Persona 5 Thoughts So Far

I figured I’d talk about this although I just made 31 hours into this game. It’s pretty great but I’ll get to it in a bit. I honestly just wanted to write something so I figured I would talk about the one thing I am obsessed with at the moment and that is Persona 5 […]

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Logan Movie Review/Thoughts

Hey everybody I’m back with a new post thingamajig! For once it’s not an anime review woo! So yeah I haven’t been doing much lately but school and Breath of the Wild so I should get a review of Breath of the Wild soon maybe. Actually might be a while…. Anyway I wanted to say […]

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One Punch Man Thoughts

So I was having some issues naming this one because the title might give away my answer to day 13 of the 30 day anime challenge but here we are. So this one is funny since I relate to a lot of characters so deciding which character I am most similar to is a little […]

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