I said I wouldn’t talk about Light anymore, but they gave him too many morals, I mean what’s up with him wanting to stop the killing. That was the one thing that made sense with L was when he starts acting up, it was because of Watari being killed. I mean he didn’t really deal with his death in the anime because you know. So that’s where I kind of got where they were trying to go with him. It was weird seeing him angry but he was super calm and analytical before so that was alright. Mia was strange though, I mean they made her the bad guy and she was obsessed with the Death Note instead of Light which I liked her more in the anime. I mean she had more of a reason for getting involved. Here it was just Light telling her from the get go. It was just weird. I can’t not compare the anime and the movie and I wish I could but whatever. There were moments but as I said movie was…..weird. I keep using that word but that’s the best way I could describe it.




Okay so now that is over I’ll just sorta complain a little here. Thanks for reading if you did, and if you don’t want to hear me complain about my life stop here. Thanks so much for reading though and bye for now!

Alright so basically I’m working a job now which I talked about before I think. It’s okay, I’m getting paid and that is the good part. I feel like I’m going insane from this job and I really want to quit, but that’s mainly why I’m not posting a lot recently. I mean it’s just me and this one lady working there anymore and it sucks. I’m still fairly new but I’m stuck there alone opening and closing my department and I’m getting so irritated. The other day I wanted to walk out because I started the morning with something really crappy happening to me. I’m trying to not be too specific because I don’t want the company to find me but I just won’t say who I work for or where. Basically a watermelon busted on me and I had to clean it up which isn’t too bad but I was mad because I had 30 other things I needed to do so yeah that sucked. Today was a little better, mainly because I had a manager around and it wasn’t just me. I just hate opening by myself because there is so much I don’t know still. I can’t remember if I complained about him here, but there was this guy I worked with that was terrible at his job, but they transferred him. That’s cool and I’m glad he’s gone but now it’s just me during shifts and we need more people but aren’t getting them. I really want to quit but I need another job til I do that and job hunting sucks but I’m so mad right now. I got out of college and am working at retail. I want to do something else but have no idea. The only thing I have narrowed down is I want to write. Also I hate getting up early but I can’t really do anything about that so I won’t complain about that really. I can’t do anything about how the job is but I will still complain. I mean I was mad when I walked in, and the first thing I hear is “the place looks like shit.” I might have already talked about that but I honestly tried hard to leave the place looking okay. I mean the night of that comment, I tried to do better and then I was stressed out and people tried to help me and straight up told me they didn’t know how to help me which explains a lot honestly. I’m so mad and want to just do something else. I want to die, but I have to deal with this stuff and live because I don’t even know why at this point. Sorry for going negative there but I’m irritated. I did come close to taking a job teaching English in China but then looking at some reviews about that company it seemed kind of sketchy so I decided against it. I mean getting out of the country could be cool. I do want to see the world, but right now I’m just trying to figure out my life here and everything else before I go out and walk the Earth or whatever. I mean I am getting new content for writing so that’s good I guess, I mean I have stories in my head that are stopping me from going crazy. My story ideas are my defense mechanisms I swear! Alright I think that’s it, I don’t really feel better but oh well, maybe I’ll quit soon. I’ll probably keep working for a month or so to get money and save up. I did finally request days off so I can go see a band with my friend later in September so that’s good. I’m pretty excited for that since this is the first time the band is coming to my area and they’re one of my favorites so it’s sweet. There’s one good thing to look forward to I guess. Okay I talked enough, sorry if you read all this but if you did and don’t hate me afterwards for whatever reason, I love you. Well anyway thanks for reading again and goodbye for now, I do appreciate if you did read this but yeah see ya later!

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