Dandy Daryl Thoughts on “It” (2017) Sort of Review

Not much of a review, more of just my thoughts, but anyway here’s what I thought about the latest version of Stephen King’s It. Now I saw this movie a little while ago, I guess a week ago but I’ve just been staying away from WordPress. I’ve been busy and also I wrote a review on Bojack Horseman Season 4 that I didn’t like, and I was close to deleting it. I kept the review up, but I guess I just felt weird after writing it I can’t really explain it. Well anyway let’s talk about killer child eating clowns in the sewers.



I’ll be honest, when I watched the mini series with Tim Curry, it freaked me out but it wasn’t about clowns. People often talk about being scared of clowns because of “It” but I was scared of the sewers and drains after seeing the original mini series of It. I mean I was a kid when I saw the mini series so that kind of explains that. Anyway, now we have a new movie with Bill Skarsgard taking over as Pennywise. Which first of all, he is creepy in this movie and does a good job as Pennywise. I loved the movie, I thought it was great but I had one problem with it. My problem was mainly the use of CG, sometimes it looked okay but other times it was a little overused. I don’t know, it didn’t distract too much from the movie, but some things looked kind of weird. I mean sometimes the CG made things look creepier, like an uncanny valley sort of thing. I think that was my only complaint. Now, my other complaint has nothing to do with the movie, but I’m still going to mention it. So I went to see this movie RIGHT after working at my crappy retail job so I was pretty tired but I really wanted to see the movie. I’ve been waiting a while for it because from the first trailer, I thought it looked good. So I walked in and there weren’t many people there. Well, enter in these kids who were 12 or so that were obnoxious and annoying the entire time. I was getting to the point of yelling, but I wanted to enjoy the movie. That may sound like an excuse, like maybe I was anxious to yell at some kids and make a fool of myself in front of other people. No I was sick to my stomach and wanted to just watch this movie so I was ignoring them and trying to not let them ruin it for me. One of them was acting like a kid from the movie which made me actually hate the movie for a moment. It was terrible. They had their parents with them but the parents never did anything, the kids were just so disruptive. Now they shut up for a while but some of the things they were doing just made me go “why?” One of the kids started crawling on the ground flipping the cupholders on the seats and I guess was trying to scare people, I don’t even know. He would throw his hands in the air during jumpscares and it was just stupid. I mean it was worse during the previews so they did quiet down during the actual movie. They walk into the theater making fun of every trailer and making jokes that are just stupid, your mama jokes and the like. There’s always some disruptive person in the theater and I don’t get it, people pay to go see a movie, and relax why be as loud as you can? What’s the point? I didn’t pay, because my brother works there and got me in for free so that was one thing that was good. I’m going to buy this movie when it first releases on DVD so I can try and enjoy it more than I did. Okay, sorry for ranting about annoying people in the theater, back to the actual movie! It’s a horror flick but it has heart and all the characters are pretty well written. The scares are actually freaky and not just cheap jumpscares. I felt weird, because I’m usually kind of scared easily but I did not flinch, or jump once throughout the whole duration of the film. It was still creepy and good but nothing made me jump out of my seat or anything like horror movies used to do to me. I walked out of the movie being more tired than I was when I walked in, which probably had to do more with the kids in front of me and working before going to see it but still. I mean I liked the movie enough that I plan on buying it when it releases on Blu Ray and DVD but the theater experience was awful. I mean I feel like I should say more about the actual movie, but it did what I wanted it to do. It was creepy, it had heart, the kids acted like kids, some scenes were more brutal than I expected. I actually smiled at some parts because certain scenes looked cool and freaky and it was just good. I mean the movie is definitely memorable and not just another poor adaptation of a book, or crappy remake. I’m going to remember this movie for a while probably, because it was pretty well done. It was like the Goonies but with Horror elements. It’s also doing good in the box office which is awesome. I mean I was excited for this movie and it was what I wanted in it. I was gonna leave it at that, but I should probably sum up the movie for people who possibly don’t know what it’s about. I mean to summarize it without spoiling anything quick: It’s about a town where kids are disappearing so a group of kids, the losers, going around trying to get to the bottom of it. And you know, a creepy clown in the sewers that is killing children and scaring the crap out of the losers. I’m sure a lot of people know about It already, but there you go. Good movie, I want to buy it, that’s about it.

So I have to go to work tomorrow morning, but maybe in the afternoon I’ll write something. I don’t know what, but maybe I’ll think of something. Life is overwhelming right now, so I probably won’t be back til a while later but we’ll see. I’m mad about a bunch of stuff and just want to feel okay about myself but that’s not happening right now, but whatever I’m surviving I guess. Not living really, but surviving. Anyway, thanks for reading and we’ll meet again whenever I write again. Sorry this review was probably poor writing but thanks for reading regardless anyway. Goodbye.

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