Bojack Horseman Season 4 Review/My Thoughts

It feels like a long time since the last Bojack Horseman season on Netflix, but apparently it’s only been a year. I can’t remember if I made a review on Bojack Horseman before. I feel like I talked about season 3 on here but I’m not sure, so allow me to state my thoughts on this series as a whole briefly. Well it’s hilarious, depressing, and overall relatable. The depressing aspect fits in with the relatability (not a word but still) of the whole thing, because this show just makes me feel things and I know I’m not the only one. It’s one of those weird shows where I can never really talk about it with others because all my friends say the exact same thing about it: “It’s too depressing for me.” I remember one friend said he tried to watch it with his girlfriend thinking it was going to be a funny show but they got too bummed out by it. I mean I think it’s hilarious but of course the whole thing is just this emotional roller coaster and I love it. If you don’t know what this series is, it’s about Bojack Horseman who is a man but also a horse. Basically it’s this world where animals are human like and live alongside people. Bojack Horseman is a washed up actor who used to star in a 90s sitcom, imagine Full House but with a horse. Bojack is depressed, self destructive, and well he’s a lot of things. He’s surrounded by a group of characters that each have their own problems, Todd is probably my favorite but I’ll get to that later. I will warn you, I’ll probably get a little personal with this one, because this is one of those series where I don’t think I can talk about it without saying what it means to me and all that.



So this series has honestly made me cry and feel empty inside as I would stay up all night to watch a season in one sitting. The seasons are short 12 episode seasons with each episode being about 26 minutes. Man they go by quick though, and before you know it you’ve seen all there is so far of the drunk depressed horse voiced by Will Arnett. There are plenty of characters but I’ll only mention a few. Of course Bojack and then Todd who kind of just crashes on Bojack’s couch and gets into random shenanigans, he’s kind of the main person I identify with besides Bojack because of how he acts and another reason later on that I’ll talk about in a spoiler section on this post. So okay then there’s Diane who is the writer of Bojack’s biographical book, then Bojack’s agent, Princess Carolyn. Also Mr. Peanutbutter who was the star of the 90s sitcom that competed with Bojack’s 90s sitcom. Now I’m mostly talking season 1 stuff here to avoid spoilers for people not caught up or who haven’t watched a single episode. Well, I feel like with each season it just keeps getting darker. Season 4 is pretty dark, well it’s really dark. I do have to say it has the best story telling out of the seasons as it explores some things the previous seasons have not explored. I thought I wasn’t going to go through all these episodes so fast this time around, because I was kind of bored of the first episode of season 4. Well episode 2 started up some interesting things, then it just kept getting better. I actually gasped at one plot twist and it’s not the first time this show actually made me gasp. It’s weird how much I love this show, but it just keeps getting better and better! The animation is nothing great, but this isn’t something you watch for the animation. So okay I said I would get kind of personal and I’m talking about some stuff that I deem spoiler heavy so I’ll move on to the spoiler section, so read on at your own peril. I definitely recommend watching this show, there’s certain things I won’t spoil but I will talk about some things so possible spoilers still.




So I remember watching season 3 in one night, where I had to get up early the next day because I had to go back to college. Well I felt pretty emotional returning to school, and I just sort of ended up watching all of Season 3 in one sitting. Man it was dark, with the ending with a cliff hanger and everything. A certain character flat out dies which another moment I gasped, and I remember just being shocked. This show is so emotional, but I guess I like feeling things at times. Season 2 ended on a hopeful note, but season 3 went full despair where the ending was pretty bitter. Bojack does a lot of crappy things but he also says things that make sense and are just depressing. I mean first season, he tells Diane that he needs her to tell him he’s a good person. I mean I’ve felt that before, feeling like a terrible person where you need someone else to say you’re good or you’ll just go on being bad. I mean I think I make everything good sound terrible, only remembering the bad things and such. I just can relate to Bojack at times, but then there’s Todd that I relate to just because of how he acts and that other thing I mentioned. I can’t remember if I ever said it on here before, which I probably did in my post about crushes or whatever. I’m asexual, not sure if I ever actually said that on here before but there it is! Todd is asexual though and it made me so happy, because all of season 3 I was thinking “Oh my god, is Todd asexual!?” after he would avoid his girlfriend and so forth. Well yeah he’s asexual which he says it a lot in season 4 but they handled it pretty well. I mean Bojack is even cool with it which it was just good. So that was the one thing that made me happy, a show about depression, and throwing in an asexual, it’s perfect. I might sound like someone from Tumblr, which I’m not but still I was just happy to see an asexual character. So that was the kinda big spoiler. Now story wise, Season 4 was the strongest mainly with the things it deals with. It goes into Bojack’s mom’s backstory which wow, pretty heavy stuff there. I mean it kept going downhill with her, I do like how it goes into her psyche although she was bad to Bojack. I mean it kept getting darker with her, as things do with Bojack. Then there was the possible daughter of Bojack where her story was getting deep as it went on. So I may not be talking too much spoilery stuff here, but hey that spoiler warning will still be there. I might be giving stuff away without saying much which I probably am but who knows! The story was just good here, and good character growth although thinking back on it, Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter are in the same place they’ve been in the past season or two, I think they’re pretty much the same. Todd still does crazy adventures but he’s becoming pretty different which is cool, he’s being developed. Princess Carolyn is also being developed a bit more with her relationship with what’s his face. This season looked at different characters, but there was a lot of focus on Bojack and his family which I really enjoyed. I said I was going to get personal, but it was more of me saying I’m depressed and asexual which is nothing new right? So I guess it wasn’t too personal, just that I relate to a lot of stuff in this show, then the stuff I don’t relate to, still hits me like a feels truck. I just love this show, and don’t have much else to say about it.




I was gonna rant about something, but I’m really tired so I’ll probably just leave it here. I have two other things (good vocabulary I know) I need to post about, but I keep procrastinating. I saw “It” yesterday so I need to review that while it’s still in my head. Then there were two other anime series I wanted to do first impressions on (I was going to put them both in the same post since I don’t have much to say about em). Alright, my job still sucks, and I’m still tired and annoyed so I guess that’s that. Thanks for reading if you did and I hope you have a good day, night, or whatever it is when you’re reading this. Thanks again and goodbye for now!

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