Going to a Rock Concert for the First Time Experience (Plus Update)

So I’m doing something a little different tonight with my blog. I could post on some movies I’ve seen in the past week or even on a series, but I figured I could write more about this concert I went to a week ago. Now I’ve been away for a while now, which I previously mentioned that in another post, but I really wanted to talk about something. See, I wanted to make a post to let people know I’m alive and to just ramble on about random junk that might not get me anywhere in life. I’m full of depression at this very moment, so figured I should just type away to remember some happy times. The concert I went to, spoiler alert, was probably the happiest I have ever been. That’s the main reason I want to type about it, and talk more about it than just the small tweet I did the morning after seeing it. First of all, who did I go see? Well I count it as a rock concert, which maybe not. Well screw it, I’m calling it a rock concert. I went to see Ninja Sex Party (NSP) who were with Tupperware Remix Party (TWRP) and it was phenomenal, I even got pretty emotional while also singing so much that I could barely talk the next day. That’s an overstatement but I did sing quite a bit along with the songs and cheer a lot.


I ended up going to this concert with a friend and yeah it was the first time I went to a rock concert, hence the title. I went to a Legend of Zelda concert and a Star Wars concert but those are both classical type concerts so I consider it a completely different experience which it was. I had been to some “concerts” that were free and performed by bands not known as well, such as Von Shakes (who were awesome, I keep a CD by them in my car still). So anyway, point is I never really went to a concert like this before and it was awesome. There was a long line getting in, that was outside the auditorium (concert was inside). The line was long stretching four buildings back from where we were supposed to be, and wrapping around one of said buildings. Here’s the kicker though, it was pouring outside raining and I was drenched after an hour and a half of waiting and finally getting in. There were a lot “and”s there and I’m sorry. Anyway, my buddy and I get into the concert, after waiting in line listening to these teens (I assume) go on and on making stupid jokes, one of them calling themselves a furry so I was just trying to ignore it. I’m not gonna make fun of a kid so I’ll just leave it at that. A side note, our line went by the tour bus where Ninja Brian straight up walked by and says so nonchalantly “hey guys!” which we turn to see him. I didn’t even notice it being him until someone behind me yells “that was Ninja Brian!” So that was pretty sweet.

Okay back to the concert, we get inside soaked, I go and buy some drinks for my friend and I as we wait for the awesomeness. I was holding my hoodie the entire time as it dripped on my shoe, and honestly a lot of things happened where my negative mind trailed around searching for the bad. Yes, people were bumping into me, at one point a couple burst between me and my pal, and just started making out. I mean figures, we’re at a concert so whatever but I was a little annoyed because my friend kindly asked to switch places with them because they were separating us, so me and my friend’s friend (that we met up with there, cool guy) just pushed our way over there where the emptiness we left behind was quickly filled. I mainly mention that moment because I wanted to say the negatives before going on and on about how happy I was seeing this concert. I have anxiety and depression, yet surrounded by thousands of people bumping into me, I was fine, I was okay, I was actually happy. I chugged my drink, but it was one drink so I wasn’t drunk but in my right mind the entire time having a genuinely good night. I do have something I got a little depressed about after seeing the concert but I’ll get into that a little later.

Not from the concert, but MC Chris

Alright, concert starts off, and unexpectedly the opener was actually MC Chris. I thought TWRP was gonna open and then NSP would join in, but no MC Chris opened and he was awesome! I didn’t get any pictures when there, which I kind of wish I did but oh well. MC Chris stars rapping and just getting the whole room moving where at one point we were all dancing, moving side to side. It kind of proved I don’t have too much rhythm because I bumped into a few people when he would say “slide to the left, slide to the right.” So he was great and also really funny. He was apparently in an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which I’ve seen that show but didn’t see that episode. I had no idea who this guy was, but he was good, then he sang a song and it hit me. He started singing a song and on the drive home I had the epiphany, he sang a song going “I’m a ninja, I’m a hoodie ninja.” and I was trying so hard to figure out where I heard it from before. It was on a Car Commercial. I straight up knew one of his songs because of a car commercial. So ridiculous. He was awesome though, I became a fan after seeing him perform, I wanted to get a shirt from him as well as TWRP (not sure NSP had merch there) but the place was so crowded and getting out was pretty difficult.

TWRP (in costume) with NSP 

Alright, back to the concert, MC Chris leaves then TWRP gets on stage and just woah. I don’t know why, but I forgot about their outfits. I’ve watched them on YouTube before and listened to some of their songs but I thought it was really cool just seeing them on stage performing. They were dancing, getting the crowd going, which I was cheering and clapping along with them. The whole time, they were saying “that was song Number One” then the next song going “Number Eight.” I didn’t understand it until again someone behind me goes “oh they’re gonna end on 69” and sure enough they played “Song Number Sixty Nine” which the crowd cheered, I cheered, then Ninja Sex Party jumped on stage and I was pumped. The whole show was just awesome, everything was amazing, and I just couldn’t believe how happy I was seeing it all. There was one song that they performed that was a new song, which I won’t say what it is or what it’s about because I don’t want to take anything away from them and I guess keep it a surprise for people who didn’t see the concert. The song was emotional for me though and I can’t wait til they actually release it. It was just a good song. Then of course they played their older songs like “Dinosaur Laser Fight” which it sounds weird, but the live version was pretty emotional, and I sang along the entire time. I mean it was just Danny and Brian performing the song at that moment so it was more personal and emotional I guess. I don’t know it was just great. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about it just that I was pretty speechless afterwards. I mean, we of course cheered for one more song, which they came out and performed “The Hit” which holy crap, I listen to that song probably the most while I’m doing stuff and things.

Okay, concert over, my buddy and I get out of the concert and woe and behold, his car was towed. I mean we should have figured, because kind of parked in the parking lot of a restaurant, where a sign clearly says the car will be told. Well, we messed up, but oh well, I downloaded the Uber app and got an Uber driver to come pick us up. Yeah, this night, I did a lot of things outside of my comfort zone. It was just….different. We get the car back, and drive to his house where I get in my car, where we go visit a friend. That was the other thing outside of my comfort zone, I’m not used to driving, and haven’t driven anywhere outside of town, which yeah I drove 30 minutes to my friend’s place, then followed him to the other friend’s place. Just a lot of crap I usually don’t do which is good I suppose. I mean I’ll spare the details on this last part because it was just me showing up to my friend’s place at midnight, where they were playing DnD and I was standing around awkwardly. I was still soaked from the rain, so I decided to drive home and yeah that’s about it.

So update part, and just some things I want to talk about. This post is going too long already, but I planned on talking about some things so by George I will do that. I would say I’m going to try to post more, which probably won’t happen but we’ll see. I’m still working at a job I hate, and I have to get up early tomorrow but I’m probably going to stay up a little later anyway since reasons. I should probably quit this job but whatever, I bought a new PC and that was because of my bad retail job, so that’s a thing. The PC is really nice though, and I can finally play all of the games I have in my steam library. It’s not right having games in my steam library and not being able to play them. I mean sure I shouldn’t of bought them in the first place, but sales yo! Maybe, I’ll actually beat a game then be able to write a review of it on here so that could be cool. I was also thinking about watching a series I’ve seen before and review my second time watching it or something stupid like that.

Well, okay, I guess one reason I was depressed after the concert is I feel kind of stuck at this retail job, but NSP is up there doing what they love and getting cheered on about it. It’s awesome, and yeah they’re older and had to work to get to that point, but I’m not sure if I can get to that point. I want to write a book but that’s all I can think of. I’m not sure what I’m doing. I was going to go on about something else, but I’m tired so I’m going to stop and try to go to sleep, but not actually go to sleep. Thanks for reading all this if you did, it’s kind of a weird post, but thank you and I hope you have a great day!

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